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Yehovah vs. Yeshua

Yeah, since I’ve got everyone’s attention…

I saw a video this morning, filmed at the Kotel (Wailing Wall in Jerusalem), and it was of a Rabbi being questioned by a Christian pastor about why he won’t believe in Jesus.  I was piqued by the idea of this video… mostly because I believe both views (Christianity/Judaism) on the subject matter are wrong.

What do I mean?  Let’s do a quick recap:  Christians have Messiah’ death on the cross that they use to negate the need to keep Torah’s commandments.  So they have faith/trust without obedience/works.  And at the same time, you have Jews who have Torah’s commandments and don’t believe the man Jee-zus was any greater a son of God than the rest of the sons of God.  They have the scriptures which say to obey for ALL generations, and believe that will result in salvation.  So they have obedience/works without faith/trust. 

BOTH are wrong

Scripture says that ‘faith without works is dead’ – so christianity is a massive lie, in that it says you don’t have to keep God’s commandments, anymore.  Didn’t Messiah Himself say if you love Me, keep My commandments’?  Since He said that BEFORE the NT was written, what commandments do christians think He was talking about, if He and God were One?  Yet christians only seem to recognize 10 of the 613 Old Testament commandments as even BEING commandments, for pity’s sake, and they don’t even see them as needful, because they have the free ticket of Jee-zus’ blood.

And on the flip side, the Jews reject Messiah because they cannot reconcile a man as being the physical embodiment of Yehovah.  Well… as an abstract in the future, yes, but Yeshua bar Josef didn’t do things the way they wanted them to, and so they ruled Him out.  The prophecies were for humility/lowliness AND triumph/leadership, and they wanted it all in one big, immediate package together… not with two separate visits – the first being ‘undercover’/spiritual in fulfillment, and the second being obvious/physical in fulfillment.  Too many prophecies in the OT to even start to address that in one blog.

Regardless, you have two extremes, both of them hopelessly short of Truth.  Both of them leading to destruction/eternal death, because BOTH of them reject a side of the salvation coin.  It’s Trust AND obedience.  It’s Faith AND Works.

And knowing that, here’s the video… watch knowing that both men are wrong:


Above, I wrote that it’s Trust AND obedience, Faith AND Works.  But there’s something else, too:  For the rabbi, it’s Ha’Shem.  For the Christian, it’s Jee-zus.  Yehovah vs. Yeshua… when the reality is that it’s Yehovah AND Yeshua.

And you know what?  Something really hit me, this morning.  It’s TRUE.  When I was a christian (for 30 years of my life!), it was all about Jee-zus.  God was an abstract, far off, unable to relate to men… only Jee-zus understands what a person goes thru.  ((That’s a lie.  We’re made in Yehovah’s image – time and again scripture shows Yehovah burning with anger, grieved by our behavior, betrayed or pleased.  But christianity says only Jee-zus feels your pain.))   You prayed to Jee-zus.  You cast out demons in the name of Jee-zus.  What a friend I have in Jee-zus.  Jee-zus is the rock of my salvation.  (<– did you know that verse was written by David to Yehovah?)

The rabbi has a point.  The King of the Universe has taken second Place to the prince, just like in the rabbi’s story.  And I guess I didn’t really think about it until today, because I always (abstractly) have known that ‘I and the Father are One’… but now that I think about it, since coming out of churchianity?  I pray to Yehovah Elohim, my Father ABBA, the creator of the universe.  And when I was a christian, I rarely did that – my friend was Jee-zus.  I… don’t even know when and where that change came, to be honest.  But somewhere along this transition in my faith, I have restored the Sovereign to His throne.

Now, of course the rabbi was wrong in many of his statements.  For example, he says Malachi prophecies Elijah bringing peace, and says that Yeshua can’t be Messiah because he said He did not come to bring peace but a sword.  ((I love that… because churchianity doesn’t teach a sword-bearing Yeshua, they teach a ‘prince of peace’ and ‘lamb of god’.  They emasculate Messiah to make Him palatable to the ‘seeker sensitive’.))  Regardless, Malachi’s prophecy isn’t about Messiah, it’s about a coming Elijah… and if John the Baptist was the ‘second Elijah’ (Luke 1:17), it would’ve been him, not Yeshua, that the prophecy talked of (unless it’s the future coming ‘third’ Elijah – Rev 11:3)

I watched the video with a very objective view of both sides… which might not have been possible ten years ago… but I see Christianity being owned by Judaism, because Judaism is actually closer to the Truth these days that Christianity is.  The fact of the matter is that Yehovah IS a jealous god, and to be passed over for this Romanized version of His Son, who is stripped of His Judaism and Hebrew characteristics, with Torah yanked from the picture and only the blood (Christians reject His water and only claim half of the atonement)… for Yehovah to be replaced with this anglo-prince who’s a poorly drawn, cartoon rendition of who Yeshua really was?  He has got to be BURNING with anger.

messianic sealI… this… it just really was a wake-up call, a revelation to me this morning.  That somewhere along the line, I have gone from being Jesus-centric to adding the Father back into the equation.  I hadn’t even realized it.  It’s like in coming away from the one extreme, I found balance between Savior and Creator.  Well… actually, I have to admit that I’m more Creator-centric, with Him at the head of all things in my life.  It happened almost naturally.  It doesn’t mean I’ve rejected Christ – but I have Messiah Yeshua as my brother (Luke 8:21)… with Him as the Firstfruits/firstborn of those who will rise in Yehovah (1 Cor 15:20), paving the way with His sacrifice of water and blood for me. (John 19:34)  Not that He *isn’t* God, He’s a different facet, that’s all.

I hadn’t seen this, before this morning.  And I can’t thank Adonai enough for this… it’s like being given a star of my paper, this morning in school.  A little wink from my teacher, showing me something I had learned that I didn’t even realize I had!

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