The Two-View II

You guys are giving me SUCH GOOD comments, lately!  Yesterday, my good friend Ali (Alidansma) left a comment that suggested something else I had never considered before.  See, THIS is what I love about the blog.  Not only am I sharing things I learn with you, but you’re sharing things you learn with me.  THIS is what it’s all about.  And as for what Ali wrote (forgive me, Ali, I cleaned it up and re-arranged a bit to make it more user-friendly):

I did a chart, and when I wrote it,  I thought the trumpet and vial judgments were the same thing from different points of view. Remember when Joseph had the dream about the 7 years of famine in Egypt? He had two similar dreams.  They weren’t exactly alike but the same idea.

((aNNa iNSeRTS:  Yes!  This happened TWICE!  The first time it was Joseph’s dreams, and the two dreams were about him becoming greater than his brothers.  He first dreamt about sheaves and his sheaf was bowed to by his eleven brother’s sheaves.  Then he dreamt of eleven stars bowing down to his star.  LATER, Pharoah did the same thing – he dreamt of seven fatted animals and then seven starved animals.  Then he dreamt of seven hearty stalks of corn, and seven withered stalks of corn – BOTH dreams having the same message: seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.))

I agree the seals are the beginning and have nothing to do with trumpets and vials.  But as for the second two sets, I think the trumpets is the plagues viewed from the righteous, and the vials are from the view of the punished. For the sake of argument lets say that the righteous are the 144, 000 that are sealed and can’t be hurt that are still on the earth:

Trump/Vial 1
– the righteous say:  Wow a lot of crap is falling out of the sky!
– the wicked say:   Ow! Ow! Ow!
Trump/Vial 2
– the righteous see that 1/3 of the sea has been damaged
– the wicked say it has been destroyed and all blood (around them that is what it will look like – the righteous probably still have fish in their water)

((And so on…))  This is just how it seemed when I wrote it down. I could be wrong.  Let me know what you think!

What do I think?  I think I never would of thought that way if it weren’t for you.  OF COURSE it’s a possibility!  And I did have a real problem with the fact that the trumps and vials are SO CLOSE… but I didn’t understand why they would be called two different things.  I couldn’t reconcile that.  THIS helps to give the explanation for it.  I’m definitely going to be looking at this again, to see what this viewpoint does for it.  ((Might even lead to a ‘Part III’ to this.))  Thanks, Ali!

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