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Part I of III – Heaven Rolling Back & Solar Winds

I haven’t posted in months – maybe even half a year – about the Six-Month Suggestion.  The reason for this is because it’s over.  The six-month suggestion ended July of 2010.  It was completely on target, and everything came true in its designated time.  I won’t go into detail here, but for those of you who are new, the Six-Month Suggestion was given to me in 2006, and it said that the Lord would bring about the Seal Judgments, one every six months from January 2007 thru 2010… which was the halfway point of the *alleged* 7-year Trib.  At that point, the covenant would dissolve, and anything goes.

And it was the ‘anything goes’ that put an end to my postings.  It was easy enough to watch when there were time increments to pay attention to and specific seals that would be opening.  But moving past that?  Not so easy.  And… y’know, maybe I ought to post the chart, at least, so it’s clear where I’m picking up from:

Jan – Jun 07  Trib Begins with ENPI (7-year covenant) by Solana
Jul – Dec 07  Seal 1:  White Horse – unseen event in Heaven
Jan – Jun 08  Seal 2:  Ezekiel’s war begins w/Russian reunification
Jul – Dec 08  Seal 3: Economic collapse begins on 10/8/08
Jan – Jun 09  Seal 4: Pandemic begins w/ Swine flu crossover to humans
Jul – Dec 09  Seal 5:  Martyr’s Plea – unseen event in Heaven
Jan – Jun 10  Seal 6:  Terra Event (earthquakes, earth shift, etc.)

Wow, come to think of it, I stopped posting about this stuff in the fall of 2009, because I got very confused as to Seal 5 and how we could possibly time it (or know if it was fulfilled).

So coming back to it, now, I wanted to plug in events that have been happening, and see what we can see.  And did we have a terra event in the January-to-June 2010 period that shifted the earth on its axis?  YES, we did – the 8.8 Chilean earthquake was 2/27/2010, and actually shifted the earth.  It also caused an eruption that threw smoke/ash into the air, making the sun appear black, and the moon appear red.  It was just on the tail end of the Haitian quake (1/12/2010), and all the world leaders were very much in upheaval, just as scripture said.

This quake put everything back on track AFTER Seal Five (which we couldn’t see, and I faltered during).  It finished off the Seal judgments in the exact timing that was suggested, and even more, at the end of the last 6-month period (July 2010), The EU announced that it’s 10-nation hub, the WEU was no longer viable and would be disbanding… meaning that the ENPI covenant’s foundation is gone, and that’s the end of the ENPI, baby.  Covenant broken, 3.5 years into it, just as Daniel prophesied.

Does this mean we’re in the last 3.5 years?  NO.  Because – again – there IS no seven year timespan, anymore.  Anything goes, after the covenant is broken.  It could be another 12 years, it could be another three.  We don’t know, at this point.  We only know that there was a covenant, a 3.5 year period of treaty, and then the dissolvment of the party involved, at the same time as the six seals of Revelation manifest, one per six month period.

But before we move beyond the seals, I want to talk about something else that happened during seal Six: the Bible says “the heaven departed as a scroll”.  And I have been looking at that… and in doing so I noticed something HUGE.  Bear with me, because in order to totally figure this out, I have to move forward a little, what happens AFTER the

Rev 7:1 – And after these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

First, I want to say that there’s a change of scene, here.  After seeing the six seals, John is seeing something different, NOT on the same time-line, NOT having to do with the seal judgments being opened in Heaven.  So likely this isn’t picking up where Seal Six leaves off.  In fact, I’d like to attest that it’s VERY possible we’re backing up to 2007 and looking at another chain of events going down at the same time as the seals.  Why?  Well, because of the winds.

Now, the church always tells people that this is ‘wind’ that John is talking about in Revelation… but what if it’s NOT wind as we think of it, but something bigger, different… that there was no word to describe, so John (and his translators) made due with ‘wind’ to try to convey?  Think about this: there have been a LOT of articles lately about the shifting of our earth’s polarity.  Polar North and South, as well as Polar East and West?  Magnetism is similar to wind – it’s unseen, it pulls/pushes, using forces of nature… and it’s something very difficult to describe.  What if these four angels in scripture were holding something OTHER than wind?

