SMS Snowballing Update


In case anyone was wondering how things are going.  Remember, the SMS is over, but that was just the kick-off of things.  They’re going to get worse… compound as time goes by.  So I’m not done watching the game, as it progresses.  You shouldn’t be, either – if you are what you claim to be.

  • Seal 1 : Unseen ‘white horse’ rider in the heavens – Venus’ Changes
The howling, hurricane-force winds of Venus are blowing even faster lately, and scientists aren’t sure why. Average cloud-top wind speeds on Venus rose 33 percent between 2006 and 2012, jumping from 186 mph (300 km/h) to 249 mph (400 km/h), observations by Europe’s Venus Express orbiter show.  “This is an enormous increase in the already high wind speeds known in the atmosphere,” Igor Khatuntsev of the Space Research Institute in Moscow said in a statement. “Such a large variation has never before been observed on Venus, and we do not yet understand why this occurred.”

aNNa’S NoTe:  According to this Jewish site (citing Yahoo! News, whose articles disappear within 30 days, so you HAVE to clip bits), Venus started speeding up (by 33 percent… threes being a number Yehovah loves) in 2006, just before the SMS began.  Fun tidbit.  And apparently, it’s still swirling at this increased rate.  My bet is that it will continue thus until the return of Messiah.  Apparently, the Jews (mostly) concur… only with it being His FIRST coming, naturally.  The heavens declare and all that… this is a declaration of the stepping up of the time to Messiah’s return.

  • Seal 2: Visible ‘red horse’ rider on earth – War and the World
The revelations this week about the scope and breadth of NSA surveillance in the USA should be a message to everyone that the emperor no longer has clothes.  The USA is now transformed into the very nation it always claimed to be fighting against.  All of its claims are now gone.  The mask has dropped and so has the pleasantries.  John Kerry and his ilk have stepped up threats:  MAKE PEACE OR ELSE…
The EU has warned President Barack Obama’s administration of “grave adverse consequences” to the rights of European citizens from a huge US Internet surveillance programme, officials said Wednesday.  Viviane Reding, the EU’s Justice Commissioner, wrote a letter on Monday to US Attorney General Eric Holder demanding “swift and concrete” answers about the spy scheme when they meet in Dublin on Friday.  …The EU official also warned that the European Parliament “is likely to assess the overall transatlantic relationship also in the light of your responses”.  Obama has defended the spy programmes as a “modest encroachment” on privacy that are needed to keep Americans safe from terrorism.

aNNa’S NoTe:  I wrote a comment a few days ago that applies, here:  “I’m reading about how angry the other nations are with us.  I’m reading about how there’s a shift, a loss of respect, a global disgust with the US… who, by the way, are the propper-uppers.  The world has gone along with us because we’re the ones that keep things afloat.  BUt If this thing causes a shift, a big enough ripple of discord to change in the status quo, this ‘Hindenburg Omen’ might just be the first sign of what’s going to happen.  And the whole thing – it would be well to note – will be financial.”  Which, of course, brings us to the next seal…

  • Seal 3: Visible ‘black horse’ rider on earth – Economic Crisis
So why predict an “87%” chance of another meltdown in 2013? Because in the real world of statistical probabilities, historical facts and expert opinions danger signals are flashing wild. In mid-2008 we summarized the predictions of 20 experts over several years. Predicted a meltdown in a few years — markets crashed two months later. Fast.  …The warnings are again accelerating. And so is the happy talk from Wall Street casino insiders, about rallies, housing recoveries, perpetual cheap money. Don’t listen. The next crash will happen by year-end.

aNNa’S NoTe:  Do you remember my Tammuz Hindenburg post from last week?  It was about the same thing – there have been warning signs (what has been, in the past, called a ‘Hindenburg Omen’) that have surfaced this month.  They indicate that there is going to be another really big crash, similar to the 2008 (black horse kickoff) event.  Since these things seem to happen the first week or so of October, that’s what I’m expecting, personally.  Which is directly after the fall feasts, so… there ya go.

  • Seal 4: Visible ‘pale’ rider on earth – Pandemic Crisis
A new virus responsible for an outbreak of respiratory illness in the Middle East may be more deadly than SARS, according to a team of infectious-disease specialists who recently investigated cases in Saudi Arabia.  Of 23 confirmed cases in April, 15 people died — an “extremely high” fatality rate of 65 percent, according to Johns Hopkins senior epidemiologist Trish Perl…  The New England Journal of Medicine, reported that infection occurred by way of person-to-person contact and poses an especially serious risk because it is easily transmitted in hospital settings.  Worldwide, the overall death rate from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus — or MERS-CoV — is at 59 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That rate is expected to bounce around as new clusters of infection develop.  Most MERS infections have been from Saudi Arabia. No cases have been reported in the United States, but small clusters have appeared in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Tunisia.
While 26 people are known to have recovered from their exposure to the deadly virus, the outbreak is delivering roughly a 20 percent death rate. …The World Health Organization considers the H7N9 virus a “serious threat” and is taking steps to prepare for the possibility of a global pandemic. “The cases are going up daily – about 20% have died, 20% have recovered and the rest are still sick,” Dr. John McCauley, director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza… “The WHO considers this a serious threat. We’re on an alert and we’re developing diagnostics and vaccines specifically against the virus.” H7N9 is a particularly elusive virus, as it does not cause visible symptoms in poultry stocks and spreads through poultry populations without detection. Virologists are concerned about the quick spread of the known cases, and they note that there are likely more mild distributions that are not being reported. The longer the virus remains in circulation among human populations, the greater are the chances for it to evolve into a strain that is readily transmitted from person to person.

aNNa’S NoTe:  I’m giving some thought to the Bible references of the ‘former and latter rains’.  The Great Noahide Flood being the former, and… well…  Regardless, we’re seeing things snowball.  We seem to be entering round two.  It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. Thanks for doing all this research! I appreciate it and pass some of the articles on to Pastor Don. Have a blessed weekend.


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