SMS: A Jewish Timeline

I read something the other day on Shirat Devorah’s site that was most interesting:

What are the odds that a comet discovered in 2010 by Leonid Elenin, and subsequently named Comet Elenin  [or Planet X, Nibiru], is a name which can signify Nine Eleven simply by moving the letters around, and which can also stand for ELE – Extinction Level Event – and which will come closest to the Sun on 11/9/11 and, as it is departing [having come closest to the Earth on October 16,17]  on 11/11/11 will be exactly in line with the Earth, Mercury and Venus, “which is the most powerful configuration required to have a major effect on human consciousness on earth”.  [I don’t know whether that last statement is true or not, that’s a quote from Richard  Hoagland in the first video below – but it does fit in nicely with Moshiach and a change in consciousness]

Now I have heard a lot about the coming near-pass by Elenin, and a lot of people think it’s going to be an alien invasion or whatever.  I have no idea, personally, and while I believe it’s possible that the ‘nephilim’ have left and will return in the end, I was told the ‘most powerful’ configuration was that Grand Cross last summer, and nothing came of THAT, either.  So I remain watchfully skeptical.

HOWEVER, notice the timing of it’s closest proximity to Earth – October 16/17.  If Rosh Ha’Shana is September 27/28 this year, then Sept 30/Oct 1 is Yom Kippur and ten days later on October 9/10 is Sukkot… an seven day feast with a special sabbath on the eighth day.  That means on the evening before this special eighth-day feast, Elenin is going to be closest to earth.  The timing is MORE than ironic.

A week or so ago, I posted a crop circle picture that really astounded me:


I said that each circle was a month, starting with June 2011 (which has two tiny north/south pole solar eclipses and a larger orbiting lunar eclipse), then July, August, and September, with something weird happening between September and October, resulting in a ‘shift’ in things.  Then we see November with a weird circle around it… which I thought was the November eclipse… but there’s no December eclipse on the crop circle graph.  I thought it meant something happens and maybe there won’t be the December eclipse we’re expecting, but… could it be I was wrong, and that ‘orbit’ around November is Elenin?Possibly related but I’m still trying to figure it… is something that Yeranen Yaakov posted this week on his weblog:

The rule is that whenever Pinehas falls out before Shiv’a Asar BeTamuz, it gets its own Haftara. Otherwise, we read the Haftara of Parshat Matot as it is then the first of the “Telat dePuranuta” – 3 Haftarot of Punishment. When Pinehas is read after Shiv’a Asar BeTamuz, Matot and Mas’ei are read together.Pinehas having its own Haftara and Matot and Mas’ei being read separately is actually very rare. I noticed this rarity 6 years ago, the first time this happened in 21 years, and in 3 years, it won’t happen for another 21 years after that. See the chart below:

Jewish Year Secular Year Matot/Mas’ei Read Separately/Together
5744 1984 S
5745 1985 T
5746 1986 T
5747 1987 T
5748 1988 T
5749 1989 T
5750 1990 T
5751 1991 T
5752 1992 T
5753 1993 T
5754 1994 T
5755 1995 T
5756 1996 T
5757 1997 T
5758 1998 T
5759 1999 T
5760 2000 T
5761 2001 T
5762 2002 T
5763 2003 T
5764 2004 T
5765 2005 S
5766 2006 T
5767 2007 T
5768 2008 S
5769 2009 T
5770 2010 T
5771 2011 S
5772 2012 T
5773 2013 T
5774 2014 S
5775 2015 T
5776 2016 T
5777 2017 T
5778 2018 T
5779 2019 T
5780 2020 T
5781 2021 T
5782 2022 T
5783 2023 T
5784 2024 T
5785 2025 T
5786 2026 T
5787 2027 T
5788 2028 T
5789 2029 T
5790 2030 T
5791 2031 T
5792 2032 T
5793 2033 T
5794 2034 T
5795 2035 S

We see how rare it is that the Haftara of Pinehas is read.

So every 21 years, except for this period we’re in.  And there’s one this year, and one more after it.  Is that somehow connected?  I don’t know.  I’m really still a novice in Jewish tradition and ritual.  But it seems interesting, and my little internal light started flashing at it.  So I felt like somehow, it is connected.  That there’s something to it.

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