The Biltz Boloney

I am SO SICK of hearing people (primarily Messianic Jews) sing the praises of Mark Biltz.What?  You haven’t heard of him?

Well, you’re just out of the loop, there, Bub!  Mark Biltz… why, he’s to Messianic Judaism what Rick Warren is to the Church Growth Movement!  He’s to Messianic Judaism what Billy Graham is to evangelistic outreach!  He’s what Al Gore is to Global Warming!  He’s their claim to fame!  ((Don’t you just LUVVVV him already?))

Let me just start with this:  If it’s popular, it’s NEVER been Truth.  E.V.E.R.  Please remember that.  Because Yeshua was NEVER popular.  They wanted him dead.  Same with Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther (the original), and more.  So if Biltz is popular… it’s a RED FLAG, people.

But… wait a second, Anna.
  What are you talking about?
Who is this Mark Biltz?

He’s a dude who has done some fancy NASA research and saw that there are four total lunar eclipses in a row slated for 2014-2015.  And of course a total lunar eclipse is known as a ‘blood moon’, and the Bible says that in the end times the sun will be black as sackcloth and the moon red as blood, so…

So… what?  Exactly WHAT, Mr. Biltz?  You have FOUR blood red moons, and over a two-year span.  What exactly is going to happen, and when?  The end doesn’t take two years in ANY version of scripture, and there isn’t even a two-year span of anything in Revelation.  And which lunar eclipse will ‘IT’ be on?  You’ve got four to pick from.

Only you haven’t.  Because you don’t REALLY want to commit to anything, and so you’ve thrown this ‘tetrad’ of blood moons out there, but haven’t said what it’s going to symbolize or signal or when, because we couldn’t commit to something and be wrong, and after all, it’ll come like a thief and we can’t know…  ((Oh, here we go with THAT again.))  You’ve just reverted from Messianic Judaism to chrischun indoctrination again.  Whoops.  And we should believe this… wait, there’s nothing to believe, so… nevermind.

I’m SICK of bandwagons.
Especially ones that are completely pointless.

So you’re left to guess that maybe these four tetrads signal the BEGINNING of the end times, or are the CULMINATION of the end times, or possibly something you haven’t thought of but is IMPENDING because… hrm.

((CLaRiFiCaTioN:  Not that I don’t think signs in the sky are valid – you know me better than that.  I’m bitching about incomplete, half-assed, fully boughten sheeple fodder that makes some dude a ton of cash being invited onto television networks and into mega-churches.))

My sister gave me a paper written by her, erm, friend this weekend.  She said I had to read it – her friend had done all of this research, and it was FASCINATING.  What her friend did was go to a bunch of Biltz sites, took Biltz’ information, followed Biltz’ links to NASA and other benign sites, and then re-packaged Biltz’ information as his own for his friends.  And even adding in that the last ‘tetrad’ was in 1967 – the return of Israel to the Jews! – it didn’t help.  Because he never came to any conclusion.  So what’s going to happen this tetrad?  The paper never says.  Her friend never says.  Neither does Biltz.  So there’s no POINT.

Her friend went on to say that 2015 is significant because it’s a Jubilee year.  Only he can’t know that, because the Hebrew calendar is off by 260-some years (give or take), and has been for centuries.  He based it on the *likelihood* of 1967 being a Jubilee year – if the next Jubilee after that is 49 years later (7 seven-year periods), then 1967 plus 49 is 2015… only Biltz never referenced 1967, he referenced 1948 – when Israel was given back it’s statehood – which would put the next Jubilee at 1997.  Not that it matters, since it’s PURE conjecture, and cannot be proven.  So basically we’re making things up, drawing no conclusions, and then trying to prove the lack of conclusion with conjecture.

Sounds like a sound paper to me!

I just… had to sound off on this.  I’ve explored Biltz’ claims before.  It’s on my sidebar, even (so I wouldn’t be surprised if my sister’s friend has been to this site and didn’t know who exactly he was reading).  I concluded in my own analysis of his writings that it was possible the tetrad was part of the final destruction scenario (after all the seals and Armegeddon, etc.)… but because of the timing, it wasn’t possible it ‘triggered’ anything.  In light of the Six Month suggestion (which starts the Tribulation 1/1/2007), then the end of a seven-year period would be 12/31/2013… that puts 2014-2015 out of reach.  Hence you see the problem I have with it.  Especially in light of the verse that says the Lord “Shortened the days” at the end, or no flesh would be saved (Mt 24:22).  Which is why I lean towards a LESS THAN seven year scenario, personally.  Which REALLY doesn’t get us to 2015’s blood red tetrad.  Unless – as I said – it’s part of the final destruction AFTER the seals, Armegeddon, and everything else is done.  Nothing’s impossible with Yah.

Again, I’m not discrediting signs in the sky.  You only have to look at my index to see that I mark literally DOZENS of these.  But that’s just it – these signs, fascinating as they are – aren’t any different than any of the other signs pointing to coming events.  Certainly not enough to build your popularity on.  THAT’S my gripe.

And the more I read about Biltz’ theories and the people expounding on it – totally uninformed, pointless, and firmly grounded in sinking sand – the less I want to give ANY credance to this dude.  Because he’s not about Truth – he’s about hype… and hype catches like wildfire, and always  ends up padding the pocket of the speaker and leading the hearers astray.

Ironically, the other ‘end times’ teachers – Jack Kinsella and Hal Lindsey – both have stepped VERY carefully and vocally away from Biltz’ teaching (if you could call it that).  Not that you want to buy what they sell, either – Jack being a pre-Trib chrischun pontificating more church teaching than scripture.  He’s having real trouble, because in order for it to be a 2015 end, the 7-year Trib had to start 2008, and it didn’t, for him.  ((He’s in for a surprise.))  And Hal Lindsey being a lying, thieving ass who wouldn’t agree with anyone’s theory unless they got it from him, first (or he could steal it and pass it off as his own, as he did with Herb Peters’ stuff).  More padded pockets, just in different directions.  Apparently (in my morning search) a dude named Tim McHyde had the same theory about the tetrad five years before Blitz did, but has debunked it already.  If he’s THAT debunked already, how can you go with it?

You know me – I have to expose this crap when I see it.  Hence, this post.  I hope you ponder these things in your heart… and use logic and scripture to discern REAL Truth.  It’s not about the latest eschatological fad, it’s about Truth.  No more, no less.

An’ I reckon that’s all I have to say on the subject.

PS:  Yes, I spelled it wrong – it’s bologna.  But I didn’t want stOOpid people reading it as “buh-LOG-na” – It’s meant to be ‘boloney’ – so I did it on purpose to achieve my desired outcome.  Besides, since this whole post is about taking something and messing it up, it’s a double entendre.

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