The Josef Code I

This morning I got a notification on Facebook that the crop circle season is officially over, as of August 28th.  Interesting timing… first day of Elul.  Ironic?  I don’t tend to believe so.  But at any rate, I hadn’t looked at any crop circles, lately, and so I be-bopped over to take a look.  I’m not a die-hard, adamantly hard-core crop circle person.  Most of them I don’t get… some of them I don’t believe at all.  But some of them… yeah.

Anyhow, I was looking at three in particular:

cropper2There are weird, lengthy ‘eye of Horus’ and other mumbo-jumbo explanations and guesses for this, but I see the left circle as being this world.  There are only three churches still in existence (of the churches in Revelation 1-3)… Thyatira, Philedelphia, and Laodicea… and only one will be raptured out… note that only one ‘path’ or ‘line of vision’ will extend beyond this world.

It was obvious to me, but then, I’m a little one-tracked, these days.  Let’s see… that crop circle?  Rapture.  That one?  Rapture.  This one?  Rapture…  ((blush!))cropper4

Let’s see… the old earth on one side, the new earth on the other, and the bru-ha-ha in the middle?  Or would that be a stop at paradise in between?  I don’t know.  We rapture-obsessed people don’t really care about minor details.

cropper1And then there was this.  Looks like the timeline one that I was watching from May… but look at the big circle.  It’s got the same half-circle that the first one does, but the double lines remind me of the second one.  It’s two worlds, maybe?  Y’know, I think we’re looking at it upside-down.  I think (like the May timeline) the circles get smaller as they go. And we’re seeing a moving from one world to the next… or one plane to another… a transition.  This is fascinating.

But not nearly as fascinating as the next one.  Which I admittedly TOTALLY did not understand.  Take a look at this:

cropper3This one is crazy in-depth, so I went to the commentary site, where it’s a turban (Arabic meaning), the cube of Mary (Roman Catholic meaning), the orbit of Venus, the signature of the king of aliens (and no I’m not kidding… and then I saw this thing called The Josef Code… which… here it is:
Can this be a reference map, scaled for ten Sephirot, usually drawn as circle within a circle? The higher the sphere the more circles it surrounds. For instance, first sphere “Keter” (crown) is the outermost circle, containing all 9 spheres inside. Or, the fifth sphere “Gevura” (courage) surrounds sixth Tiferet, seventh Netzach, eighth Hod, ninth Yesod and tenth Malchut. But the same fifth sephira is surrounded by 4 previous sephirot. Whatever it means, Number 7 is emphasized here. The seventh sephia is NETZACH… [how shall we reach mankind]

I read the side signature as the name of Josef (who lived in Egypt, from the age of 17 and died there 110 y old) but, if you recall his dreams, you should also recall this: And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying: ‘God will surely remember you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence.’  Perhaps metaphorically, Josef bones are [to be] lifted again… at least I see the letters of his name… J …O…F (ninth sephira=Yesod)

Nature writes in English rather than Hebrew, lately…that’s for sure…This signature combines Hebrew with English, since the missing letter S from Josef is actually there, in Hebrew it looks like o (samech).  Josef represents the ninth sephira called Yesod.

Now I’m sure that was CLEAR as mud, so let me help with it a little:  Imagine this round crop circle represents the world and all the spiritual layers within it.  The ‘squiggle’ outside of it is those not of the world.  If Egypt is symbolic of the world, then Joseph is symbolic of the dead in Yehovah whose ‘bones shall be carried up hence’.  In other words, Yehovah’s holy plan to raise the dead at the rapture is being illustrated, here, too.

uPDaTe:  More, I found out something else this morning:

Early morning risers will be rewarded with a glimpse of the waning crescent moon, the Gemini twin stars and the planet Mars. Castor and Pollux, the brightest stars in the constellation Gemini, pretty much point to the red planet Mars. At our mid-northern latitudes, the lineup slants steeply downwards, with Castor at top, Mars at bottom and Pollux in between. At middle latitudes in the southern hemisphere, the twin stars and Mars are found in the northeast sky, and the lineup runs horizontally, with Castor to the left, Mars to the right and Pollux in between.

Israel is in middle latitudes.  Gemini (Castor/Pollux) are the two sons of Joseph.  They’re coming out of the northEAST with Mars (Michael the archangel).  Crazy how these articles kind of echo what I find…!

And am geeked by it.  If he’s right, it just confirms even more.

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