He who will Pour Out

I have been crying out, this week.  We are forty days from Pesach, and I feel as far as I have ever felt from Him, and it’s wrong.  It shouldn’t be like this.  I study.  I pray.  I think of Him all throughout the day.  I teach His ways to my children, I count the Omer, I stand in the midst of Ascension Day… and yet I feel far from Him.  This earth couldn’t be any more removed from Him, and here I am, sitting right down in the middle of it.  It’s been horrible.

And when I get to that point?  That’s when He reaches out and gives me a little boost.  It came this morning in the form of a picture a friend linked me to on FB… which sent me into my own archives for what I already had, but had forgotten.  Thank goodness for Him, because I can’t keep track, otherwise.  Even things I wrote only weeks ago…?  I don’t remember.  I’m so pathetically human, and I hate it.  But baruch ha’Shem Adonai, He steps in and sends a subtle reminder, knowing that if I really am contrite and seeking and crying out with a heart that wants and is desperate, I will see even the most subtle of hints.

ImageThat’s all it was.  And in fact, I had seen this message earlier this week, but blew it off completely.  I figured as it goes, 20 meteors an hour are nothing, and I scrolled right on by it on my Facebook feed.  So the Lord put it right in front of me this morning, and… well, this time I looked at it.  And realized that there are two things about this that are vitally important, that I missed entirely!

First of all, it’s May 4/5.  We are on the 40th day of the Omer, right now.  It’s significant to faith/walk.  And as I said, it’s not a huge meteor shower.  One every three minutes, and that’s if you’re looking in the right place at the right time… and believe you me, three minutes is a LONG time to wait in between, if you’re not a die-hard stargazer.  Not to mention the chances of it being overcast – I have THE worst luck with stargazing conditions – to the point where I almost don’t even bother, anymore.  ((On the other hand, one every THREE minutes?  THREE being another one of Yehovah’s big numbers?))

But it’s the Aquarid part that’s important. When I saw that, I ran back to my archives, because I remember writing a post about the Age of Aquarius – just recently! – and it was something important… it was a post called ‘He who will Pour Out’… and it being the Aquarid meteor shower, I felt it was very important to go back and find that post!  I wrote it January 4th, and it’s here. (LINK)  But do you remember what it was about?  I didn’t.  Which is why archives are so important.

Now, again – this is NOT astrology that I’m looking at, here.  I don’t delve – AT ALL. The astrological things were stolen from Yehovah and twisted up into something evil… but originally, they were good and pure and set in the heavens by Ha’Shem for us, as a promise of things to come.  And that is SO important, especially right now, when my hope has been rock-bottom and I’ve felt a trillion light years away from Yehovah Elohim.  So I went back and took another look at that post… to see what the relevance might be, if there was any.

And THERE IS.  We have been – I believe – in the Age of Pices for two thousand years (the symbolism seen in the two fish, above).  Also seen in the symbolism of the two denari the Good Samaritan gave to pay the innkeeper until He returns.  The ‘fish’ have also been the symbol for Messiah followers since the time of Yeshuah.

ImageNow if the March equinox of 2013 is, indeed, the time when we move from the Age of Pices to the Age of Aquarius… could it be that the 40 days from Pesach to day forty are symbolic of that transition… as the 40 years in the wilderness (Israel), the 40 days in the ark (Noah), and the 40 days in the desert (Yeshua) are transition periods?  I would definitely have to say ‘yes!’.  There were seven days from the March equinox to Pesach (another one of Yehovah’s BIG numbers… and indicative of the ‘completion’ of something), and then we have the 40 days from Pesach to Ascension Day (forty being indicative of something transitional), and on Ascension day, there’s the Aquarid meteors… stars falling from ‘He who will Pour Out’?  That’s some beautiful timing and symbolism, there.  And according to where I believe we are in Revelations (on the cusp of chapter 8)… it’s time for the pouring out of the wrath.  Might this imagery, timing, and symbolism all be pointing to exactly that which I am watching for?  Exciting times, to be sure, if it does!

What does it mean?  I won’t say, because I don’t know for certain.  But I strongly feel that He wanted me to see this, that it’s a promise that I am to grab onto and hang on to with all faith and hope, and that it’s VITALLY important to what is happening (or what WILL happen).  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

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