Daniel: The Jubilees

Two days ago I tried to dissect a video, and it didn’t work too well for me.  This is because my red flashing lights were going off brilliantly in front of my face, and it… there was… MUCH wrongness with the video.  In fact, it’s an eleven-minute YouTube, and anything after 7:26 is completely and utter (incorrect) conjecture.  It’s really, really off… and I don’t mean in a small way.The problem is that chrischianity (<yes, spelled incorrectly on purpose) fricks EVERYTHING up with preconceived (unscriptural) notions.  Which is why they’re going to be here after September’s big event, and I’m not.  But it’s CLASSIC and happens every time.  I gave some examples the other day of how that works.  It happens MUCH in the video, and this – well, it trips me up, and I have to take the WHOLE thing apart, point by point, and compare it to scripture and go, “Okay, that’s right.” or “Um… not so sure.”  And it’s TEDIOUS and inevitable and… yeah.

So that’s what I did today.  I re-loaded the damnable video last night, and sat down and took it apart, point by point.  And you don’t even have to watch it (or, ohMiGawsh, subject yourself to the horrific emo/cheesy megachrischun music/presentation) to find out what it was about.  Cuz we’re gonna discuss it here!  ((grins!!))  I feel very strongly that this is important to do.

It starts off with Genesis 6:3

“And the Lord said, ‘My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh; yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”

This is a ‘definition’… Man’s days shall be 120 years.  I’m with them so far.  I always assumed that was the average lifespan back then, but it wasn’t – people were living an average of 450 years, so… my assumption is now killed.  Let’s see what the video has to shed on this.  They go next to Leviticus 25:8,11

“And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of the year unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years…And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof;”

They allege that the word ‘year’ in Genesis 6:3 is actually ‘jubilee year’.  So 120 x 50 = 6000 years.  Which works out perfectly, because there are 4000 OT years and 2000 NT years until Christ’s return, and He reigns for the 7th millineum.  I’m with them… that makes sense, although it seems to read in a bit where I’m not comfortable.

Moving on, the video then says that the last ‘jubilee year’ was 1967, the year Israel won the Six Day War and gained back it’s portions of the land.  It says it’s the year Israel reclaimed Temple Mount, but I went to wiki to see if that was true, and it’s not… it remained under Islamic control.  Wishful chrischun thinking, very much untrue.  But ’67 was still paramount to Israel’s statehood, and it makes sense.

Then the video alleges that the jubilee year before that – 1917 – was the year Israel was released from Ottoman Empirical hold and told the Jews could return.  R’something – wikipedia confirms this is what happened, so it’s about right.  And both years/events *did* mark liberation and significance for Israel.

The conclusion being that if 1917 was a jubilee, and 1967 was a jubilee, then the next one in 2017 would be another kind of liberation… ie., the start of Christ’s reign there.  In other words, the end of the Trib.  Now I’m down with that, not because of the Jubilees, but because I believe the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ started the 10-year end times in 2007… which sets me right at the same point their conclusions set them.  Which means the Trib/Wrath is 2010 to 2017.  With me so far?

Next  comes Leviticus 26:28-34:
“Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I will chastise you seven times for your sins… then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your enemies’ land; even then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths.”

I remember reading about this in TorahClass!  Apparently the Jews didn’t WANT to let the land rest for a whole year during jubilee, so they just didn’t obey.  According to TorahClass, the Jews were carted away so that the land could rest as the Lord commanded – if they were choosing to interfere, He would simply remove them from the equation so that His will could be done.  Here’s what TorahClass says:

“When God ordained the Sabbath years for the benefit o the land, then the land NEEDED those Sabbath Years.  … And, the Lord will make SURE that it DOES get it’s Sabbaths, one way or another.  So, did that ever happen?  You bet it did.  In Ezekiel 4:4-6, around 9 centuries following the giving to Moses of the Torah, God suddenly instructs Ezekiel to lay on his left side for 390 days, one day for each year of the iniquity of Ephraim-Israel, and then 40 days on his right side, one day for each year of the iniquity of Judah.  Each day represented a year.  This is a total of 430 days/years as a sign to Israel of their coming punishment.  At this point, Nebuchadnezzar has already carried away the first three installments of exiles to Babylon (including Daniel), the first which occurred in the year 606BC.  …II Chronicles 36:21 makes this amazing statement: that the purpose of Ephraim-Israel, then Judah being exiled was ‘to fulfill the world of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept the sabbath, to fufill threescore and ten years’.  The remarkable point here is that the 430 years contain exactly 70 sabbath years.  The land, by God’s audit, had been deprived of precisely 70 Sabbath years… every jot and tittle of God’s word was fulfilled in their seventy bitter (jubilees) of exile; the land was due 70 years of rest, it got 70 [jubilees] of rest; but the Israelites paid dearly for every one of those years they had skipped.  Wow.

Anyhow, the video focused on Leviticus 26’s “Israel shall be punished SEVEN TIMES”.   They take 7 x 360… why 360?  I don’t know.  because there are supposed to be 360 days in a year, maybe?  Or because it worked?  I’m not sure – it’s a christian thing, I guess.  In Daniel it says ‘time, times and half a time’ are 3.5 years, so seven times (by that measure) would be seven years, but they didn’t do that.  I’m befuddled.  But anyhow, the video says  7 x 360 = 2520 years.  Then they say that from 604BC (their take on the Babylonian captivity) to 1917AD is 2520 years, if you add year 0 to the mix.  Only TorahClass says the Babylonian Captivity began in 606BC.  What does Wikipedia say?  597BCE.  Oi. My. Vey.  See the problem is, we don’t HAVE the numbers, so it’s anyone’s freakin’ guess!!

Now does it logically make SENSE that the captivity would begin with Babylon and extend 2520 years?  NO.  Because the captivity ended 430 years later, hello, as TorahClass points out.  They weren’t under captivity all that time.  But it SURE sounds good.  ((sigh!))

Moving on, Matthew 24:32,34:

‘Now, learn a parable from the fig tree: When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh.  …Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”

This from the Olivet Discourse, where Christ tells what’s gonna happen in the end.  Israel is the ‘fig tree’, and the ‘generation’ that sees her put back together as a nation would not ‘pass’ until the end. 1947 was the UN resolution (181) that gave Israel back her land as a nation.

And from Psalm 90:10

“The days of our years are threescore years and ten…”

So the video says that 70 is a generation according to Psalm 90.  1947 plus 70 is 2017.  And there we have to stop, because they frick everything up from there.  Now their point is that 2017 is the end.  Is it plausible?  Yes.  Do their numbers work out?  Partially, but sometimes no.  That’s BAD.  Which is why I don’t endorse churchianity… but since my conclusions came to the same end result (without the questionable numbers), I still agree.  Not based on anything they said, but because that’s my conclusion, anyhow.

But some of this was very interesting, and worth posting.  So here it is.

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