Bear with me, and take a look at this:

NASA’s five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth’s magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. Solar wind can flow in through the opening to “load up” the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms.
…The big discovery came on June 3, 2007, when the five probes serendipitously flew through the breach just as it was opening. Onboard sensors recorded a torrent of solar wind particles streaming into the magnetosphere, signaling an event of unexpected size and importance.
…”The opening was huge—four times wider than Earth itself,” says Wenhui Li, a space physicist at [UNH] who has been analyzing the data…  “We’re entering Solar Cycle 24. For reasons not fully understood, CMEs in even-numbered solar cycles (like 24) tend to hit Earth with a leading edge that is magnetized north. Such a CME should open a breach and load the magnetosphere with plasma just before the storm gets underway. It’s the perfect sequence for a really big event.”

Three things, here.  NASA says that it found a hole FOUR TIMES the size of our planet.  This hole allows solar wind to flow in – did you catch that word – WIND?  Is it so impossible to think this might be what John the Revelator was talking about?  And even MORE interesting, if my Revelation timeline began in 2007… look when this was discovered – whaddya know, 2007.  Ironic timing?  Hard to believe.

Now, here’s the interesting part:  we hadn’t experienced anything odd for the first 3.5 years, even though the Lord opened this up for us then.  Why?  Because of an anomaly in the sun cycle.  Do you remember?  If not, here’s an article to refresh you, from 2008:

So what’s up with our Sun? …It seems as if our closest star is experiencing a surprisingly uneventful couple of years. Solar minimum has supposedly passed and we should be seeing a lot more magnetic activity, and we certainly should be observing lots more sunspots. Space weather forecasts have been putting Solar Cycle 24 as a historically active cycle… but so far, nothing.

…In a conference last week at Montana State University, solar physicists discussed the possibility that the Sun could be facing a long period of calm, leading to the concern that there could be another Maunder Minimum. …However, solar physicists are not too worried about this possibility, after all, it’s only been two years since solar minimum. Source:

So if it’s true that the Lord opened up a hole in the magnetosphere, the winds the angels held back in Chapter 7 that would’ve wreaked havoc on us (and caused crazy weather/increased quakes) didn’t happen because He also miraculously extended the solar minimum… so that there was no activity where there should’ve been!  The order went out in 7:1, and it actually stilled the sun, with four angels manning our magnetic poles in regards to this hole!

Having said, let’s go back to seal Six (the ‘heaven departed as a scroll’ thing):

Rev 6:14  And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain was moved out of their places.

It looks as if seal six not only shifted the earth on its axis, but it also ‘kicked off’ the next solar activity period in the heaven.  Whatever the angels were holding up there at the ‘four winds’, they let go and it rolled up ‘like a scroll’… or in our-speak, like a window shade.  And the moment ‘the heaven’ was removed, things kicked off.  Take a look at the quakes and extreme weather:

Feb 27, 2010 – Chilean Quake
March 2010 to present – Massive sinkholes begin opening
Apr 14, 2010 – Eyjafjallajokull (Iceland) erupts; massive ash cloud
May – Aug 2010 – South American mega-drought
Sept-Dec 2010 – Australian flooding
Nov 30, 2010 – UK superstorms
Dec 26, 2010 – Extreme snowfall on NorthEast USA
Jan 27, 2011 – Massive US snowstorm
Dec – Feb 2011 – Animals dropping dead; magnetism?
Feb 3, 2011 – Cyclone Yasi (category 5)
Feb 26, 2011 – Christchurch quake
Mar 11, 2011 – Japanese Quake
Mar 20, 2011 – Australian flooding round 2

It has been RELENTLESS ever since the Chilean quake.  Whatever he had those angels doing in 7:1, it’s over, now.  So it seems very much to me like what John saw after the seals in 7:1 happened from 2007 thru 2010, just like (and at the same time as) the seal judgments.

And we’re at the end of that period, now.
Which takes us to the next verse.
… and we’ll talk about that in the next post.

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