Jewish Take on Prophecy

The day after Rosh Ha’Shana, one of my favorite daily reads closed up shop.  I haven’t shared the blog here only once or twice in the past few years, although I faithfully visit it every morning.  So what a shock to see it completely gone – not a single post left, not a word of warning.

The reason I never shared this site with you, is because the references in it led me to believe that the write was not only Jewish (and I don’t mean Messianic, I mean JEWISH), and not just that, but a woman interested in Jewish mysticism.  Which means a lot of what she wrote, I am not only not sold on, but am a little uncomfortable with.  On the other hand, it was very enlightening to me to read what she had to say, the stories about rabbis and sages, to hear things from an ‘inside’ perspective, where Torah/Talmud/Tanakh were concerned.

And what’s the MOST interesting about this gal was that she’s a watcher, just like me.  She would post on… say, the Russian fires, or the oil spill, or the middle east peace talks.  She was keeping track.  So imagine my surprise when EVERYTHING was gone from her site.

She came back two days later, and said, “The reason I closed my site is because I was expecting Mosiach (Messiah) this year.  It was SUPPOSED to be this year – I was so sure… and I am so disappointed.  How could He not come?  This was it!  It had to be.  Maybe I need to just focus on praise and worship and stop watching.”

And of course my knee-jerk reaction is ALWAYS gonna be ‘You can’t stop watching, we’re COMMANDED to!’  But the truth is, the verses that *I* cite to prove that are NT… and Jews don’t believe in the New Testament.  So it doesn’t really apply to her, now does it?  Except that… it does!  I’m sure of it.  So sure, that I broke my lurker’s silence at her site and messaged her, telling her that I’m a watcher, too, and that we’re in ‘overtime’ and it’s not done until it’s done… and it’s not done.  Don’t lose faith – don’t stop watching!

But then I stopped short after hitting submit and closing her site.  Wait a second.  What I’m watching for – the appearance of Messiah in the Clouds to bodily remove His own before the destruction/wrath commences… and what SHE’S watching for – the FIRST coming of Mosiach… VERY, very different things!

Which floored me, literally.  Because if what we believe is so very different, and we’re coming at things from two very different perspectives… well, is it not astounding that we both came to the SAME conclusions – that THIS YEAR is it, that Messiah’s time to gather us up is now?  Isn’t that just incredible?!  I…  this really rocked my world.  That the year I believe to be ‘it’ is the year she believes to be ‘it’, too.

So how does she figure this is the year Moshiach will come?  Here’s an exerpt from something she’d written quite some time ago (and yes, it’s partly Hebrew-speak, which is another reason I haven’t shared it.  I’ll try to help with my usual comments in green and double parenthesis, but it’s difficult for people like me who aren’t used to the terminology):

According to Chazal, the world is six thousand years, and then one thousand years of Olam Haba ((I know ‘olam’ is ‘world’ and that the 1000-yr period is the Millineum, so…)). This compares to six days of the week, with the seventh day as Shabbos.Yemos Hamashiach ((Coming (?) of the Messiah)) would be the end of the “six days of the week”, or Friday afternoon, as we prepare for Shabbos. Yemos Hamashiach would be Olam Hazeh ((this world)), yet on a platform very close to Olam Haba ((world to come)). So too, Friday afternoon, it is still weekday, yet we are almost Shabbosdik.

If we were to figure out each year of “Elef HaShishi” ((the sixth millinium)), and where it corresponds to the hour of the day on “Friday”, divide 1000 ((years)) by 24 ((hours)), you get 41.66 This means that every 41.66 years corresponds to one hour on the Seven Day anology.

The sun begins to set one half hour after Chatzos ((mid-day)) (according to Halacha ((Jewish Law))). So Friday afternoon, one half hour after Chatzos, we are beginning the countdown to Shabbos. One half hour after Chatzos is 18.5 hours after the beginning of Friday (Shkiah Thursday night).

Follow me…….. As we said, every 41.66 years corresponds to one hour. 18.5 hours on Friday corresponds to 770 years in the Elef HaShishi. (18.5 x 41.66 = 770.83) Which means that 5,770  ((which is wrong – you have to round to 5771, because of the .83)) is when we begin “Friday afternoon one half hour after Chatzos”, or the countdown to Olam Haba, or Yemos Hamashiach.

Watch for fast moving events on the world stage in the coming months.

Now… thinking about how the person who wrote this doesn’t look at Revelation or *ANY* of the New Testament references to the end times – in fact, isn’t even looking for the same event, exactly – but comes to the same conclusions as we do by taking a TOTALLY different route.  I mean, *I* have never seen this before.  But I see what she’s done and how she did it, and this is KEWL!  Because not only are we there by MY calculations, but also by Jewish ones!

Of course, I don’t believe we’re here until 6000 by their calendar, for reasons already covered (and yeah, they’re numerous) on this site.  But still…!  VERY interesting.  She was watching… just like me.  And she came to the conclusion that THIS festal season is IT.

Just like me!

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