It strikes me as odd that we call our letters ‘The Alpha-Bet’ when our two first letters are ‘Ay-Bee’, not ‘Alpha’ and ‘Bet’.  ((Which isn’t Latin, either, is it?  I thought the first two letters were ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ in Latin.))  Weirdness.

But in Hebrew, the letters are called the ‘Aleph-Bet’… and it fits just fine, because the first two letters ARE ‘Aleph’ and ‘Bet’.  ((Naturally.  What makes sense is what Hashem put into place to begin with, and our crap is all the hell screwed up.  I should not be surprised.))

I mentioned once how maybe we should learn Hebrew, because that’s what the Chosen people of God speak… and so it would make sense that we might speak this same language in Heaven.  My mom told me that his chosen people rejected her Savior and sucked, and that when we get to Heaven we’ll know what we need to know, and she wasn’t about to bother with learning Hebrew here on earth.  End of Story.

Except that it wasn’t.  The end of the story, I mean.  Because I left christianity for Messianic Judaism, and suddenly all of these words I don’t know (because they’re Hebrew) started cropping up here and there.  Shalom, for one.  Shabbat for another.  Shul, for a third.  Baruch, yet another.  And I was WAY out of my element.  I started picking up on it, much the same way I learned HTML… by reading it on-line with the English equivalent after it.  But there’s always more.

Then I started TorahClass, and come to find out, half the words that are given in the English version of scripture fall short of what they really mean.  For example, remember the ‘snake’ on the pole that the Jews had to look at to be saved from snakebites back in Moses’ day?  The word there isn’t snake… in Hebrew it’s seraph.  Which I hope to write a blog about very shortly, but basically a seraph is a special order of angels set apart/above other spirit beings in Heaven.  VERY different from the idea of a reptile.  I would’ve missed this, myself, because I don’t speak Hebrew, of course.  And this is one of literally dozens and dozens that I’ve come across, and I’m only in Numbers.

Then I started reading about The Chronicle Project on Ure’s site… and while I don’t know where I stand on the project (other than pretty ignorant on their research)… the gist is that a group of Hebrew Believers have found that the 22 letters the Bible was written in not only have a built-in error detection that keeps it from being misunderstood, but that they also spell out other things, as well.  Which does NOT surprise me – if it’s the language Hashem set for the people, it’s bound to be WORLDS better than the languages we come up with and/or promote.  Which just made me see the significance of learning Hebrew even MORE.

Then I started reading Jewish blogs (not Messianic – JEWISH), and come to find out, Hebrew letters also have numeric values, and that this plays into scripture in ways that English can’t cover, too.  Which… yeah.

Hebrew.  Apparently WELL worth learning.  But nobody ever TOLD me this… I just speak English cuz everyone else does, and use a Gregorian calendar cuz everyone else does and went to christian church cuz everyone else does.  Lucky for me, I’ve never been a ‘status quo’ kinda gal.

So we’ve decided to learn the Hebrew aleph-bet.  My friend Ali directed me to a video that helps to learn the letters… we have the ‘A-B-C’ song, and so it made since to learn Hebrew letters the same way:

The past two weeks we’ve worked on learning the letter names and order.  This week we start learning what they look like and how to write them.  I’m using this site, which has both flashcards and letter pages (with Hebrew words at the bottom!)  This page not only has handwriting practice sheets, but the days of the week, months of the year, seasons and more!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share – for the record – that I’m learning slowly the importance of knowing Hebrew here on earth.  And how it can bring WAY more fullness and richness to scripture than we see with our shoddy translation of things.  It’s amazing how He works… how much better His way is than ours!

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