Tetrads and Trumpets III

((Part 3 of 3:  When is Jerusalem to be ‘trodden’?))


So in part one, I talked about a series of events referred to in prophecy circles as ‘the coming tetrad’, a line-up of four lunar eclipses (and some other stuff) all coming down in a row ON days that are Biblically important (feast days).  I debunked Biltz’s BS and told you that I found a blogger who made a chart of the coming events, and sees them as significant (and I agree with him):


I explained why, if it *IS* valid as a sign (which I think he’s right), it has to be in regards to the nation of Israel.  Because the last three tetrads were 1) the statehood of Israel, 2) the return of Israel to its people via Armistice and the Law of Return, and 3) the Six-Day war/ expansion of Israel’s borders.  So it stands to reason that this one will have to do with Israel, too.

NoTe:  Not to get off topic, but that’s THREE of FOUR tetrads in the end times having to do with Israel.  If we apply the ‘More Four’ to it, we have Statehood (mind/intellectual), Return (heart/relational), Borders (strength/physical), and the next tetrad will be Soul/Spiritual workings of the Lord on Israel, preparing it for the millennial reign.  VERY cool!  For those who are new, what is ‘More Four’?  Long story.  See the sidebar.

In part two I explained where we are right now, in the prophetic scheme of things.  We revisited the SMS and the Olivet Timeline, and I explained that the NEXT thing in Messiah’s line-up of events is the destruction of Israel.  So if this line-up in 2014 and 2015 is significant where Israel is concerned, we pretty much can assume that it has something to do with what happens next.  And that it’s going to happen likely as soon as next year…  But the window is a TWO-YEAR period.  So when in that two years will things go down?

I… didn’t know.  But I figure we should look at precedence, right?  So if we know that the LAST tetrad was in 1967/68, then I thought we should look at what happened and when.  I went looking on-line and found this:

“Those occasions were in 1967 and 1968 when the 4 total Lunar eclipses occurred in succession on Passover April 24th 1967, and Tabernacles October 18th 1967; then Passover April 13th 1968, and Tabernacles October 6th 1968. The point that is of interest in this connection is that the tetrad of Lunar eclipses in the 20th century surrounded the return of the Old City of Jerusalem to Jewish control on 7th June 1967, which itself was a fulfillment of prophecy.”  (LINK)

The last tetrad:  Passover ’67 – Sukkot ’67 – Passover ’68 – Sukkot ’68.
The next tetrad:   Passover ’14 – Sukkot ’14 – Passover ’15 – Sukkot ’15.

It’s the exact same pattern of feasts, crazily enough!

And so what about eclipses?  There are two eclipses on the pending picture schedule.  Were there any total solar eclipses in 1967/8?  So I went looking, and there were:  May 9th and November 2 of 1967, and September 22 of 1968.  The September one was Feast of Trumpets, just like the upcoming one.  BUT… May 9th was NOT the Jewish New Year in 1967.  So there’s a deviation.  But honestly?  The Jewish New Year is not a Biblical feast, so I’m wondering if that’s even relevant… if it’s maybe the TIMING that’s more important.  So I looked into that:  1967 Six-Day war was June 5th thru the 10th… thirty days after the spring eclipse.  So if you count  thirty days after the March 20, 2015 eclipse, you land on April 19, 2015.  Might that be significant?  I don’t know.  It could be.  Time will tell.

And what about the rapture?  Where does that fit into all of this?  Yeah, that’s interesting, actually.  Because in the Olivet timeline –  if we move beyond the whole ‘then cometh desolations of all shapeths and sizethes” that we left off on last time – we get this (color-coded, same way as before when I combined Matt/Mark/Luke last time):

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a could with power and great glory.  And then shall He send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and shall gather together His elect from the four winds, from the uttermostpart of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

See that clause at the end?  It’s not at the END of these things that we’re redeemed (post Trib), it’s when they BEGIN to come to pass that redemption draws nigh.  Obviously we’re here for the Seals – otherwise Messiah wouldn’t have given them in great detail to His own, when He doesn’t give the trumps or seals in detail at all.  But those are the ‘BEGINning of Sorrows’… and when they come to pass, when they draw to a close, that’s when we look for His return.

Now… hang on.  IF we’re saying that this upcoming tetrad is prophetically significant, and IF it’s relevance has to do with the destruction of Israel that is next on Messiah’s line-up of events, THEN that won’t happen until 2014/15 – possibly with the major changing event around April 19, 2015.  And of course scripture states that Israel will be ‘trodden’ for 3.5 years before Messiah comes.  Which would put the second coming in the fall of 2018… nowhere NEAR what Blitz was saying.  And that’s not if there are other things in there.  Remember, we haven’t seen the two witnesses, and I’m looking for a 7-year period for the Great Tribulation (which does NOT include the Seals/Beginning of Sorrows).  3.5 is only half of that… so who knows.

