Here for the Duration?

I want to state up front that I am NOT a post-Tribber.  Hell, it’s only been in the past five years that I’ve had to (struggling ALL the way) let go of the pre-Trib stance that I’d held all of my life.  So know this, going into my post:  I am NOT a post-Tribber… yet.

But I wanna talk about a few things, today.  We should back up, first, though.

Pre-Wrath.  I’ve written a TON of posts on the pre-Wrath stance… mostly because (at the time) I was having to consider something other than the pre-Trib stance.  For those who think I’m speaking Greek, it’s like this:  Christianity (for the MOST part) teaches that God is luvv and He would never make His people endure pain and suffering and death by abominable horror… so He will (of course) save them before anything bad happens and whisk them away to a beautiful place before anything goes down in the end times.

Because we ALL know the Holocaust (pain, suffering, and death by abominable horror) never happened, and Peter and the other disciples weren’t really tortured to death, and believers not willing to trade Messianic Judaism for Roman Christianity weren’t really dipped in wax and used to light the streets of Rome… or fed to lions, right?  God would NEVER allow that kind of thing to happen to His own – because He luvvvvvs us.  ((What. Ever.))

The problem came in with the ENPI… that 7-year covenant with Israel and the nations that kicked off what the church calls ‘The Trib’, but Messiah called the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’.  Up until then, I went along with the church view of things (except that my Trib isn’t 7 years… the treaty is broken halfway, remember?  So anything goes after that).  But then He had me compare the four accounts of the Olivet Discourse and I saw that it was a timeline of events, from the disciples time thru to the end of ‘The Trib’.  And I saw that there WAS NO RAPTURE before the Beginning of Sorrows/the Seal Judgments of Revelation Six.  In fact, both Messiah -AND- Revelation (7) put the rapture sometime AFTER the Seal Judgments/Beginning of Sorrows.  Not Pre-Trib.

And frankly, that jives with precedence, too.  Just as there are three sets of judgments in Revelation, there were three sets of judgments in Egypt when Moses was ready to deliver the people and end the slavery.  And if you read that account, Israel suffered thru the FIRST set of judgments, but weren’t effected by the second two sets of judgments.  So it makes sense that we wouldn’t be taken out BEFORE the Trib, but would endure the first set of judgments – the Seals/Beginning of Sorrows – just as the Jews had.

My friend V and I have been having some conversations the past few years.  Because there’s something that has… well, it’s been confounding to the both of us.  We were both prompted to begin prepping and learning self-sufficiency around 2006… along with a LOT of other people.  So we’ve built pens and barns, learned to raise and care for critters, how to breed and clean them, how to put in gardens and coax things to grow, how to make our own soaps and detergents and wash/cook the old ways.  But what vexes us is… WHY?  If we’re going to be taken out BEFORE the shit hits the fan, WHY would He prompt us to do all of this?  We thought it was to get us thru the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’/Seal Judgments.  But we’re through them, now.  So… WHY?

I was looking at Revelation 7 this past week, because of the ‘winds/four corners’ thing that was next on the timeline of stuff we’re gonna see come down the pipe.  And I was looking… and after the winds, two groups of people are identified in Revelation 7.  First come the 144,000 Jews, and next come the ‘Robed Redeemed’ in heaven – a multitude of every nation/tongue/people.

And I’ve been thinking about it… I was always so sure that they were TWO separate groups of people.  Because Jews are… well, JEWS, and the other group comes from everywhere.  BUT… think about it.  Jews come from everywhere nowadays.  They’re every nation/tongue/people.  They’re Dutch, Russian, American, etc.  And half the tribes can’t even be accounted for!  Personally I believe Indian Tribes of the United States are quite possibly a lost tribe.  I also am quite convinced that some of them were ‘absorbed’ by other nations/tongues/people… and are being called BACK to Judaism – and that’s what my deal has been.

Then again, that’d make them
part of the first group.
We’re still part of the second group.

The reason I consider this is… well, Israel went thru the first set of plagues but not the second.  BUT…!  They were still there for the rest of them, although they weren’t effected by the judgments.  Noah… he was ‘sealed’ safely in the ark away from what went down the last seven days of the pre-flood world.  BUT…!  He was still on dry ground for them – here on the earth.  So given that precedence, is it possible that the reason we’ve been ‘trained’ to survive and homestead and prep is because we’re still gonna be here?  Just somehow kept apart from the wrath that’s gonna go down?  Like Goshen was ‘kept apart’ from Egypt, and in the ark Noah was ‘kept apart’ from the carnal?  But what does that mean?

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