The Purification Problem

I have issues.  First, I was a christian for 30 years, buying into some of THE biggest lies ever conceived.  In fact, I am quite convinced that christianity is Satan’s best false religion – the best fakes are the ones that look the most authentic and fool the most people.  Coming out of that cult was a shock for me.

I transitioned into Messianic Judaism from there, because I was quite convinced that they were the REAL thing – the True church.  Where Jews have works (Torah Observance) but not faith (Messiah)… and Christians have faith (Messiah) but not works (Torah Observance)… Messianic Jews have BOTH.  Which to me seemed like ‘IT’.  Surprise, surprise… the Messianics are doing a whiz-bang job of fricking EVERYTHING up, too.

I was reading TorahClass the other day, and read this:

The ritual picture that emerges here is to connect the Sanctuary of God with men. Are we not told that WE as Believers are now the Temple of God? And indeed does not the Holy Spirit, who is God, literally live within these fragile tents we call bodies? Then these tents must be purified and cleansed to be suitable for God to dwell there. Further just like for the ancient Tabernacle and Temple, simply being in proximity to people and in contact with people, and existing in a defiled world means that the Sanctuary will constantly be under bombardment of impurity. Therefore a regular purging of those impurities is mandatory.

I’m down with this.  But read this:

Recall Yeshua’s crucifixion; when the Roman soldier wanted to determine if Jesus was actually dead, or just passed out, he reached up with a spear and pierced his side. And what flowed out? Blood AND water. Blood we would expect, but why water? Because blood atones, and water purifies, and both actions are needed. Blood removes sin, water removes uncleanness. Two different things, two different spiritual elements, but Yeshua was sufficient for both. What was the purification mixture of Numbers chapter 19? Blood and water. The blood was in the ashes of the Heifer, mixed with the water of purification, and applied to the person contaminated with death.

Okay… so here’s where I gape in awe before getting angry again.  Because I’ve always KNOWN about this – I was told that the blood of Christ atones for all sins.  The blood of Christ is what we need to be ‘saved’… right?   The blood of Christ takes the place of the sacrificing that was required BEFORE His once-for-all atonement that covers every sin.  I get that.

But NOBODY teaches that the water that flowed from Him is JUST as important, and is just as necessary for salvation, because we need to be washed.  Christians sing “are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb”… but it’s not the BLOOD we’re washed in, it’s His Living Water that cleanses us.  “What can wash away my sin, nothing but the BLOOD”… is a lie – the water is a HUGE part of it, and that is just… ignored!

Okay, so that’s the Christian lie… but then, in my Messianic search, I read that we need to wash ourselves after our niddah (menstrual flow) in order to purify ourselves.  So I’ve spent a good TWO YEARS washing and doing the purification rituals of the OT because the Messianics said you have to.  And now, come to find out, the water that flowed from Yeshua’s side covers our purification once-for-all just like His blood covers our sins once-for-all!?  Nobody ever TOLD me that!?  Is that right?

Because that means what I’ve been doing is not only legalistic and wrong, but it’s actually a statement AGAINST what Christ did.  “Oh, I wash because Your Living Water isn’t enough to clean me.”  I… honestly did NOT intend for THAT to be the message of my actions!!!

Y’see?  You see why I get so upset?  Because all these people TELL you things, and you learn a certain way (the Blood covers, no mention of water) and you think, “Oh, well, if there’s no mention of water, then I should be DOING this”… and come to find out there IS a mention of water, but the Messianics are so far the OTHER way from Christianity (trying to distance from its lies) that they steer us down the legalistic path… and there I am, messing up AGAIN!!

Brian says, “Why can’t it be easier?  Why don’t we just know how it is, and that’s it?”  Because mankind FRICKED it all up, and it’s made a mess of what should’ve been clear, and now nobody knows.  And honestly?  I think He allowed it, because only those who REALLY and truly WANT to know Him, to understand Truth, who really SEEK Him are going to find the answers, and make the adjustments to their lives.

I’m… still working thru this one, because it’s HUGE… but from what I see?  No more mikvahs.  His Living Water is sufficient to purify me.

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