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I wanted to bring my home education posts to one place, for people to easily access.  This is a new endeavor, so while it is ‘here’, I’m working on putting it together.  So please bear with me as I add links to this!
  Schooling Stuffs  EduMatrix

Why Everyone should Homeschool
Methods of Homeschooling
When should you start?
A HomeSchooler’s Rant
Public School Affirmations
20/20 on Homeschooling
Socialization Sucks (socialization)
You? Monitor Me? (government)
In it, not Of it (connectivity) 
The Big Cover-Up (nudes in art)
In Rebellion (music studies)

Meal plan for
          Home-schooling Moms
HSLaunch freebies
Electronic Education
Chore Time
Our Charts
Our Curriculum (2014)
Free Read Log printable
AO Free Read Stack-up

Year 0 Schedule
Year 0.5 Schedule
Year 0.5 Daily Chart
Year 1 Schedule
Year 1 Daily Chart
Year 2 Daily Chart
Year 3 Daily Chart
Year 4 Daily Chart
Year 5 Daily Chart
((I missed Year 6?))
Year 7 Daily Chart
2014 Daily Chart
By Subject 

Anna’s Nature Notebook-ing
Astronomy: Sizing Up Matters
Astronomy: Planet Post
Bird species coloring pages
Biome Study site
Botany Lessons – free
I’ve Looked at Clouds
The Color Wheel
Creature Logs
Oceanography Lapbook
Flower Identification Pages

Forensics (linklinklink)
Four Seasons Project
History of Aviation Video
My Perspective of the World
Natural Disaster Pages
Our solar system isn’t normal
Science Sundays – free on-line lessons
Solstice & Equinox Page
Weekly on-line free
nature study lessons
Weather Clock
You Tube Science Lessons
Periodic Table Links

MEP Math curriculum (free)
Clock Work – online time games
Stop the Clock
Free Money Lapbook
(My) Free Basic Math Lapbook
(My) Free Intermediate Math Helps

Phonics Play
Scott-Foresman Grammar


Free interactive Music Theory
Free Music Theory worksheets
Free Recorder lessons
Free Guitar study
Not So Boring Minuet (& video)
How the Orchestra Grew
Free Musical Family Lapbook
Free Music Theory Lapbook

Composer Squares (for BoC)
Muppet Music Appreciation


AmbleSide Online Schedules

Gutenberg’s free books
Baldwin Project’s free books
Yearly Attainment sheets
Ussher’s Timeline of History
Free AO Artist Print .pdfs
DancePad Typing lessons
Peter’s Free Typing Course
Kids Of Integrity (free Character Study)
Free Calendar sheets
PawPawMama’s free school resources
Currclick (free section & weekly freebie)
LEGO Quest
Faerie Tale-ing
Field Trip Log

 Holiday Lapbooks

Story of the World

Blog entries/activities for each chapter.


Chpt 1: The First Nomads 
Chpt 2: Egyptian Lapbook
Chpt 3: Cartouches
Chpt 4a: Sugar Cube Pyramid
Chpt 4b: King Zuke’s Mummy
Chpt 5:  Sargon of Satan
Chpt 6: Follow the Fertile Crescent
Chpt 7: Laying down the Law
Chpt 8: Gilgamesh & Sons
Chpt 9:  Mohenjo-Daro!
Chpt 10: China in the Far East
Chpt 11: Ancient Africa
Chpts 12/13: Back to Egypt
Chpt 14: Go down, Moses
Chpt 15: The Phoenicians
Chpt 16: Assyria Strikes Back!
Chpt 17: Return of Babylon
Chpt 18: Minoan Crete-ings!

Chpt 19: Mycenean Crete-ings!
Chpt 20: Intro to the Greek Gods
Chpt 20a: Ancient Greece Lapbook
Chpt 21: Medes & Persians
Chpt 22: Sparta vs. Athens
Chpt 23: The Gods must be Crazy
Chpt 24/25: Alexander the Great
Chpt 26: West to the Americas
Chpt 27: Toga Time
Chpt 28a: Gladiators!
Chpt 28b: The Roman Road
Chpt 28c: The Art of Architecture
Chpt 28d: Roman Lapbook
Chpt 29: Hannibal’s Elephants
Chpt 30: Siddthara stuff
Chpt 31:  Mauryan Movies 
Chpt 32-33: Chinese Writing
Chpt 34: Rome: Vesuvius/Pompeii
Chpt 35: Rome: Caesar & Cleo
Chpt 36: Rome: Mosaics
Chpt 37: Story of Yeshua
Chpt 38: End of Jewish Nation
Chpt 39: Rome & Christianity
Chpt 40: Rome Weakens (Boudicca/ Split)
Chpt 41: Attacking Barbarians!
Chpt 42: The End of Rome

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