The Two-View I

I keep hearing from people (and reading on-line) that the three sets of judgments in Revelation are the same, or occur at the same time.  I frankly have NEVER seen that or felt that was right.  But I thought it was worth disproving on my site… and since I have no desire to blog today whatever, it seemed like a good time to at least do a comparison.

First, the question of them being all the same judgments, stated three place in three different ways… it doesn’t make sense.  First, let’s get a chart up of the three different sets of judgments.

1: Peacebringer 1. Hail/fire/blood
1. Sores
2: Warbringer
2. Mount cast in Sea
2. Sea/blood
3: Economic Crash
3. Contamination/Wormwood
3. Freshwater/blood
4: Pandemic
4. Sun/moon/stars dark
4. Scorchy Sun
5: Saints under Altar
5. Locust Army
5. Darkness (EMP?)
6: Cataclysm
6. Angel Army
6. Euphrates dries
7: 1/2 hour Silence
7. Cataclysm: Wrath Begins
7. Cataclysm (x3)

So as you can see, they DON’T match up.  Peace doesn’t equal hail/fire doesn’t equal sores.  Yes, there’s cataclysm in each group, but not in the same place.  So the theory that the three sets are the same thing three times just doesn’t wash.  Not by a long shot, just from looking at them together.

As to the other assertion, that the three sets happen simultaneously… well, there’s some trouble with that, too.  In Matthew 24, where Yehshua gives the seal judgments and says they are “the BEGINNING of Sorrows”… if they’re all the same, that leaves nothing to be the Sorrows, themselves.  Not logical.

HOWEVER… now that I’m looking at them side-by-side, I see some interesting things.  The Seals are most obviously ‘The Beginning of Sorrows’… but the other two have some amazing similarities:

1. Hail/fire/blood (1/3 vegetation gone)
1. Sores
2. Mount cast in Sea  (1/3 sea/ships destroyed)
2. Sea/blood
3. Wormwood (1/3 freshwater contaminated)
3. Freshwater/blood
4. Sun/moon/stars dark (1/3 heavens)
4. Scorchy Sun
5. Locust Army (aliens/demons? Muslim war?)
5. Darkness
6. Angel Army (angels? Chinese army?)
6. Euphrates dries
7. Cataclysm
7. Cataclysm

To be honest, I would have to say that these COULD BE the same thing… except the first trumpet and first vial don’t appear to be the same.  Although… sores, blood… there could be a correlation.  If the trumps were the explanation for the vials (which are the result).  Then again, if everything is ‘snowballing’… and why would they be called two different things, like the seals are called something different (and ARE different)?

I’m convinced the Seals are the Beginning of Sorrows and something different from the other two sets of judgments.  But what do YOU think about the second two sets?  Are they two of a kind?

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