Two-View III

Okay, so by now if you haven’t figured out I’m not only driven (aka obsessive) and anal, you probably just aren’t going to get that about me.  But having thought about Ali’s theory yesterday, I thought I would CHART its plausibility.  Okay… erm, well mostly viable possibility.  Because I’m having a few tiny issues with it.  But first, the chart:

ImageIt scanned fuzzy, but you get the idea.  Enlarge by clicking.

Now as you can see, I made a distinction between the PreWrath happenings and the Wrath-n-After happenings.  (The big black horizontal line.)  Because I’m a PreWrath Tribber.  Meaning we get yanked out to (wherever) before the Wrath of God is poured out on the earth.  If we go with this view (or ANY view incorporating Revelation 7:9,14) we’re taken to Heaven.  Y’gots to throw out those verses to get us to the wilderness, and I don’t add to or take from scripture.  Just my conclusion on the matter.

I also added the dates from AD33 (Christ) thru 2007 (ENPI) to the top portion, so that you could see how the time-lining works in this.  Unfortunately, I have NO such time-line for the Wrath.  He hasn’t shown me one.  If that changes, I’ll let you know, k?  I do know that the Locust army war on the earth for 5 months, and that Israel (whether spiritual or literal) flees to ‘the wilderness God has prepared for their nourishment’ for 3.5 years, Jerusalem is laid waste for 3.5 years, the two witnesses prophesy for 3.5 years, and the Beast has empirical rule over the world 3.5 years.  If they’re all the SAME 3.5, I have NO idea.  Sorry to be so uninformed about it, but – hey – at least I’m honest.

Note also that I have seal six TWICE – once in the top part, and starting off the bottom part.  Because… and I know I said that just because the bad dudes in Seal Six say “It’s the WRATH!!!” it didn’t necessarily mean it was The Wrath, because they’re dumbass bad guys who probably don’t know scripture, and wouldn’t know the Wrath from a zit on their hiney.  BUT if we show the Trumpet Judgments and the Vials to be the SAME, then ((winces)) YES, their declaration of The Wrath and THE WRATH… do, indeed, match up… and they actually end up getting it right.  Shocker.

Now the problems.  With the Trumps, we’re told a THIRD of stuff is destroyed.  With the Vials, we’re not told how much is destroyed (except that all sea life is toast).  It doesn’t say ALL of the sea becomes blood, or ALL of the freshwater, or ALL of the vegetation, or ALL of the men get sores (<< In fact, it says all BUT the sealed people get sores.)  If it doesn’t say it, I’m not going to presume it, because that’d be adding to scripture.  It also says that darkness only effects the Beast’s kingdom, not ALL the earth.  Just so’s ya know.  So again – I know some people say the amounts are different between the judgments, but the only difference I see is in the death of sea life.  Which… yes, is a problem.

The undisclosed ‘thunders’ are an issue.  Can’t help you with that, sorry – we’re told John wasn’t gonna tell us about those.  That there ARE seven thunders is problematic.  Because if they’re another round of judgments, that makes FOUR sets of judgments and there were only THREE in Egypt, so that kind of messes with the prototype thing.  Then again, maybe they’re not another set of judgments, but seven disclosures about things we roughly know already – like there are seven lamps burning at the throne of God and Seven Spirits before the Throne… maybe seven thunders are something like that.  Issue or non-issue… we just don’t know.

But the biggest problem, though, is the fact that there are four “temple-opens-wrath-begins” instances.  Do you see them?  The first is the inferred one in Chapter 8:1… which matches 15:5-8 (especially verse 8, where the temple was empty (silent?) until the Wrath was finished being poured out.  Then the next two parallel each other further down – 11:18-19 and then in 16:17,19.  So either there are actually FOUR tellings of the events – FOUR columns, not two!  Which makes things REALLY interesting, in light of a ‘more four’ viewpoint.  ((<<I’ve written extensively on ‘fours’.))  That would mean a telling from a spiritual viewpoint (heart), a telling from an emotional viewpoint (soul), a telling from a factual viewpoint (mind), and a telling from a physical viewpoint (strength).  WHOA.  Let’s see how THAT would look:

Image This time I did a screen shot and edited it.  Much better, I think.  Don’t you?

The reason there are spaces is because not everything is given each time.  But MAN, does that shorten up the to-do list, IF this is the case!  Thing is, we’re missing something, because by the time the Wrath starts, the beast, woman, and witnesses have done their 3.5 year thing.  Is that what the seven thunders is, I wonder?Oh, wait.  Now I’m confused about the seventh trumpet.  (((O_o)))  Good night, apparently I’m confusing myself.  Maybe need to take a break before coming back to figure it out or scrap it for good?  I don’t know.  Just thinking out loud, mostly.  So that you can join me, help if you see something I don’t… Any ideas?

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