Revelations of Revelation 7

(Part IV:  The half an hour does NOT apply)

Today I have to apologize… and admit that I’m under attack.  I have been having the DICKENS of a time, over here.  Stomach aches when I sit down to write.  My head either completely spinning or in a haze I can’t seem to wander out of.  Confusion where I *KNOW* I shouldn’t be confused.  The inability to focus enough to even re-read something I know will help me from my sidebar.  It’s been severe.  Someone apparently doesn’t want me to write what it is that I’m supposed to write, and is messing with me in a bad way.   To the point where I… stumbled, and screwed up in Part II.  So I have to go back and fix the problem before I can move on.

And I thought about just editing the post, but… well, I don’t like deleting stuff that I wrote.  It seems somehow dishonest.  If I screw up, I’d rather own up to screwing up than to cover it up.  I don’t like that.  So this post is a ‘fix-it’ post.


In part two of this series, I opened to Revelation 7 and tried to apply 8:1 to the verses there.  And I said that the four angels holding the WINDS were on earth, and the angel from the east was on earth, and that meant that there was silence in Heaven (capital H) for half an hour, because Rev 7:1-8 didn’t have any mention of things going on at the Throne.

Then I re-posted from 2010, and showed how the magnetosphere around the earth formed a HUGE opening in 2007, that dropped NASA’s jaw.  And by rights, we should’ve been buffeted by solar WINDS, but that something freaky happened… the solar maxiumum, which should’ve began at that time, didn’t.  No crap, it was dead quiet, uncannily quiet.  It had every major astronomical society scratching their heads.  And it was three and a half years before the minimum finally did kick off… in 2010.

And here’s where I have to apologize.  Because the SMS took place from 2007 to 2010.  Which means there WASN’T silence in ‘H’eaven for half an hour during that time.  Seals were being opened, and stuff was most definitely going down at the Throne.

But anyhow, I had to clarify.  What I wrote?  It wasn’t right.  I applied it to the wrong plane.  There WAS silence in heaven for the span of about a half an hour.  But it was in heaven, not in Heaven, so you can’t apply Rev 8:1 to Rev 7:1.  Because when they’re talking about the sky/space, the Hebrew word used is “shameh”, and when the Bible talks about where God reigns from, it’s “ooranos”… and in 8:1, it’s “ooranos”. It doesn’t apply.  Besides, there’s something else I have to add, but it’s gonna have to be tomorrow…

But now that we’ve straightened that out, we can pick up and keep going.
So please forgive me, and let’s move along, again.

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