The Anna Clause

About a week ago, a reader/friend here made a comment that really struck me.  She said that sometimes she’d read one thing here on my sidebar, and then later read another, and they seemed to contradict each other.  She’s totally right.  And I thought I had better clarify this for people.

I have been writing here – nearly every day! – for twelve fourteen seventeen years, now.  When I started, it was the year 2000.  I was young, newly married, just starting out in life, and green as grass.  I’d been raised a christian, I was a christian, I staunchly upheld christianity, and I wrote christian posts.  And some of them are really good.  They’re on my sidebar, too.  But I was writing from a VASTLY different [oblivious, naive] perspective than I have, now.

Over the years, I began to understand more about the world.  About society, about politics, about the state of affairs on the planet.  I started homesteading, began to homeschool, and read more… learned more.  As I learned, I began to question.  As I questioned, I had to change wrong perceptions I had held before.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I was called to prophecy and prompted to start questioning Christianity.  It wasn’t until 2005 that we stopped going to church entirely.  It wasn’t until 2006 that I was regularly writing about prophecy.  And even then, I was a really screwed up mix of what the church taught me and what I was deciphering for myself from scripture and the Spirit.  And it was really good stuff.  But it was from a VASTLY different [frustrated/angrier] perspective than I have, now.

Because our spiritual lives are a journey, things are constantly in flux.  We’re always learning more, and changing.  For example, in 2002 I believed in a pre-Trib rapture sometime in the far-away future that I didn’t have to worry about.  By 2006, I believed in a pre-Trib rapture sometime in the next six months.  By 2007, I had to completely drop the pre-Trib rapture stance (!!) and learn all I could about a pre-Wrath rapture, as I watched the seal judgments open.  By 2008, I was convinced it was a 2010 Rosh Ha’Shana rapture.  And of course I know better now – we had to get thru the winds, the sealings, the release and everything in the first half of Revelation 7 to get to verse 9… the rapture.

And things are on my sidebar from 2003 and 2005 and 2008 and so on… so there’s stuff that seems to contradict itself, because… well, it does.  I didn’t know back then what I know now.  But a lot of that stuff is still very relevant and wholly Truth… Some of it was my conjecture that has since had to be corrected.  I did a whole Revelation series in 2005 that I had to pull down, because that’s NOT how it went down when it started in 2007, at all!!  LoL!!  As time passes, we see things more clearly, and very differently!!

But that’s what a blog is.  This isn’t a webSITE, where everything is laid out and perfect, cut n’ dried.  It’s a diary, of sorts, chronicling a journey, a log of growth.  If you want it in order, you’d have to read thru the archives here by month, which can be done, if you’re really bored.  But I put stuff on the sidebar for quick reference for me (and inadvertently, for you).  I try to update as I can – for example, I replaced the 2009 version of Ten Days of Awe post with a new version last week, because it was clearer, more correct, and fixed what misconceptions I had had with what I’ve learned in the two years since then.  But I can’t do that with everything on the sidebar.  Have you SEEN that thing?  It’s LONG!!!!  And I’m a little short on time and kinda busy, y’know.

So I’m clarifying with this post.  There may be things that don’t jive with each other here.  I know that.  It’s not because I’m contradictory, it’s because I’ve learned more over time.  I’ve had to make changes and corrections to my errant thinking.  But that’s actually not a bad thing – the ability to change, to shed wrong ideas for right ones.  It’s when you adamantly cling to something wrong just because it’s comfortable that’s a HUGE problem.  Being able to move on and admit you’ve held a screwed-up notion and are letting it go that makes for a better person.

And I want to be a better person.  So that’s why this blog is the way it is.

2014 uPDaTe:  It has been brought to my attention that this site got messed up when Xanga closed.  The complete collection of posts from August 2013 to the present are here.  If you want to read back further than that, use the AnnaMarchives link on the right sidebar.  I’ve brought to THIS site just the important posts from the past.  The entirety of the posts from before summer 2013 are at AnnaMarchives.  There’s nothing I can do about it, at this point.  At least they’re available, right?  ((Well… mostly.  WordPress wouldn’t import anything before 2003… so the first three years aren’t there.  But it’s enough, believe me.))

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  1. Anna, I am so sorry because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to follow you… the option just isn’t here. But if I comment I think I can do it! I very much look forward to future posts from you! Love you!

  2. Dang!!! I just figured it out! But I would swear to you those tags at the top did not appear until after I left my first message! I am pretty technologically savvy most of the time, but not this time for sure!!! Got it! Thanks for a GREAT website!!!

  3. “As time passes, we see things more clearly, and very differently!!”

    I’m not sure about “more clearly,” but certainly more broadly…and in that respect, “differently.” Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    “Beliefs form the boundaries of our imagination…beyond which it may not go.” (For example, try to imagineThe Smell of Light.) 😉

  4. Hannah

     /  January 8, 2016

    Shalom Anna and thank you for this awesome site! I’ve been reading it non-stop for weeks now, so thankful to find a blog written by an authentic truth seeker. Thank you YAH.

    I don’t know if links can be shared here or not, but I thought of you when I read this article sent by a friend today, about a 12th century rabbi who predicted a lot of things about Israel that have come true. It mentions the prophet Eliyahu and the Jubilee year, so I thought you might be interested.

    Here’s the link:

  5. Heather

     /  February 6, 2016

    Anna, I’ve been trying to figure out how to contact you. Would you mind sending me an email? Thank you!


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