Wrong Messianic Teaching

Or, Is Yeshua God?  (updated)

This morning I read… possibly THE most disturbing thing I have read in a REALLY long time.  I’ve been following a blog called ‘We Are Israel’ – which seemed to be a Messianic’s writings that didn’t follow the same thinking as the Sheeple Messianics (and yeah, there’s already that, too).  But this morning he wrote this:

A Facebook friend from Africa wrote ‘Is Jesus God? Yes or No – Simple answer please.’  There is no ‘simple answer’ especially in light of the doctrines and traditions of men that we have all learned. And years ago, before I had spent thousands of hours studying the word I would have answered ‘Most certainly, yes!’ But that would not have been a learned answer. Here is my brief answer to her question.  No – There is no “Super Jesus!” Yeshua (Jesus) is flesh just like you and me, and he said we would do greater things than he.

…But, if Yeshua was not God, how can he say some of the things he said?  Here is a thought-provoking and mind expanding article on Yeshua, the shaliach (the sent one or emissary) of YHVH.  Warning! This may pop a few religious bubbles; perhaps you should have picked the “blue” pill. The rabbit hole is very deep. http://torahofmessiah.com/shaliach.htm

My. Jaw. Dropped.  Yeshua isn’t God?  I couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I haven’t been a christian in YEARS, I have been learning via the Messianic Jewish perspective for a LONG time… and you KNOW I’ve been reading some real shit lately from that arena… but this takes the cake!!  So I followed the link and read this:

…May God have mercy on them for their arrogant self-exaltedness and zealous promotion of idolatrous worship of a false God as they follow the spirit of anti-Messiah.

Wait, WE are arrogant and self-exalted because we worship Messiah?!  Who is a FALSE GOD?!?!?!  And we’re in a spirit of Anti-Messiah?  Whe the Heck!!!   ANTI-Messiah means against Messiah or opposing God.  But these same people just said Messiah wasn’t God!

And from there the article went on to quote rabbis and chabad.org (Jewish site)… and YEAH, they’re going to support this because they’re NOT MESSIANIC!!!  The Jews don’t believe Yeshua was Christ, hello!  So I had to say something.  Here’s my response:

I’m sorry, I have SEVERE issues with this. John 1 says ‘the Word became flesh and dwelt among us’… and says ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and THE WORD IS GOD.’ This jives with ‘I and My Father are One’, but does NOT jive with what you’re saying.

Worse is your allegation that ‘we will do greater things than He’ (< with no reference, of course). How can we POSSIBLY do greater things than speaking the world into existence (which He alone could do), dying for the redemption of ALL mankind (which He alone could do), and coming as conqueror to Zion and putting an end to ALL wickedness (which He alone can/will do)? I’d really like to know. Because my Bible says NONE are worthy but the Lamb that was slain to open the seals of the scroll before the Throne.

Either the scriptures contradict themselves and you’re right, or scripture NEVER contradicts itself, and these teachings/allegations are WHOLLY wrong. I’m having to lean towards the latter.

This is the problem I’m finding with Messianic Judaism… they go too far the other way in the attempt to flee from chrischianity. The Jews claim Yeshua was an emissary, a prophet, a good man… but not God. And sure, all their teachings will point out this. But that’s what makes Christ-followers different… we DO believe the teachings of John and Yeshua and Paul and we KNOW He was ‘God… With Us’ – Immanuel – and that only by taking on the flesh could He put to death sin once for all.

It being a WordPress site (which I have, for moderating purposes), I wanted to bring my answer here.  In case he elects not to post it.  For the record.  And since I’ve directed you to his blog before, I wanted to be SURE you understand that I NO LONGER ENDORSE Michael Didier’s teachings, and will NOT be reading that blog any longer.  I totally understand (and experience myself) the need to distance from the false teachings of christianity, but this is JUST as bad – just in the opposite direction.

uPDaTe: My comment will not be posted on his site.  Instead, he chose to e-mail me about my ‘confusion’:

Thank you for your comment. It is apparent to me that you did not read the article that was attached to my post. It is excellent and will help you and many others see just another one of our many false images that need to be trashed. Yeshua was not the Savior either; he was the lamb of YHVH that takes away the sins of all who will repent and turn to his Fathers ways.  “You are My witnesses,” says the LORD, “And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, And understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the LORD, And besides Me there is no Savior. (Isa 43:10-11)  There is a big difference between a lamb and a Savior.

I do not promote Judaism and in fact hate their ways as mush as I hate the ways of Christianity. Nothing in the New Testament can be used to trump the Law and the Prophets that Yeshua, Paul, Peter, James, John and Jude ALL taught from.   –Michael

Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.  Yeshua is not God, nor is He the Savior.  He’s just a sacrificial lamb, like any other in the OT, and nothing in the New Testament says He takes the place of the Law and the Prophets in any way.  So be sure to rip Hebrews 10 out of your Bibles, and find the nearest farm to buy yourself a cow… you have some sacrificing to catch up on.

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