Iargo Springs

Or, Still Photo Editing

IMG_5626 (666x500)
On the way to Iargo Springs

IMG_5648 (666x500)
Iargo Springs.  One of them, anyhow.

IMG_5680 (666x500)
Once you get down ALLLLLL the straight (LONG) steps,
it’s crazy path time around the springs!  I’ve never seen anything like it.

IMG_5687 (666x500)
Ahem.  Also at Iargo Springs

IMG_5641 (500x666)
From one of the lookouts over the AuSable river…
where Iargo Springs empty out.   It was absolutely beautiful, there!

PS:  In case you were wondering where Iargo Springs is, put out your hand (thumb on the right, cuz all good Michiganders use their hand to show where stuff is), and Iargo Springs is where your lowest index/pointer finger knuckle is.  This year, we did the right side of the state, and Iargo was one of my biggest bucket list items.  It didn’t disappoint, in the least!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful spot! Especially the small falls!


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