Rings and Alignments

On June 15, 2003, just seven days AFTER Shavuot/Pentecost, there was an amazing beautiful eclipse, called an ‘engagement ring’ eclipse.  The bridegroom ‘goes to prepare a place for us’… and He leaves with the promise to return to take us to that place.  So this ‘engagement ring’ eclipse was a reminder of that promise He made to us, and was definitely spiritually noteworthy.

ImageIt was unlike any ever seen before for several reasons: It was known as an ‘engagement ring’ eclipse – it looked like a ring of promise. It also was located in the constellation that symbolized Christ the coming King, right in the middle of the seven sister stars representative of the church. ((binding Christ to His bride!)) And the most unusual thing was that – unlike any other lunar eclipse – it came from the east, and not from the west. ((Christ is foretold to come from the eastern sky, so there’s Biblical significance there.))

I have long held that the engagement ring eclipse
on that very special day was the start of the countdown.

ImageSee, the first chapter of Revelation explains the situation: Messiah left.  He said -when on earth – that no man knoweth the day or the hour, not the angels above nor the Son of Man on earth.  But the first chapter of Revelation, written decades later, states right off the bat that now that the Son has returned to Heaven, He has been given the revelation of what is to come and when it will happen… and in His grace and benevolence, He shares it with us via the apostle/prophet, John.  Hence, Revelation.  (Click image to enlarge)

Then we’re given ‘the letters’, which are both words of warning to the seven churches, but they’re also a timeline of church eras to the end.  So Chapters 2 & 3 are a timeline from 33AD-ish (when Messiah left) all the way thru to 2003.  The engagement ring eclipse on Shavuot/Passover was the marker, the ‘reminder’ of the promise our Bridegroom made us.  The announcement in the Heavens that it’s time for that promise to come to the forefront. We move OUT of that timeline into the next events at that eclipse.

And of course you all should know by now that 1/1/2007 was the start of the seal judments, one every six months starting with Solana’s ENPI kick-off.   I’ve written enough about the Six-Month Suggestion (SMS) that by now that should be common knowledge.  So from 2003 to 2007 were the events of Chapters 4&5… in Heaven, so of course we did not see them as they happened.

ImageThree years (three months) after that –  SEVEN years after that special sign in the heavens marking the bride’s ‘engagement’ to Yehshua there was another sign.  On May 16, 2010  Seven days AFTER Shavuot/Pentecost in 2010 there was ANOTHER unusual sign in the heavens.  This time, it’s the conjunction of the moon (in the shape of a bowl) with Venus (Bright morning star) coming down into it, and this took place in between the horns of Taurus, which symbolize the one who will bring judgment.  The timing on these two events and their meanings are astonishing.

Back to the eclipse thing. May 20, 2012 – last year – there was another special eclipse, this time seven days BEFORE Shavuot/Pentecost. A HUGE event, all around the world.   This time?   It was not an engagement ring eclipse… Imageit’s a WEDDING ring eclipse, also in Taurus.  If we were reminded of the promise that He left to prepare a place for us with the 2003 eclipse, we are now being reminded of the promise that we are His bride, the people that are about to be redeemed by the one who has given us our engagement ring..   Here’s a picture of the May 20th eclipse… taken at the top of Mt. Fuji And this…!  The ‘wedding ring’ eclipse.

So I was really geeked, last year.  Not knowing that it would happen again, this year… on May 9, 2013, again exactly 7 days BEFORE Shavuot/Pentecost, again in the constellation of the coming King.

What the heck?!  I’m just asking, because… this is getting to be…!!  So I went back to 2011.  If we had an event in 2010, 2012, and 2013… wouldn’t it stand to reason that there was something in 2011, too?  I’m just asking.  So I found out that the feast date in 2011 was June 8th, and I substracted seven days, and 7 days BEFORE Shavuot/Pentecost – June 1, 2011 – there was, indeed, an event.  A partial solar eclipse with a line-up that’s really something.  So I cut/cropped all of the photos, and thought you might like to see what’s been happening… and I’m posting them for posterity’s sake, too.

Here are the pictures of the eclipses, via Stellarium:

May 31, 2003
Notice that Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are far to the edges.
Not involved, yet – it’s just a notification.

May 16, 2010
Venus (Messiah) coming down into the cup of the moon.

June 1, 2011
Partial eclipse with alignment involving
Mercury (messenger), Venus (Yeshua), Mars (wrath) and sun/moon.

May 20, 2012
Now we have Jupiter (Yehovah) and Mercury (messenger) aligned
with the sun and the moon, pointing to Venus (Yeshua), at the top.

May 9, 2013
This year, we have Mercury (messenger), Venus (Yeshua) and
Mars (Wrath) aligned with the sun/moon, with Venus next to the Plieades.
They point to Jupiter (Yehovah) in between the Horns.

Brian looked over my shoulder just now and said, “Nice, but… what does this mean?”  It MEANS that exactly seven days from the same feast, in the same constellation in the sky, there have been three eclipses in a row, with significant alignments.  This is unusual, maybe even unprecedented.  It’s amazing.  It means something is going on that the Lord is telling us, and that we should be paying attention to it, because it’s telling what’s going to happen.  And because nothing is slated for next year, but we have three in a row here?  Well, that’s pretty significant to me!

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