The Last Week

I was reading something today about Sir Isaac Newton’s prediction of when Messiah will return (as in, THE END of the Trib) and how he placed it at 2016.  It was very interesting, actually.  I understand that Newton wrote more about scripture than he did science and math, and that he was one of the greatest Biblical thinkers of all christendom … that last word evoking a rather unlady-like snort from me until I found out that he was fluent in Hebrew and had done some intensive research, and preferred the Old Testament sources to the New.

Anyhow, Sir Isaac preferred Daniel over any other book, because of the numbers found within it, and he did a lot of calculations based on them, according to what I’ve read.  Very interesting stuff, I might add.  Daniel says that there are 70 ‘weeks’ until the return of the ruling King Messiah… and I already know (from my own study of Daniel) that 69 of those weeks led us up to Messiah’s FIRST return, and that there’s one week left that will be picked up at the end times.

Ah, but then I remembered… I don’t believe in a 7-year Trib anymore.  And yet here it was, this last ‘week’ (7-year period) to the end, prophesied by Daniel and forgotten by me for a good year (I haven’t visited Daniel lately).

Then I remembered… my personal conviction is that – like the 10 days of Awe between Rosh Ha’Shana and Yom Kippur – there will be 10 years(‘days’) of Trib.  The first three and a half of which were the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’, or ‘Seal Judgments’.  The seven years come after that, and are ‘cut short’, according to Messiah in Matthew 24, in order to spare mankind.

So I took Sir Isaac’s number – 2016.  ((He came to that, because he felt that seven ‘sevens’ is 49 years, and that we should add that number to whatever year Jerusalem is recovered by Israel.  That happened during 1967 (although Israel the nation was given back in 1948…?).  Anyhow, 1967 plus 49 is 2016.  I can go along with that.  I mean, I understand the thinking, anyhow.  I personally don’t know for sure, but it sounds about right to me.

So if we subtract that last ‘week’ from 2016/17 (because the Jewish year ends differently than ours) by seven years, it puts us at 2009/2010… which, btw, is my mid-Trib, based on Solana’s ENPI and the SMS.  In other words… Sir Isaac Newton’s calculations fit with mine.  Woot that!

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