Intro to Messy Judaism 102

NoTe:  This is a four-part series I wrote for a lady I met at a garage sale, who wanted to know more about why I left Christianity and became a Messianic Jew.  I tried to keep it easy to understand, but there’s quite a bit to it… hence four parts.  Some friends asked me to share it here, so here it is.

Hello again!

Didn’t mean to cut out on you, but it got late and I had to put the hubbie to bed.  Shall we get back to it?

In my last letter, we asked the question, “Is the sacrificial blood Yehovah required in Torah to cover sin still required?”  And if you ask any pastor or devout christian, they will tell you, ‘No, Jesus put an end to that.’  The problem with that answer is that it a) puts Yeshua in the place where He’s ended the Law and He Himself said that He didn’t do that [Matt 5:17].  It also b) makes Yehovah a liar, because He says over and over in the Old Testament that His laws and statutes are a lasting ordinance unto ALL generations.

I found out that Messiah didn’t end the sacrificial system; He completed it by becoming our once-for-all payment.  The key is that it’s still relevant – what He did on Calvary.  Why?  Because we’re still sinning and Yehovah still requires atonement via blood.  The difference is that we don’t have to cover it – Messiah did/does that for us.

That’s how Paul can say we are no longer ‘under’ the Law. (Galatians 3:25)  Yeshua freed us from that sacrificial obligation.  Paul goes on to add, “Do we then void out the Law thru faith in Yeshua?  God forbid!  Instead we establish the Law!”  (Romans 3:31)  And of course the Hebrew word for ‘The Law’ is… Torah!!

Here’s something else utterly untrue from the church:  you know that song, “What can wash away my sin?  Nothing but the blood of Jee-zus?”  COMPLETELY against scripture.  Blood is not the only thing He shed for us!  When the Roman soldier pierced Messiah’s side, blood AND water flowed out. (John 19:34)  This is HUGE, because if the Law is valid until Heaven and Earth pass away, then what Messiah did was cover our sacrificial need with His blood, and our purification needs with His water!  No church ever taught me this, and it’s… enormous!  They sing, ‘Nothing but the blood’ and that’s a lie!  It’s only half of the story… they leave out HALF of the salvation!

So if they lied and told me Messiah made the Law irrelevant anymore, and they lied and said ‘nothing but the blood’… what else had they been feeding me for thirty years that was wrong?!

Actually, it’d be the very next rebuttal: “The Old Testament laws are for the Jews, not us – we’re christians.”  Which goes against what I just quoted in Romans 3:31 about how we establish the Law!  It goes against Messiah Yeshua when He said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  (John 14:15)  And more?  Check out Romans 2:29.  Paul says believers are Jews!  Those who align themselves under Yehovah Adonai are Jews.  Always have been – even in Torah (first five books of the Bible).  Whenever someone not Jewish (the world for them is ‘goyim’) follow Yehovah and pledge to love/obey Him, they are under God’s mandate to keep to the Law.  And this is the thing:

Jews keep Torah (Obey/works),
but reject Messiah (Trust/faith).

Christians threw off Torah (Obey/works),
but have Yeshua as Messiah (Trust/faith).

BOTH are wrong!  Jews cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without a saving faith in Messiah.  Christians cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they do not keep His commandments – because Trust in Messiah without Obedience to Torah, is dead.  (James 2:17)  Paul says, “God forbid we don’t keep Torah and end up sinning because of a false belief that grace is all we need!” (Romans 7:6-12).  We must have both faith AND works.

We sing ‘Trust and Obey’ from a pew, and don’t live it.  Christians frown at Jews for their rejection of Messiah, while Jews frown at Christians for rejecting Torah.  Meanwhile, all of the New Testament says you need to trust AND obey, faith AND works – for faith without works is as dead as works without Messiah.

That’s where Messianic Judaism comes in.  Just as the disciples were moved by the Holy Spirit to leave Orthodox Judaism to be Messianic Jews, there is now a renewed call to Messianic Judaism: this time, to leave Christianity – the other side of the spectrum – to find Truth.  Have you ever seen the Messianic Seal?  It was found on things in Israel shortly after the time of Christ.  I’ll post it on the side, here, for you.  It’s the Menorah – symbol of Judaism, and the Fish – symbol of Messiah Yeshua.  Their middle makes the Star of David:  True Israel.  Isn’t that awesome?  Faith and works.  Messiah and Torah.

Christianity says these things are too complicated to teach from a pulpit, but when I was in church, all I ever heard was people wistful for more meat, for deeper Truth.  The problem is that this scares pastors.  It asks for more from people, and they’re afraid people will walk if they’re given things to be held accountable for.  But this is exactly what they SHOULD be telling people.  There are whole congregations that believe in Messiah who think they’re going to Heaven without Torah observance – people who don’t even know call Messiah by His own name.  Something is HUGELY wrong, here!

Another church lie is Sabbath vs. Sunday.  If not one jot or tittle departs from God’s Law until the end, why do churches not keep the Sabbath?  Yeshua said He was the ‘Lord of the Sabbath’ (Mark 2:28), not that He moved it!  The church says that Sunday is ‘The Lord’s Day’ – Messiah says He’s the Lord of the Sabbath, NOT Sunday.  The church says it’s because the followers of Messiah met on Sunday.  They did!  Do you know why?  Because they kept the Sabbath and went to Synagogue on Saturday.  But they got together the next day (Sunday) to discuss what they heard in the Torah readings, and how Messiah fit it!  For the other Jews, Torah is like watching a 3-D movie with no 3-D glasses.  When Yeshua covered the disciples’ sins, they got Torah in 3-D and met to talk about what they were seeing in scripture that didn’t have definition before!  The church is wrong, again!

More tomorrow…!

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