Regardless, this is information I have NEVER had before.  Well, I knew that Jerusalem was on the agenda, but I didn’t know it was coming up so soon… or that we might even have information as to WHEN, exactly, it might come down.  I have a lot to think about, here…!

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  1. This is a great post, but as I’ve just viewed your profile and you’ve been blogging since 2000, I have a lot of catch up to understand the angle you’re coming from.

    • I was a christian for 30 years. I woke up and am now a Torah Observant Christ-follower, but I refuse to be associated with Messianic Jews. I was called to prophecy on my 30th birthday. My views are strange and I have a unique way of pissing people off. Just so’s y’know ahead of time. My blog was at Xanga, but they’re closing shop July 15th, so I’ve moved here.

  2. I don’t know if this is significant regarding the lunar and solar eclipses. However, according to the NASA website that posts the catalogues of the events. The 3/20/2015 solar eclipse and the 09/28/2015 lunar eclipse will be the only events visible in the middle east. The 3 other lunar eclipses will be seen in the Americas and Pacific areas.
    What’s your opinion with this?

  3. Robert

     /  July 10, 2013

    Ok, you geeked me out with your comprehensive continuation of my post about the Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses and I wanted to find out more information regarding Jubilee cycle.  I found this web site that seems to have an ominous connection, I mean this in an exciting way, regarding the Tetrad and  Jubilee cycles…  Here is the link and the some information that made me jump… 


    The Torah commands us to count seven times seven years and then celebrate the fiftieth year as a yovel (Jubilee). Proposed dates for the yovel, from various sources, are detailed in our study titled: yovel1. The student interested in the details should consult those studies.
    One of the most interesting yovel calculations comes from those who combine the opinion of the Rabbanan and Hakham Yehoshua. This novel idea[79] suggests that we count fifty years for the yovel up until the destruction of the Temple. After the destruction of the Temple we revert to counting forty-nine years with the first year of the next cycle being the yovel year.
    Remember that the major purpose of the Jubilee was the freeing of slaves to serve HaShem rather than a terrestrial master, on their own land. This suggests that the events of the yovel should be related to freedom and to a return to Eretz Israel.
    This novel calculation shows the following Jubilees and their significance:
    Yovel Year 46 – 5678
    Shortly after the beginning of the 46th yovel, the Balfour Declaration was ratified. Dated November 2, 1917 (17th Marcheshvan 5678), the Balfour Declaration is one of the biggest steps towards gaining international recognition for the return to Eretz Israel.
    Yovel Year 47 – 5727
    The next yovel year, according to this calculation, was in 5727. In Iyar 5727 (June of 1967), Yerushalayim, Yehuda, Shomron, the Golan, and Gaza came under Jewish control for the first time in centuries, and the move back to these areas, of Eretz Israel, began.
    Yovel Year 48 – 5776
    This coming yovel, and its events, are yet to be seen. Never the less, we can learn what kinds of events to expect.
    By combining Rabannan’s count and R. Yehuda’s count, we find that the last yovel year was 5727 (1967 CE), the year of the Six Day War. This was the 48th yovel year starting from the time of Ezra in 3416. The yovel year which is 49 years later is 5776. Perhaps the year following would be a fitting time for the Sanhedrin to assume, or rather to resume, its role in counting of Shmita and yovel years and to assume its role of leadership of Am Israel. This next yovel would start the 49th yovel period. Rather fitting that the Sanhedrin would count the last yovel before the fiftieth yovel, a yovel of yovels. Remember that only the Sanhedrin can count and sanctify the yovel year.
    Mashiach in 5775?  

    Another interesting aspect of the year 5775 is that Mashiach ben David will arrive at the end of a seven year Shmita cycle, according to Chazal in the Talmud:

    • I just got there, myself, last night. From what I understand, the last tetrad we had (1967) was a Jubilee year. Counting 50 years forward, the next Jubilee year is 2017. Starting with your Hannukah comet and counting to 2017? Three and a half years.

  4. Hello Anna, very interesting to read these blogs you wrote last year and to see events unfolding in the Middle East. The Lord pointed out the comet and tetrads to me earlier this year as well so I was very intrigued to read your posts. What do you think of everything? I was especially heartened by these last 2 comments that you and Robert posted. 5775!


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