SMS: Releasing Winds

I, darlings?  Am an idiot.  A human idiot.  One that He gets great pleasure from watching do stupid things.  Like jumping to every conclusion possible whenever the opportunity arises.  Isn’t that fun?  I’m like Jonah.  I figure how it should be, and cross my arms stubbornly and then, when the straw is drawn and He raises His eyebrow and shakes His head, and then chuckles because I’m so amusing.  He loves me because I cling during my stubborn times, after my stubborn times, and even as I devise yet another silly conclusion to be stubborn about!

January 1- June 30, 2007

The Six Month Suggestion (SMS) was the theory that – after the trigger of the 7-year ‘covenant-with-many’, each seal would open every six months.  It began in 2007 with the signing of Javier Solana’s covenant, known as the ‘European Neighborhood Policy Initiative’ (ENPI), which grew out of the Olso Accord.  The ENPI was a covenant between the Revived Roman Empire (EU) and the Middle Eastern nations, since they wanted to be a part of the gang, but weren’t “European”, per se.  Israel was the first to sign on, incidentally (or prophetically, if you prefer).  That kicked off the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’, or Seal Judgments, depending on what book of the Bible you’re looking at.

July 1- December 31, 2007

The next six month period, according to the Seal Judgments was the ‘white horse’ rider.  Churches have supposed that this is Messiah or the Antichrist (talk about opposing sides of a spectrum!).  The other seal riders aren’t people, though, so I couldn’t go with that.  For a while I wondered if this wasn’t the Alliance of Civilizations, which organized during this time period, but they seemed so… ineffectual, y’know?  I read articles about Tony Blair being the white horse rider, but let’s be serious.  I ended up apologizing for all my speculating, too… (LINK), because it turns out this is an unseen fulfillment.  It’s not in the Olivet timeline, and wasn’t something we were made privy to.  Of course, I didn’t know this until fall of 2010… nearly three years AFTER the fact.  Oi, vey.

January 1- June 30, 2008

Next up was the ‘red horse’ rider, the war-bringer.  And whaddya know, during this period, Russia ‘reconstituted’ its military endeavors.  I wrote about it here and here, and since that time, things have gone from Russia being pretty much a split up and much more sedate nation to a revived arms dealer, taking an active role as King of the North in coming down as an ally to Iran and seeking to destroy Israel.  Selling weaponry to all of Israel’s enemies, those who want to annihilate the Jews.  We’ve gone from little influence in armament back to the point where today the Strait of Hormuz is loaded with battleships, there are more off the coast of Syria and Turkey, more by Egypt… Israel is surrounded on all sides, just as Scripture says.

July 1- December 31, 2008

After that came the ‘black horse’ rider, which the church says is famine, but scales never EVER mean famine – they mean either justice or possibly economic/financial things.  And on October 8, 2008 – smack in the middle of this period, we had our first big bubble burst, with the bear hedges failing, the housing collapse, the economic downturn… and it’s just snowballed from there, to today – when the WORLD banks are all on the brink of bankruptcy and there are riots, dire warnings, and talk of total financial collapse.

January 1- June 30, 2009

Spring of 2009 saw our first global pandemic scare – which is what everyone agrees the ‘pale horse’ rider symbolizes.  Do you remember the bottles of hand sanitizer on all the counters at the stores?  Yeah, me too.  It was the H1N1 ‘bird flu’ that morphed from bird-to-bird into a bird-to-human form, and then a human-to-human form that spanned the globe.  Lucky for us, the H1N1 virus only had an overall mortality rate of 0.71%.  But it has had a good couple of years, now, to morph into something uglier.  And this week, H5N1 (which has quietly killed bird-to-bird and a little less quietly killed bird-to-human) has finally morphed to possibly be human-to-human.  The first man in China NOT to be in contact with poultry (an inner-city bus driver) has just died of H5N1. (LINK)  The scary part?  The mortality rate for H5N1 is something closer to 60%.   Just so’s ya know.  And flu season doesn’t really kick in until after February.

July 1- December 31, 2009

Seal Five is Martyrs under the altar that are already dead.  So unfortunately, we had no way to see this one.  There is nothing I can mark it with, except for the very obvious lack of any event during this period of time.  But it was a great time of reflection, seeing that five out of five of the SMS events came true, just not on the scale the church was expecting.  They’re the BEGINNING of Sorrows, the ‘kick-off’ of things that would snowball into really bad things, later.

