The Past in Pictures

According to Charlotte Mason, the best way to help kids ‘get’ history (which people came first, what happened when) is to do a time-line.  AmbleSide On-Line recommends younger children do a time-line, and older children a ‘Book of Centuries’.  I decided early on that we would simply do the ‘Book of Centuries’ from the get-go, so that each child would have a ‘takeable’ copy of everything in it that we learned to browse and keep.

However, this requires pictures.  There are TONS of ‘coloring pages’ of Bible characters on-line, but they’re ‘twaddle’ quality.  I’m not into the cartoon thang.  Pictures with detail, that are pretty, that are realistic, that are interesting to look at time and again… that I can print in b/w and let the kids personalize with colored pencils.  That’s how we do our BoC… all black & white pictures, colored by the kids.

And of course no mother has compiled a list of picture resources, so we all have to re-invent the wheel every time anyone sets about putting together a BoC.   I don’t want to buy the figure packs from Homeschool in the Forest (or whatever)… not when there are pictures – FREE! – on-line and available.  I thought “dang, I could save people a LOT of research if I just put my BoC pictures all in one place for them to ‘take’, if they’d like.

  Old Testament
 BC History Pics
My Creation page and alt
Original Sin and alt
Cain & Abel 1 and alt and alt
Noah’s ark and alt and alt
Tower of Babel and alt
The Akeda and alt
Sodom & Gomorrah
Hagar & Ishmael
Rebekah at the Well alt, alt
Jacob’s Ladder and alt
Joseph sold and alt
Joseph in Egypt
Moses/bullrushes, alt and alt
Moses/Burning Bush
Parting of Red Sea
10 Commandments & Calf
Bounty from Promised Land
Bronze serpent
Rahab’s scarlet rope
Joshua at Jericho
Balaam’s Ass
Samson’s Strength
Gideon/Mideonites & alt
Judges chart
Samuel/Eli & alt
King Saul & David
David & Goliath
King Solomon
Solomon’s temple & Insert
Divided Kingdom
Chart of Kings/Prophets
Elijah & the Ravens
Elijah & the fiery chariot
Elisha & the mama bears
Josiah, last good king of Israel
Nebucadnezzar’s dream/timeline
The Fiery Furnace
Daniel in the Lions’ Den
The Maccabees & Hanukkah
Pangea (cut, piece together)
The Fertile Crescent
Nomadic peoples
Egypt: Sphynx & Pyramids
Egypt:  Nefertiti
Egypt: White, red crown (alt)
Egypt: Cartouche
Egypt: First machine
Egypt: First measurements
Babylon:  Sargon
Babylon:  Cityscape
Mesopotamia: Abe’s journey
Mesopotamia: Stele of Hammurabi
Assyria: Shamsi Adad’s sons
Ancient China:  Min Lei
Phoenicians: Merchants of the Sea
Assyria: Siege Tower
Babylon: Ishtar Gate
Babylon: Hanging Garden
Greeks: Map
Greeks: Trojan Horse
Greeks: Clothing
Greeks: Alphabet
Greeks: Columns
Greeks: (Lapbook)
Greeks:  Alexander’s Empire
Greeks: Alexander the Great
Americas: Nazca

Rome:  (Lapbook)
Rome:  Spartacus
Rome:  First Triumverate
Rome: Hannibal/Elephants (Punic Wars)
India:  Siddhartha/Buddah
 In The Arts

500 AD – Stonehenge (archt)
1066AD – Westminster (archt)

1600AD – Purcell (music)
1700AD – Handel (music)
1700AD – J.S. Bach (music)
1770AD – Joseph Haydn (music)
1780AD – W.A. Mozart (music)

Life of Yeshua


Elizabeth & Zachariah (& Mary)
Mary & Joseph
Shepherds/Angels in the field
Baby Yeshua
Simeon blesses Yeshua (brit)
Wise Men visit the Messiah
He grew in wisdom & stature
Bar Mitzvah (In the Temple, 12)
Baptism by John/Spirit
Temptation in Wilderness
Calling of Disciples
Water into Wine
Woman at the Well
Great bursting fishnets

