Collecting Musicals

I thought that we’d do faerie tales this year, and musicals (big ones) next year, but … I think we might be a while on faerie tales, yet!  I had *NO* idea how many versions/movies there were, out there!!  In fact, I just found THREE more Cinderellas… and it took us waaaaaay longer to do Red Riding Hood than I expected!

Still, I have to start collecting Musicals for our net thing.  And if I don’t sit down and list them… I’ll miss something, I just know it.

   Music Man – Carousel
– Fiddler on the Roof –
My Fair Lady – Evita
Phantom of the Opera – King & I
Sound of Music – State Fair
Wizard of Oz – Fantastiks – Oliver
AnnieGrease – Bye Bye Birdie
South Pacific – Annie Get your Gun
Man of LaMancha – Brigadoon
Hello, Dolly – Camelot – Mame
Meet me in St. Louis – Guys & Dolls
Oklahoma – Showboat
– Finnian’s Rainbow –
Porgy & Bess – Chicago
Les Miserables – Joseph/Dreamcoat
Hairspray – Little Shop of Horrors
Sweeney Todd – Cabaret
– West Side Story –
A Chorus Line – 1776
42nd Street – Jesus Christ Superstar
Pajama Game – Damn Yankees
Anything Goes – Godspell – Cats
Starlight Express
Musicals.  Musicals.  I’m missing some, I’m sure.  Can you add to my list?
FooTNoTe:  All this talk of plays drew me to go lurk at my ex-theatre on FB.  Hil-arious, what’s going down.  They lost another major member (the one who created the most beautiful costumes, ever).  That would be the set builder Doug, newsletter person Deb, the props person Pat, the website person Bob, the costumer Kelly, I was the perennial house manager, box office Lila… it’s a procession out of there, I’m telling ya!  Most of them just drop their gig and fade away, and aren’t considered out of the group, but it’s all semantics.  All of the tasteful and creative people are leaving, and what they have now?  It’s… well, I’m amused with it, anyhow.Heck, I told Brian who the new prez is, and he was like, “Who?!”  Yeeeeeah, exactly.  SO glad I’m no longer with them.  OTOH, I would love to find a different group to contribute to.  I’d hate to go Grand Rapids (too big/fancy for my anti-social tastes), so I’m watching… because there’s just nothing quite like live theater… and I’d like my kids to see/participate, someday…

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