January 1- June 30, 2010

I can’t even begin to give links to all of the crazy things that started to happen terra-event wise in 2010.  That’s what the sidebar is for – but we started with an increase in size and frequency of quakes, and today we’re having them fast and hard, just about everywhere from Virginia to Wales, and no, I’m not making it up.  Chile shifted us on our axis in 2010.  Indonesia did it again a little later, and Honshu Japan shifted us more even later.  The shift is causing the polar ice masses to melt.  This is causing quakes that are bigger and bigger, and as they do this, there have been an increase in storm systems that are freaky and huge, there are increases in the awakening of volcanoes and actual eruptions… it’s crazy out there, right now.  Our gov’t moved a good portion of their branches to the mountains in Denver, ‘just in case’… for fear of what might happen.

July 1- December 31, 2010

Next up was the angels holding the winds back.  I had no idea what this meant.  It’s been windy here, off and on, like always.  It wasn’t until I started following SpaceWeather that I learned about solar winds, and how in 2007 it was discovered that there was a giant hole in the earth’s magnetosphere/ionosphere.  But the thing is, it wasn’t a problem, because the solar maximum delayed for THREE and a HALF YEARS, and so there wasn’t anything to worry about.  Until seal six, when the Lord said He would ‘roll back heaven like a scroll’, there wasn’t a problem.  But with the shifting of earth off it’s previous axis, things changed.  However, we haven’t really experienced anything ‘off’, because the angels were holding stuff back until the twelve tribes of Israel were sealed.

January 1- June 30, 2011

So the next thing up was the sealing of the Jews, according to Revelation 7.  In February of 2011, the rabbis and most revered holy men of Israel – who, btw, don’t read Revelation… they’re still waiting for their FIRST Messiah – they announced publicly that the Holy Spirit was receding from the world.  They said that it was through 70 windows out of Y’Israel that the Spirit flowed out unto the Goyim (Gentiles) and the time was come that those windows would close… effectively sealing the Spirit’s influence from those who are not of the 12 Tribes.  Interestingly, only two of the tribes are even known (three, if you count the special DNA testing done on the Kohen).  But I believe He knows those of us who are out there, unaccounted for.

Anyhow, up until this time, I was still functioning under the assumption that the SMS applied to Rev 7, as well.  Not just the seals.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, frankly.  So far, it seemed that it applies…

July 1- December 31, 2010

Until THIS period.  The next event (to my mind) was the rapture of the saints.  I couldn’t see it any other way.  The Jewish blogs all state clearly that Messiah would return in 5772… that’s 10/2011 to 10/2012.  The SMS lined up for that same time period.  And I was certain that it was time.  ((As I have been, before… hehehe.))  I waited, all the way until the very last moment… and on December 31st, this is what happened:

On Dec. 31st, a wave of ionization swept through the high atmosphere over Europe when sunspot AR1389 unleashed another M2-class solar flare. “There was a very clear sudden ionospheric disturbance on my VLF radio instruments,” reports Rob Stammes, who sends these data from the Polar Light Center in Lofoten, Norway. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more M-flares during the next 24 hours. There is also a 5% chance of X-flares.

He waited to the last minute, all right, but it wasn’t to rapture the believers.  It was to release the winds.  Apparently?  He took 12 months to seal the 12 tribes.  A tribe a month?  I don’t know, but it looks that way, to me!  What does that mean?  Well…

a)  It means that I’m an idiot and didn’t include the releasing of the winds because it wasn’t specified.
b)  I jumped to conclusions (and the next biggie event) in my own desperation.  Don’t let it reflect on Him, I’m the crazy lady who wants to fly away so badly that it’s not funny.
c)  It means that things are going to get REALLY ugly here on the earth.  That we’ll be here to experience some of it, too.  Not the wrath, but nastier stuff that I’d hoped to see.  Might be the reason for the prep promptings, I might add.

AND… it means that the jury’s still out on the SMS.  How so?  Well, if the sealing of the 12 was done over 12 months, that’s no longer within a six-month period, is it?  So that would be a sign that there *IS* no more SMS in effect.  HOWEVER, if the sealing of the twelve was done in the six-month period from Jan-June of 2011, and the fulfillment for the second half of 2011 was the letting go of the winds that occurred on December 31 (aka yesterday), then it’s very possible that the SMS is still in effect.  And actually, it would still work – with a Pesach or Shavuot rapture.  Remember, the Jews are calling for an appearance of Mosiach in 5772… that’s anytime between now and October, and it would still fit the SMS.

So… yeah.  That’s where I am.

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