Temple in the End Times

OK, a question for you…where does the rebuilding of the temple/re-establishing of the sacrifices/Antichrist stopping sacrifices/Antichrist going into temple and setting Himself up as God fit into the 6-month suggestion? I thought these thing were supposed to occur right around the mid-point of the Trib…maybe I’m wrong…just wondering what your thinking was on these…

This comes from a friend this time.  Highly unusual – typically Yah sends antagonists and uses them to bring things up.  I think He gets a kick out of utilizing people who don’t believe in Him – kind of a subtle little amusement of His.  Anyhow, Kim’s question is based on Daniel 9:27:

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured on the desolate.

Now, that’s a big mouthful, quite frankly.  A LOT of words I know but don’t really know.  Y’know?  ((<<sorry… it’s… yeah.))  Anyhow, words like ‘consummation’ and ‘overspreading’ and ‘oblation’ and ‘desolate’… and the worst word of all… IT.  What is ‘it’?!  Did you catch that ‘it’?  ((I did.))

Okay, first let’s look at the reality of duality.  That’s TorahClass for “everything in scripture has a shadow of itself as well as a real fulfillment of itself.  For example, Passover.  We celebrate Passover as a symbol of what happened in Egypt when blood was applied to the doorposts of the Jewish home to keep the Angel of Death from killing the firstborn of each home.  But what happened in Egypt was the SHADOW of the REAL fulfillment of Passover, which was when Messiah – ON Passover – shed HIS blood so that it could be applied to the doorposts of our hearts so that the Angel of Death could not claim us – we are promised eternal life by His redeeming blood.  Get it?  There were TWO actual events that happened on Passover, but one was a SHADOW of the other.  It’s dual fulfillment – the reality of duality.  And this happens over and OVER and OVER in scripture.

Now… the Daniel verse also has TWO actual events – a shadow and a fulfillment.  The SHADOW event happened a long, long time ago, and it isn’t in the Bible, except in the Daniel prophecies.  The perpetrator’s name was Antiochus Epiphanes, and yes, ‘Antio-Chus’ is very similar to ‘anti-christ’ for a reason.   Here’s what the Jewish Encyclopaedia says about him:

King of Syria; reigned from 175 B.C.  …As long as he was occupied with preparations for his expedition against Egypt, Antiochus had no time for Palestine; but when the Romans compelled him to forego his plans of conquest, his rage at the unexpected impediment was wreaked upon the innocent Jews. An officer, Apollonius, was sent through the country with an armed troop, commissioned to slay and destroy. He first entered Jerusalem amicably; then suddenly turning upon the defenseless city, he murdered, plundered, and burnt through its length and breadth. …A royal decree proclaimed the abolition of the Jewish mode of worship; Sabbaths and festivals were not to be observed; circumcision was not to be performed; the sacred books were to be surrendered and the Jews were compelled to offer sacrifices to the idols that had been erected.  … On Kislew (Nov.-Dec.) 25, 168, the “abomination of desolation” was set up on the altar of burnt offering in the Temple, and the Jews required to make obeisance to it. This was probably the Olympian Zeus, or Baal Shamem.  Antiochus, however, had misunderstood the true character of Judaism, if he thought to exterminate it by force. His tyranny aroused both the religious and the political consciousness of the Jews, which resulted in the revolution led by the Maccabees.

So in the ‘shadow’ version, the man was NOT from the Roman empire (rather, from Syria), and he came to Jerusalem with a friendly demeanor and then slaughtered the people, stopped their religious practices, and put idols in the temple, defiling it.

The question is, ‘what about the temple in OUR version of things’?  Because at present, there *isn’t* a temple.  What am I thinking on this, you ask?  I don’t have thinking on this, because – frankly – I’m pretty stumped.  Hey, I’m not Adonai.  I don’t even pretend to have HALF the answers.  I just look for them.  Intensely.  And yes, this is THE one piece of the puzzle that alludes me.

That’s not to say I don’t have thoughts on the matter.  You know better than that!

1.  I know that the Temple Mount Institute has EVERYTHING in place for a new temple.  They’ve said they could have it erected in… was it three months time?  And I know that – as of December – they have the altar made, too.  So frankly if something were to happen, say May 6 (Hph’s next ‘war’ date), and the Mosque on Temple Mount was gone, there could be a second temple by the end of July, and sacrificing could begin as early as the new moon in August.  Anything’s possible.  Possible not meaning probable, please note.


2.  It says this happens in the ‘midst’ of the week.  That doesn’t mean the dead middle, necessarily.  If I’m in the ‘midst’ of a crowd, does that mean I’m dead center?  I don’t know.  Just putting thoughts out there.  There’d still need to be a temple, and it’d have to be somewhere within the middle portion of the Trib…

So it would HAVE to happen that way if a literal temple is needed for this verse.  Then again…

3.  Do you see the word ‘Temple’ in Daniel 9:27?  Cuz I don’t.  It says he (Anti-Christ) shall cause the oblation (offering of a sacrifice to God) to cease, and for the overspreading (to cover over) of abominations (disgusting things) he shall make it (?) desolate (uninhabited, abandoned), even until the consummation (completion), and that determined shall be poured on the desolate.  Revelation says Jerusalem will be laid waste and ‘desolate’.  Is Jerusalem ‘it’, or the temple?  Yes, I think there’ll be a third temple, but there was sacrificing in the OT BEFORE there was a temple.  Might there be something else?  I don’t know.

4.  Did Christ in the Gospels say that God’s dwelling place is now in our hearts?  Does this mean there’s a different kind of abomination this time?  Recall my Passover example.  The first time it was real blood upon a real doorpost and a real death.  The fulfillment was Christ’s blood upon the believer’s heart and freedom from eternal death to eternal life.  Could there be a similar thing, this time?

Honestly, I haven’t done enough reading on this matter, so at this point I have no answers for you.  That’s not to say I’m not watching current events, reading scripture (I need to look into the verses on this, though), and trying to understand what’s been foretold to happen.  And you know I will keep you posted as to what I find out, both in our reality and from my readings.  And in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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