Apostolic Omer Counting?

(also, What Harold Camping Got Right)

I inadvertently said something last night that I hadn’t even thought of.  It just kind of… came out of my mouth.  I was upset because I’d seen so many people razzing the Harold Camping crowd – particularly chrischuns – and I didn’t like what I was seeing.  In fact, I got into it pretty bad with Make-A-Note over it.  Anyhow, here’s what I posted on my FB account:

I’ve just read WAY too many snide ‘false prophet’ comments today, that’s all. Camping was wrong before, and he’s wrong now, and yes, we all knew it all along. But for pity’s sake, don’t use it to show scathing derision, y’know? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, isn’t that how it goes? Frankly, Camping got ONE big thing right – he’s watching, seeking, and desiring the Lord’s coming. That’s a hell of a lot more than the MAJORITY of the people mocking him right now do, and not only that, but IT’S COMMANDED that we do it. So… yeah. You know me… this really grates.

And the whole quoting verses out of context thing REALLY pisses me off. You know how furious I get when 1 Thess 5:2 is thrown out there (and I immediately throw verses 3 and 4 back at them to show them how WRONG they are).

The thing is, Mark 13 was written quoting what Yeshua said while He was HERE. That no man knoweth the day or the hour, not even the Son of God. ((<< which was actually a HUGE veiled hint to them, as Rosh Ha’Shana is the ‘Feast of the Day that No Man Knows’ and is celebrated over two days because of it)).

But the crux of the matter is, that Revelation 1:1 says that AFTER Yeshua died, resurrected, and ascended to the Father, He was given all knowledge (Revelation is called such because it’s a REVEALING)… and then He turns around and 50 years later (Omer reference, anyone?!) gives that revealed information to the apostle John.

So does ‘no man know the day or the hour, not even the Son of God’ anymore? The answer to that is NO… it’s no longer relevant to us. The Bible isn’t static, it takes place over time, and as time passes, things change. Christians never seem to grasp that, though. It’s a MAJOR bone of contention, and causes so many to fall into error, and THAT’s what pisses me off.

And then I thought, “Whoa!  Wait a minute.  The OT fulfillment of the Omer was the period from their deliverance thru to the time they were able to receive Torah.  And the Messianic fulfillment of the Omer was the period of time from the Crucifixion thru to the time when we were able to receive the Spirit.  So… what if this *IS* another one of those ‘Omer Counts’… from the time John received the Spirit until the Revelation of the Future was given?

So the obvious question is, “When was Revelation written?”  There is apparently an argument about when it was written.  The original folk from long ago and far away say it was written while John was exiled on the Isle of Patmos by Domitian.  The more modern people (who don’t believe it’s about the future, they believe that all prophecy was fulfilled by AD70 when Jerusalem fell to the Romans) believe that John wrote it in AD69 about what he saw coming the following year.  Personally?  I’d go with the Patmos story, myself.  There are extra-biblical accounts by Iraneus and others that affirm it.   But their guess is for the end of the Domitian reign – in AD96- and I don’t know why.  Although how weird is that… one group says it was written in 69 and the other 96.  Freaky.

So my question is… could it be that this is another fulfillment?  That John made that long  journey from the Messiah’s “nest” to being able to accept the revelation from heaven?  How kewl would THAT be!?  So…

If Messiah was 30 at the time that His ministry began (which I believe, because a Jew couldn’t become a priest/prophet until the age of 30)… and his ministry was about three and a half years… and John was younger than him.  Then what if – and yes, this is a HUGE “what if” – John was 27 when he met Messiah.  And when he received the Spirit he would’ve been 30.5.. the age he could become a priest/prophet.  And we count off fifty days (in this case, years) to the Omer, in his growth and spiritual journey… it’d put him at 81 years of age when given Revelation.

What year was Domitian’s reign?  AD81 to AD96.  It *does* work!  I mean, just, but it does work.  And it’d be almost as if it were PLANNED that way, considering the ages and timing and everything.  That would be SO KEWL if it were true, wouldn’t it?  I don’t think we can ever know… but wOw.  Fascinating stuff!!!

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