Messiah heals paralytic
Healing at Bethsaida Pool
Sermon on the Mount
Dining with Publicans
Calming the Sea
Jairus’ daughter healed
Incredible Sinking Peter
Feeding of the 4000
The Transfiguration
The Adulteress Woman
Healing the Blind
Mary vs. Martha
Olivet Discourse
Lazarus Unwound
10 Lepers
Little Children
Mary and the anointing
Triumphal Entry
Cleansing the Temple
Washing feet
Lord’s Supper in Upper Room
Garden of Gethsemane
Betrayed by a Kiss
Presented to Pilate
Blood & Water flow (Crux)
Burial of the Lord
Resurrection & Empty Tomb
He is not there
Angel at the Tomb
Appearing to Mary
The Road to Emmaeus
Doubting Thomas

Music Squares
Presidential Matchbooks
Word Processing Timeline
Automobile Timeline
Audio Timeline
Literature Timeline
Timeline Figures: Kings & Queens

Art Prints (52 to know and 50 most famous)

 AD History Pics

0079AD – Pompeii/Vesuvius
0100AD – Polycarp (T&T)
0200AD – Galenus (Father of Physiology)
0250AD – Rome Divided
0350AD – Athanasius (T&T)
0365AD – Emperor Constantine
0380AD – Boudicca
0400AD – Ambrose (T&T)
0450AD – Attila the Hun
0450AD – Anglo-Saxons
0485AD – Visigoth holdings
700AD – Jewish Diaspora
1000AD – Lief Erikson
1000AD – Canute (and alt)
1000AD – Medieval Lapbook
1000AD – Japanese Samurai
1066AD – Battle of Hastings (and alt)
1066AD – Bayeux Tapestry
1080AD – William the Conqueror
1099AD – First Crusade Map
1099AD – First Crusade
1099AD – Deus Vult
1100AD – Eleanor of Aquintaine
1100AD – Map of Crusades
1150AD – Crusader I, II and alt
1190AD – Lionheart/Robin Hood
1200AD – St. Brendan
1200AD – Marco Polo
1200AD – Magna Carta
1200AD – John Lackland
1200AD – Genghis Khan
1250AD – Cahokia
1250AD – Mongol Empire (map)
1270AD – Kubla Khan
1300AD – Robert the Bruce
1300AD – Black Douglas’ spider
1300AD – Richard II
1400AD – Joan of Arc
1400AD – War of the Roses
1400AD – Colombus
1400AD – Vespucci
1400AD – John Cabot
1500AD – Henry III
1500AD – Balboa
1500AD – Leonardo daVinci
1500AD – Magellan
1500AD – Cartier
1500AD – Frances Drake
1500AD – Raleigh
1500AD – Hudson

1540AD – Sulieman the Magnificent
1550AD – Ivan the Terrible
1590AD – First microscope
1600AD – Guy Fawkes
1600AD – Mayflower
1600AD – Squanto
1620AD – Miles Standish & Pilgrims
1600AD – Pocahontas/John Smith
1600AD – Galileo Galilei
1600AD – Salem Witch Trials
& alt
1650AD – Jenny Geddes and her stool
1677AD – VanLeeuwenhoel (bacteria)
1700AD – Sir Isaac Newton
1773AD –  Boston Tea Party
1775AD –  Battle of Bunker Hill
1775AD – Benedict Arnold
1780AD – Triangular Trade Map
1780AD – George Rogers Clark
1780 AD – Slave trade
1795AD – First White House built
1800AD – Louis and Clark
1825AD – Burke & Hare
1830AD – Anatomy Act
1830AD – Abolitionists Movement
1840AD – Civil War Timeline
1840 AD – Brother against Brother
1840 AD – Flags Crossed
1840AD – David Livingstone (Africa)
1840AD – Dost Mohammed
1840AD – Robert E. Lee
1848AD – Italian Revolution
1850AD – Crimean War (Light Brigade)
1850AD – Clara Barton
1850AD – Susan B. Anthony
1850AD – Harriet Beecher Stowe
1850AD – Sepoy Mutiny
1850AD – Matthew Perry
1850AD – Eli Whitney
1850AD – Florence Nightengale
1850AD – Crimean War
1860AD – Transcontinental Railroad
1870AD – Vincent Van Gogh
1862AD – Merrimac & Monitor
1930AD – Albert Einstein
1930AD – Amelia Earhart
1940AD – Pablo Picasso
1940AD – Edwin Hubble

Honestly,  I wish I’d started this when I did my BoC, initially.  Going back and finding the pictures is really turning out to be a HUGE job.  Bear with me… I *am* working on it…

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