The Seven Senses

Okay, so here’s where I go a little… hypothetical… on you.

This morning in our health studies, we started the senses.  What is a sense, how does the body work in processing sensory information… it was fun, because it’s something we DO, but don’t really think about.  When you’re a little, you don’t really stop to consider HOW or WHAT you’re doing when you hear, or see or whatever.

Senses are, by definition, any of the faculties by which a person or animal obtains information about the physical world.  They always show pictures of eyes, or ears, or fingers, but it’s not the part of the body that is the sense.  A sense is something you can’t see… you can’t see sight, or sound, or a taste.  You can’t see a sensation or a smell.  So there are senses, but they’re not ‘parts’… even though all the pictures show parts of the body.   Those parts are symbols to show how we access that sense.   In school, they taught me that there were FIVE senses, and all of the homeschool materials I see floating around the web say the same:

Now, I’ve always accepted that there are five senses, because that was what I was told.  And frankly, it seemed to fit:  five being the number of humanity.  But then I got to talking with the kids about a ‘sixth sense’ or what people refer to as a ‘sixth sense’ – which is basically intuition, or having a feeling about something, like whether something bad is going to happen, or if you need to do something.  I would say that in animals, this is ‘instinct’ – they just ‘know’, or sense, what is going to happen or what action should be taken, next.  Humans have that, too… we just don’t seem to pay much attention to it, so it’s not something that’s developed.
I have read interesting things about the ‘second sight’ – that babies can see the aura around people, and that’s why some people frighten them more than others.  Many people believe that this ‘sense’ is something that we actually use because we don’t develop it, and that there are ways that it can be exercised, so to speak, to have a more developed sense.  Personally, I don’t know.  I have a pretty good discerner, and I just go with that.

But then I got to thinking… I don’t think the Lord would create just SIX senses.  Six isn’t a number that He favors.  It’s always twelves, threes, and sevens.  SEVENS… that’s pretty close!  So as I was considering these things, I thought more about what senses were.  sensesWays we interact with what’s around us.  Five of them, with humanity (and also the number OF humanity).  Six would fall short, but would be something outside of the physical realm… so the seventh – if there IS a seventh – would also be outside of the physical realm.  And I can’t help but wonder if that seventh isn’t something that has been purposely left off, that nobody will address, because it’s spiritual, and in a Godly way.

I did find one site (with a name involving some wizard or other, so red flag #1, there) that said that there were seven senses, the last being a sense of humor… but that’s just stupid.  Then you’d have to have a sense of wonder, a sense of fear, a sense of peace… that’s not the same thing.  I found another one that had seven senses, the final two being ‘equilibrium’ and ‘intuition’.  Still trying to decide about that.  I’d probably go with sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, intuition and consciousness.  But it’s hard to get ’round these senses of ours.

I don’t know, I’m just considering these things, today… and wondering what you think?

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  1. Neo

     /  June 17, 2013

    The “spoon bending” thing…?

  2. Similar. Likely related, which is why I’m not wrapping my head around it. LoL!

  3. I’ve always thought there was something…more. I hate using “ESP” to mean a 6th sense, but here’s too much…..too many stories of things like super intuition/aura seeing/etc to dismiss it out of hand.

    Ad I wonder….if we accept that we have a 6th sense, would the 7th have something to do with the Gifts of the Spirit? It’s early here, and I’m just babbling……:lol:

  4. Is this kind of like seven chakras? Really though there are more than just seven overall. Five is just the ‘traditional’ number. I’d say intuition is the one the church does not talk about the most. Knowing things you ‘shouldn’t know is seen as taboo and scary.. and out there. If I had to take a guess on the seventh though.. it would be equilibrium or balance. All animals can pick up on things that we humans find to be a mystery. How do they know things before we do, if we’re the smart ones? Why does creation have an ‘instinct’ and we do not? And on the other hand why do some of us feel and see things that others can’t? Intuition therefore is something that is a type of gift of the spirit.

  5. but aren’t equilibrium or balance directly related to the sense of hearing? You know I believe in a “sixth sense”, it’s not anything I could put my finger on but I know it exists & it’s kept my out of trouble on more than one occasion (teehehe). as for a seventh sense it would make sense.

  6. Well equilibrioception works within the ear and multiple parts of your body but it is not directly related to the ability to hear. You can’t hear a sense of balance. But our system working together causes us to be in balance or recognize being out of balance. Ever wonder why airplane food is so bad? Because your senses are completely dulled. Smell helps out taste as well as touch in a way. Autistic children often have a hypersensitivity to all senses.. There is still so much we don’t know about our senses.. take synesthesia for instance. Who would of thought that you letters have colours, music can omit light, and words have tastes and smells to some people. Intuition is something completely unknown however, no one knows where it comes from, how it works, how it works for some and not others, and on what level it can work. We don’t know how it works in animals even… and in humans we just freak out.


  7. The Animaniacs and the Senses. Lyrics.

    Personally I think that a sense of direction is a good one – probably related to magnetic fields and balance And I also think intuition is a true sense – or discernment – It would be interesting to see how they relate in the spiritual realm.


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