Something’s Not Right

I was actually going to write about George Ure’s Sunday edition of the Peoplenomics report.  It absolutely FLOORED me, not just because it was about the Book of Enoch (ironic timing, there?) or because it brought up things I had never considered and put puzzle pieces together for me in prophecy that GREEN LIGHTED immediately…

… but I have stumbled into a snake pit.  And I’m very, very leery of just about everyone and everything at the moment.  Something is WRONG.  I can feel it – every red flag I have is standing completely on end.

It started very innocently, about a year ago.  I had been studying Torah and working on unlearning churchianity for quite some time, and was refreshed to meet a bunch of people on the same journey as me.  Some on Facebook, some thru friends I already had here.  Now I have been VERY slowly adding things to my faith, in a way that would allow time to understand WHY and HOW to correctly do it.  I was letting the Spirit guide me in this, and it has been going well.

Until recently.  Recently I’ve been seeing more and more Messianics.  Being led to more and more links.  Reading more and more from people ‘on the same journey’ as me.  And the beliefs, I’m seeing…!  I can’t believe the total SHIT I’m reading.  Just legalistic SHIT.  “Torah says you shouldn’t take care for what you wear – clothes are for comfort, only”.  Um, that flies in the face of Proverbs 31, which says a woman ‘more to be desired than gold’ wears purple and fine garments.  Scripture CANNOT contradict itself, people.  The discussions about the end times are just LITTERED with twisted concepts taken from verses pulled out of context… I can’t believe half of the justification – it’s like they’ve gone the exact opposite direction as Churchianity… to an extreme that is WRONG.  And not just the beliefs, the attitudes!  I’m seeing the same pompous, loudmouthed arrogance (sputtering and spitting) as I did in churchianity.  ((No surprise, Anna, your one experience with synagogue was Cliques-R-Us, remember.))  Belligerent, cocky people who think they’ve attained something because they’re ABOVE christians.  Yes, christians are wrong, but so are YOUR beliefs, and even if you have some Truth, your attitude negates it!  But You can’t talk to people who aren’t open to hearing…

I have since been BOMBARDED with links to teachings from a plethora of Messianic sites.  I didn’t even KNOW there were that many Messianics out there.  I was invited to join a Messianic group that increased it’s membership threefold in just one hour!

Anything that is popular is NOT of God.  Let me just repeat that – anything that is popular has NEVER been of God.  Think about that for a moment.  There’s always a catch, something there that’s set up to snag.  And I have NEVER been a part of anything that is popular for that very reason.  And you know what I’m seeing?  I’m seeing that Satan is witnessing a rise in numbers among those searching for Truth, and so he has to do something about that.  So he does what he always does – he pours it on, makes people feel welcome and in the ‘right’ place, and introduces just enough untruth to cause them to stumble.  Oh, not in noticeable ways, but just enough to get them to zig early in the game, so that when they look back, they have to really search for the spot where they should’ve zagged.  This pisses me off.  Everyone else’s red flags should be standing on end, too… but they’re not.

No good can come of this.  Something is wrong.  It’s like being sucked into a box, and the box has “Messianic Judaism” on the side.  And I won’t go – you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming.  I’m very bothered by what I’m seeing.  David didn’t fit in a box.  Yeshua never fit in the box.  Paul/Saul didn’t fit in the box.  Elijah, Moses, Daniel… none of them fit in the box.  And that there IS a box tells me the vehicle that took me from churchianity to Truth has been hijacked, and I need to get out.  NOW.

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