Knowing what Man Should not Know

Yesterday was REALLY rough for me.  In fact, I’m still having trouble, today.  Blame it on the full moon, the meteor shower, the close encounter with Comet Hartley, the death of that comet that’s been around since Messiah was on earth (it plunged into the sun yesterday), or the fact that I think it was the *actual* Day of the Dead (Hallow E’en).

It started out with TorahClass.  I have been actually setting an ALARM clock and getting up at 8am to read TorahClass EVERY DAY before getting the kids up at 8:30.  Jump back, for me that is SMOKIN’!!!  I’ve done it every day since we started school, and while I refuse to call it ‘quiet time’ (I don’t believe in that chrischun bullshit), I do need a set time that I can read without five children needing attention.  It’s not quiet, by ANY means, in my head!!  But yesterday, I couldn’t focus.  Seriously COULD NOT absorb a single word I was reading.  On my third pass of the same paragraph, I decided it was a wasted effort, and just called it a day. Obviously I wasn’t supposed to read TorahClass that morning.

So I got on-line to visit my daily reads, and George Ure posted something really odd that got my attention:

I have just purchased the new data report that Clif High had just published… I just thought that it was interesting to see Britain as a target of some kind of disaster. I don’t know if you are familiar with the illuminati card game of 1995? But it has predicted events that have happened in the previous years. 911 and the oil spill cards have already been fulfilled. In the illuminati card game there is a card that is labeled “Combined Disasters” with a picture of Big Ben falling. I know that the PTB are cocky and like to expose their plans with hints in movies and such. The hands on the clock are at 11 and 2… it will be interesting if this Britain event happens on Feb 11.

I’d never heard of such a thing, so I went on a hunt for this card game.  Apparently it was created in 1990, but because of a Secret Service raid on the company (that resulted in the confiscation of anything having to do with the game, and ended up in court, where the Secret Service lost the case), the card game wasn’t released until 1995.  Keep in mind that it was written in 1990 when I tell you there are cards depicting theTerrorist attack of 2001,  President Obama, and the Gulf Oil Spill.

These images were like a teaser to me – completely intriguing! – and I wanted to know more… because Obama wasn’t known in the 90s.  The oil spill, the twin towers… NONE of that was even a thought in our minds.  I wanted to know what other cards were there, and is there a pattern that I could pick out that would match scripture?  You know me.  And there are 100 cards in this deck, so the potential…!!  But the images on some of them (that I haven’t shared here)… they bothered me, for some reason.  Something felt wrong.  I blamed it on my funk, the full moon, the comets and the meteors… it being Flood Day (and it is, thru 1pm today).  Besides, I wanted to KNOW.

And I found a site with all the cards on it, actually.  Spent the ENTIRE day yesterday trying to download it… and it never fully opened.  I tried three times… and to no avail.  By the time bedtime rolled around, I admitted to Brian that I felt *heavy* and oppressed… and he (bluntly) told me that if I’m not supposed to be opening that site and messing with that stuff, I should stop trying to do what I’m not supposed to do.  He said the images disturbed him, too, and that there’s probably a good reason for that.

So if you want to do the research and find the site with the cards on it, more power to ya… but I was red lighting all over it, and I’m not going to share more than this.  I don’t think this game is something the Lord wants His people playing with.  Confirmation of that would be in that it’s really big with some internet dude who’s a ‘white witch’ and has all sorts of insight into it.  NOT good.

This morning I was reading TorahClass, and it made it’s FIRST reference to an extra Biblical teaching… and my jaw dropped.  It was ‘The Book of Apocalypse’, which apparently is in the Apocrypha.  I had never heard of THAT before, either, but the passage TC quoted was identical to one in Revelation.  And I swear, I heard Him tell me that if I wanted to know more, I should read what HE has given, not what came from other sources apart from what He wants.

And He’s right.  If I’m His, I will do His will, and see Him as He presents Himself.  And find out what He wants me to know thru the things He has given.  And y’know, that whole… realization (if you could call it that – it’s not like I didn’t KNOW that, it’s just something re-visited, so to speak, to set me back where I’m supposed to be)… this epiphany was like a cleansing breath that cleared out all the ‘heaviness’ that I was feeling.  It was almost like He looked down on me and said, “If you want something more, you only have to ask, I have it set aside for such a time as this, for you.”

And that would be why I couldn’t read TorahClass yesterday.

When I was messing around where I wasn’t supposed to be, I read about creatures that were called “Those who know what is not meant to be known”.  They’re in the game, actually.  And y’know what?  If you’re not meant to know it, it’s WRONG for you to know.  All things have been revealed in HIS time and in HIS way, and to deviate from that is to deviate from His will, and someone claiming to align themselves with Him would NEVER do that.

BIG lesson learned the past day or so.

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