Circle Season!

I wouldn’t but… it’s been INCREDIBLE, especially this morning.  And I’m geeked.  And you know how I get when I’m geeked.  And you’re going to get geeked, too.  Trust me – there’s some AMAZING stuff!

First I have to tell you that I haven’t been watching the circles this year.  There’ve been quite a few, since May’s kick-off… they weren’t pointed out to me by the Lord, so I didn’t care.  But then today I saw a crazy circle, but when I pulled up the page to get a closer look,  I green lighted over this baby.  Note the date of this is (06-06-2013 … 2+0+1+3=6… so 6-6-6.  Very fun numbers.)  Why that number?  I’m just hypothesizing, but… ‘the heavens declare the glory of God’, and He has laid them in the heavens but the earth’s dominion has been given over to Ha’Satan.  Could it be this is his own little way of ‘declaring’ things, knowing that we either laugh it off (nonbelievers) or fear it (christians).  Personally, I give credence to Baalam… sometimes?  The pagan have the answers and can’t help but share.  But then get a LOOK at this:

Now, I didn’t make note of any crop circles last year, but there’s one that is supposedly very similar to this.  Personally, I figure if I wasn’t led to it, it wasn’t important – at least at that time.  If it is now, I don’t know… I have to consider it a while longer, and I wanted to post what I *AM* seeing, first.  And anyhow, I was more intrigued by the fact that this reminds me of 2011, when I was directed to this one, at a place called ‘Sanctuary’, that actually held my attention… and I see a strong resemblance to that one, too!  Here it is, again:

Thing about ‘Sanctuary’ is that I believed it was a timeline, and that there would be a ‘shift’ of how things would go, from that time on.  It’s actually upside down, here (right to left), because that’s how I read… but the formation is actually left to right, because that’s how Hebrew reads.  At any rate, the circles are lunar eclipses, the dots are solar eclipses, the circles are months, and it runs from May 2011 (when it was made) – with the ‘shift’ right at the fall feasts, between Sept/Oct, and it trails off at April 2012.

If precedence holds, then  this circle runs June forward… with the three non-feast months outside of the circle.  Then – at the beginning of September, we have something small happen that’s a part of a larger whole.  Hrm.  That’s interesting timing, as ALL of the feasts this year are in September, starting on the 5th, I believe.  ((Three days after my birthday!))  But what about the wider edge of the circle, later?  Dunno.

Anyhow, it’s interesting to consider.

BUT… it’s not the circle that I actually lit over this morning.  No… that’s THIS one, which appeared on 17 Tammuz (Jewish day of mourning) of all days.  Take a look at this:


I had to flip this one over, too… because the crop circle site had it wrong.  The middle portion is an hourglass, and frankly, sand has to adhere to the laws of gravity, hello.  But then, you can’t really expect people to be logical about these things.  I just happen to operate better within the confines of the things which apply to me, I guess.  Now some of the crazies are saying that there are FISH in this picture… something about the ‘Age of Aquarius’, but I already wrote twice about the end of the Age of Aquarius being the Autumnal equinox of 2012, and the start of the Age of Aquarius (He who will Pour Out) began with the Spring Equinox of 2013.  Besides, what they’re calling fish do NOT look like fish to me.

Having said, look at this chart from

Damnable thing’s upside down again.  But no matter… it can’t be helped.  At any rate, according to the crop circle English dudes, the symbols around the outside are an ancient Celtic alphabet, and spell out a word.  A very exciting word, if you’re a watcher and like to see things that point to what you are waiting to have happen.  Just sayin’.  Here’s their picture – and remember, they aren’t believers.  These people are just paranormal phenom followers… so this is pretty kewl:

Pardon me, but…. squeeeeee!!!!!!   I can’t help it.  It’s amazing, and exciting, and exhilarating… especially since I believe that seal seven is about to end, and the NEXT thing (whether rapture or Trump judgments) are about to begin.  Isn’t it thrilling?  Countdowns of ALL kinds, drawn in the earth, as the heavens also declare the things that are coming.  I love this stuff.  And if it were turned over the way it’s supposed to be?  The ‘Arise’ would begin at the bottom… on ‘earth’, where the cross actually still has relevance.  And there would be NO question that it’s an ‘S’, and not a ‘C’.  THAT’s kewl, too!  Anyhow, I just had to share about this, because… WoW!!!

Is this telling us that the time for us to arise and meet Him in the air is nearly here?  Oh, how I would LOVE that to be true!

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  1. So cool! Especially the “ogham” message!

  2. In Ogham, each symbol has a meaning. Not strictly just a traditional alphabet. Similar to the divination of the tarot. If these are Ogham the message is not exactly in the phrase itself (as it is spelled out) but what each letter is informing the view of. If we take that the markings are indeed Ogham they would be – Ailm, Ruis, Iodhadh, Sail, and Eadhadh. Ailm represents needing to pay attention to a greater picture perhaps in the future as is taught by the Elm tree. Ruis is saying there is a need to grow and mature.. a type of renewal as taught by the Elder. Iodhadh tells us to be wary and cautious, as there will be a transition and ending that will lead to a new beginning this is represented by the Yew. Sail tells us that we must seek knowledge and protection as taught by the guardian Willow. And finally..Eadhadh tells us that we must have courage and be flexiable to rise above the challenges coming as shown by the Aspen.


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