Revelations of Revelation 7

((Part VII: The Summary of it All))

Yesterday, my friend Ali wrote at her site that she wasn’t understanding what I was saying over here.  And I guess while some things seem clear to me, they aren’t so to others?  So I… well, I have to clarify.  So I thought I would do a summary to wrap everything up, and hopefully that will make everything clear.

Rev 1:  Yeshua says that He went back to the Father, was told all things that He did not know when He was a mere mortal, and now He’s giving that revelation of what’s to come to John.  So while ‘no man knew, not even the Son of Man’ back in the Gospels, it’s seventy years later, and that no longer applies.  Sorry, church.  Your excuses for NOT knowing anything aren’t valid.

Rev 2 & 3:  Timeline of the ‘churches’ (or church eras) fromYeshua’s time to ours.  They are alsochurches Paul wrote letters to, and church types, but foremost they provide atimeline from Yeshua’s time to ours. Here it is:


Rev 4 & 5 – Next there’s a scene in Heaven, preparing for the opening of the judgments.

Rev 6 – The Seal Judgments.  These judgments match the Beginning of Sorrows given in Matthew 24.   For the record, the Horse riders are NOT people.  Also for the record, these things are the *start* or beginning of things… they’re the kick-off events, and they don’t stop, they keep snowballing and growing as time continues.  They happened in six-month segments (the SMS):

Jan – Jun 07  Trib Begins with ENPI (7-year covenant) by Solana
Jul – Dec 07  Seal 1:  White Horse – unseen event in Heaven
Jan – Jun 08  Seal 2:  Ezekiel’s war begins w/Russian reunification
Jul – Dec 08  Seal 3:  Economic collapse begins on 10/8/08
Jan – Jun 09  Seal 4:  Pandemic begins w/ Swine flu crossover to humans
Jul – Dec 09  Seal 5:  Martyr’s Plea – unseen event in Heaven
Jan – Jun 10  Seal 6:  Terra Events (earthquakes, earth shift, etc.)
So Revelations 1 thru 6 take us from AD31 to AD2010.

Rev 7 – Now, having said, the events in Revelation 7 have ALSO already come to pass, and the events in the first eight verses happened at the same time as the events in Revelation 6.  That was what this series has been about, in a nutshell.  Here you can see it:

2007a  Trib Begins with ENPI
  Rev 7:1 Four Winds/angels
2007b  Seal 1: White Horse – unseen
Rev 7:2-8 East angel/magnetosphere
2008a  Seal 2: war (Russian reunification)                            |
2008b  Seal 3: Economic collapse begins
sealing of            |
2009a  Seal 4: Pandemic
   saints               |
2009b  Seal 5: Martyr’s – unseen
2010a  Seal 6: Cataclysm  Solar Maximum begins
Again, ALL of this has already been fulfilled, AD31 thru AD2010.

Tying in OT prophecy, Daniel 9:27 says that ‘he’ shall make a ‘covenant with many’ for ‘one week’, and that halfway thru the covenant would be broken.  Solana’s ENPI was a 7-year treaty with the Middle Eastern nations, uniting them with the Revived Roman Empire (better known as the EU).  It began 1/1/07 and fell apart in 2010, just as prophesied.  It fits the Six Month Suggestion perfectly.

BUT…!  There are only six seals on that chart, above.  How many seals are there?  SEVEN, total.  And if the six-month increments are for the last one, too… but it’s WAYYYYY over in Revelation 8.  But btw, it’s already been fulfilled, too.  It fits on the end of the last chart:

2010b   Seal 7: Silence in Heaven (about 1/2 hr) 
2011 | |
2012 | v
2013 v   Solar Maximum peaks

So in summary, Revelation 1 thru 6 (and half of 7, and the first verse of chapter 8) have all been fulfilled, and take us up to TODAY.  Which is a huge thing for me, because I’ve been lost since 2010… and now I know what’s been going on.  Three years of fulfillments, now understood.  That’s big.

And of course the big question is, what’s next?  One of three things:

1. Destruction of Jerusalem
2. Rapture of Saints
3. Start of Trump Judgments
Runner up:  Death of Pope
Runner up:  Awakening of Ariel Sharon

I haven’t gotten any further than this… in fact, I’m pretty blown away and am reverberating from all of THIS stuff.  And hopefully this summary will help people understand what I’ve been going on and on about a little better.

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