Revelations of Revelation 7

((Part VI: Two periods of Three))

My mind has been blown, this past week.

First, I find out that the silence in heaven verse is split-away from what it actually refers to in the Bible by some erroneous chapter/verse inserter guy.  Then I learn that Revelation 7 is a parenthetical chapter and not a chronological one, as I’d always believed it to be.  Based on that, I applied the emperical data from NASA and other esteemed astronomical sources and found that Revelation 7:1-8 occurred at the same time as chapter six and its seal judgments.  From 2007 to 2010, the winds were held back… a period of about three and a half years.

HOWEVER, I got goofed up, because I tried to make the half an hour from 8:1 fit chapter seven, and it’s CAN’T.  Why?  Because look at 8:1 again:

Rev 8:1 And when He had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven for about the space of a half an hour.

My original apology was because it said there was a ‘silence in Heaven’… and heaven definitely was NOT silent as the seals were being opened.  But more than that… THIS IS SEAL SEVEN!!!  Seal seven can’t happen DURING the previous seals!  Duh!!  My gosh, I got so confused, because the silence of the magnetosphere was 3.5 years – the length of the Seal Judgments via SMS.  But it’s not the same 3.5 years as the silence of Revelation 8:1, because that’s a different (yet unreached) seal.  Get it?  Because it took me a LOT to get there, simple as it is.

Now there’s something else you need to know.  According to new sources:

“Following an unexpectedly deep minimum from 2008 to 2010, solar physicists predicted a weak maximum for 2013.”

“Forecasters have long expected the Solar Max of 2013 to be the weakest of the Space Age. It might be even weaker than they thought.”  SpaceWeather

The common number in both of these statements is 2013.  Why?  Because that’s how long it takes from the time a solar maximum begins for it to reach it’s strongest point.  It started in 2010, so if it reaches solar maximum in 2013, how many years is that?  EXACTLY.  Three years.  Another three years, in addition to the three-year delay with no solar activity.

Now, I want to show you a chart I showed you yesterday,
but add something to it, just for a little fun.
2007a  Trib Begins with ENPI
  Rev 7:1 Four Winds/angels
2007b  Seal 1: White Horse – unseen
Rev 7:2-8 East angel/magnetosphere
2008a  Seal 2: war (Russian reunification) |
2008b  Seal 3: Economic collapse begins
2009a  Seal 4: Pandemic
2009b  Seal 5: Martyr’s – unseen
2010a  Seal 6: Cataclysm  Solar Maximum begins
2010b Seal 7: Silence in Heaven (about 1/2 hr)
2011 | |
2012 | v
2013 v Solar Maximum peaks

It’s an if-then problem.  IF the first six seals were given at increments of six months apart, THEN the seventh should be, as well. Which put it at the end of 2010.  Which… I never did.  ((How stupid can I be?  And why didn’t anyone TELL me that?!?!))  As it’s the last seal, the SMS is over, BUT…!  We’re given the next increment of time, and what happens in it within seal seven.  Seal seven is nothing, and it happens for three and a half years.

And there I was, trying to plug Revelation 7 in (all stuff we don’t see on earth) over the last few years as an extendo-SMS, because there was NOTHING there… and I fricked it up, because I left out seal seven from the SMS, had Rev7 as chronological, and… I was a MESS.

The good news?  Is that I’m not, anymore.  Although it would’ve been nice to know this back in 2011, hello!  But honestly, I’m okay learning it, now.  As long as I can understand.  Because He said He has show us all things thru John in Rev 1:1.  And I believe that.  It’s just a matter of sitting down, being available to Him, waiting on Him (something I suck at), and desiring wholeheartedly to know Truth so that we might know Him, and thus be better able to glorify Him for His works and His mercies.

So today’s revelation from Revelation?  That there are TWO periods of three years.  The first is the SMS/Rev 7, which occur simultaneously.  The next is Rev 8:1, which happens in the midst of Rev 7… after the solar max begins, counting time until it peaks.  And that brings us to 2013.  So I’ve FINALLY caught up.

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