SMS and a New Timeline

(or, the Ressurances of Yehovah)

It is now the first week of July.  How about that.  I haven’t blogged in quite sometime… well, not officially.  I’ve buried a few things, and linked to them, but most likely nobody has noticed.  That’s kind of the point, so I’m pleased about it.

But I felt led to write something about the SMS, again.  It being the first of July, it makes sense.  But it goes far deeper than just a feeling.  He *LED* me to write this, and so I *NEED* to write it.

About two weeks ago, I was driving in the country and looked at a field and thought, “I haven’t looked at crop circles this year’. Then this week I was driving along and looked at another field and thought, “I need to look at crop circles’. And then I thought, “WHY on EARTH do I have to look at crop circles? They’re weird. I don’t get them. They make me feel stupid.”

Then – the morning of June 30th, the last day of my SMS period – Ure posted the link to the crop circle site. Okay, Lord, that’s THREE promptings in a row. I’ll go look at the damn crop circles.  ((Me.  Fiesty.  You know.))  And to my surprise, there are TWO snake ones. Never seen THAT before!! What’s up wif dat? And why on EARTH can’t there be spider or kitty or bunny crop circles? Why does it ALWAYS have to be snakes with me?!?!  But I digress.

I knew that there was something there I was supposed to see, but Daniel-the-Prophet I am not, and translating writing on the wall and the dreams of Babylonian rulers would be as far beyond me as figuring out crops circles is.  All I could do was go and look and see if anything struck me, y’know?  And trust that the Lord would provide the answer for me.

The only one that piqued any interest in me is this one:


And I looked at it, and thought, “We’re looking at months (new moon to new moon – Hebraic calendar, not Gregorian). The formation was made at the end of May, so the first circle on the left is Earth in June – the tiny circles above and below it are solar eclipses – the first seen only from the north pole, the other seen only from the south pole. The ‘orbiting’ shape is the moon – which had a total eclipse right in the center of the earth directly between the two solar eclipses.”

If the first circle is Earth in June, then the rest of the circles moving right are Earth in the coming months.  The next three ‘earths’ are unadorned – July/August/Sept – and having nothing of import happening in them.  And (being me) I had to check that, and it was true, no feasts, no eclipses, nothing of import in the next three months.

Then at the end of September there’s something funky gonna happen. Then there’s a ‘shift’, everything moving a step up (or down), depending on which way you look at this.  I have chosen the left-to-right version of the picture, because I read left-to-right and it’s easier for me to think in terms of that… but there is the possibility that I’m looking at it upside down.  Hebrew is read right-to-left, you know.  But either way, look at the shapes between the ‘September’ circle and the ‘October’ circle.  What are those?  They look like pyramids or maybe arrows.  I don’t know.

But I do know that the fall feasts start at the end of September this year.  Rosh Ha’Shana is September 27/28 and that puts Yom Kippur ON October 1/2.  I find that very interesting… as I also find it interesting that the three eclipses of June (June 1, 15, and July 1) were also on new/full moons over a 30-day period… which is HIGHLY unusual.

Whatever happens on the crop circle timeline between September and October, it causes a ‘shift’ on Earth, and everything moves to a different level… and from there, everything starts to diminish in size.  Do you see that?  I mean, everything is getting smaller and smaller all along, but it gets REALLY small really fast after that.

And of course the next eclipse is in November.  But oddly, there’s nothing denoting the December eclipse on this timeline.  Makes me wonder (the seal judgments being past) if something happens so that there *isn’t* an eclipse like we’re expecting there will be.

Regardless, I firmly believe He showed me this at exactly this time for a reason.  It’s a reassurance of things… which He knew I would need, because whatever happened with the Six-Month Suggestion the first half of 2011?  I didn’t see.  That’s not to say it didn’t happen, I just didn’t witness it.  And then again, when Goshen was set apart from Egypt (and were ‘sealed’ from the plagues), did they *see* anything?  Not to our knowledge.  So… maybe it’s another one of those that have no evidence, but happened, nonetheless.  I can’t rule that out.

But He knew that I would have trouble come June 30/July 1st.  That I would be floundering and crying out to Him, and this time, He beat me to the punch and provided what I need BEFORE I even asked anything of Him.  And I’m pretty excited about that!

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