Creation and Shabbat

I learned the kewlest thing from a new Jewish site, the other day:

Every step of the process that leads up to Shabbat
 represents a part of the order of the creation of the world.

First Day:
Formless Earth, void, light/understanding, Night/Day
Tohu VaVohu, inchoate matter was created –  Preparation for Shabbos.

Second Day: 
Firmament above/below of waters in sky/Earth.
Spreading out the Heavens –  Spreading the tablecloth.

Third Day: 
Land and Vegetation, yield of fruit/seed
Desheh Eisev – Placing the Challah on the table.

Fourth Day: 
Sun and Moon, lights in the Heavens
The two Me’oros- Putting two candles on the table and later lighting them.

Fifth Day: 
Creatures of the waters, creatures of the air
Fish/Chicken – the first course of the feast meal

Sixth Day: 
Beasts of the earth, land-dwelling creatures, man
Animals- the main course of the feast meal.

Seventh Day: 
Day of Blessing, Sanctification, and Rest.
Shabbat feast celebration!

I had never seen this before – thought it was pretty amazing.  This is why I love Judaism… it shows the many layers far better than anything I ever saw in my thirty years in churchianity.  Amazing!

Information gleaned from :


Also… if you would send up a prayer?  Yesterday the week-long drywalling of our house was finished.  It was humorous, because we simply homeschooled around them, but they wanted to participate – to the point where they’d get off the ladder and come peek over our shoulders to see photos of Saturn taken from the backside and back-lit by the sun, to the point where they were whistling piano lessons and asking questions along with the kids.

But the most interesting thing was…. well, yesterday as he was wrapping up, Drywall Brian asked if we go to church for Christmas service.  I don’t know if it’s the rows of Bibles and study books, the verses all over the walls, the hymns we sing for school, or the Hanukkah stuff still up around the house on TOP of the Tree, but… he was probing about our beliefs.  And I ended up having a LONG discussion with the guy about churchianity and the difference between Judaism and Christianity and what Truth really is.  We talked feasts, Shabbat, Yeshua vs. Jesus, the Blood and Water, Faith and Works… and you have to know, I’m NOT an evangelist.  It’s the least of my spiritual gifts.  So if you could pray for Drywall Brian.  Because he was really interested, and I think I blew his mind, a little… and I’m hoping he looks into these things, for himself.  ((And I tease that we weren’t raptured on Solstice because Yehovah wanted me to be here to witness to this guy… so there’s that little giggle.))  But if you happen to think of it, pray for him?  Thanks.

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