Pause in Perspective 2

goldtrumYesterday I continued our little chat about the Trump judgments.

The main thing that we pointed out yesterday was that with each set of judgments in Revelation, there is a gap between the first six judgments and the last one.  Revelation 6 has six seal judgments – then there’s an “intermission” of chapter seven, and then seal seven is in chapter eight.  And it’s like that for the trumpet and seal judgments, too.  Here’s the chart, again:

2SevenTrumpetJudgments (2)

See the blue rectangle?  Six judgments together, then a pause, and then after that the seventh comes in, alone.  But it’s still a part of the trumpets, regardless of the hiccup in between.  I admitted to you that I’m blonde, and when we were going thru the SMS (seal judgments), I didn’t register seal seven.  So when we got to 2010, and seal six’s period was up, I was constantly writing out my frustration of being ‘lost’.  And then the Lord had enough of me and stuck my nose into seal seven, to remind me of what I was NOT watching.

Now, I said in yesterday’s post that, being thru the seal judgments, we’re in an amazing place:  looking BACK on what happened.  Having said, we can look at precedence, and see how it relates to the next set of judgments.  Because Ha’Shem is a God of order, and works in patterns.  Which I like, being anal and obsessed with the logical.

So what happened?  The seal judgments opened over a 3.5 year period, one every six months.  (Six Month Suggestion=SMS).  Until Seal Seven, which is a silence for 3.5 years (half an hour, the hour being seven years).  I’ve had a LOT of 3.5 years, up until now.  The time from the end of the church timeline to the seals is 3.5 years.  The length of the SMS was 3.5 years.  The silence in Heaven?  It’s also 3.5 years.  There are more coming up, too – Jerusalem is trodden for 3.5 years in the near future, and there will be two witnesses bearing the testimony of Christ for 3.5 years (and burning people up with fire from their mouths) in the future.  Are they the same 3.5 years?  I have NO idea.  To be honest.  But it’s interesting to note the pattern of this period of time.

Here’s what happened:

sevenchartAt the SAME TIME as Revelation 6 was going down for 3.5 years (in blue), Revelation 7 was going down (in green).  Except that only half of it happened, which has me scratching my head, frankly.  What the heck?  My logic says that if Rev 7 goes down at the same time as Rev 6, it has to be ALL of BOTH of them.  But the second half of Rev 7 is the rapture… and it ain’t happened yet.

So my current most logical assumption is that it will happen as the half an hour ends.   When does the half an hour end?  Yeah, that’s tricky.  If it includes 2010b, then it ends 2013b.  As in, THIS fall feast season.  But if there’s a six month period (per SMS), and THEN the half an hour, it’d be 2014a.  Which I don’t think is how it’s going to go down, but I have been wrong, before.  It’s just that if the tetrad starts 2014a, and ISON is Hanukkah… I think the rapture would have to come before getting into that period.

Okay, having established all that about the SEAL judgments, let’s look at the TRUMPET judgments in comparison.  Because if the stuff in the ‘intermission between seal six/seven happened DURING the seal judgments, then it’s logical to assume that the same is true of the Trump Judgments, right?  So what would THAT look like?


Here’s where I tell you that while I’ve written dozens upon dozens of posts about the Seal Judgments and SMS, I have never written anything about the Trumps until last week.  No kidding.  For two reasons:  1) I didn’t figure it mattered to me, since I wasn’t going to be here for them,  and 2) I wasn’t given the green light to look at them for the sake of others.  Now?  I’ve been cleared for the task.  So there’s the chart.  The trumpets (1-6) are in Revelation 9, then there’s a chapters 10-11 intermission, with the seventh trump at the end of chapter 11.

I haven’t been given an SMS (or TMS or FMS) for this, so I can’t tell you when they’re going to happen like last time.  The only thing I know is that there’s at least 3.5 years, here.  And last time there were only FOUR events that happened in between Seals 6 and 7:

1.  Winds held by four angels
2.  Sealing of Saints
3.  Winds released
4.  Rapture of saints

There’s a LOT more of them, this time, and they’re far more noticeable.  And some of them I don’t understand.  John eating the little book?  I don’t know.  The seven undisclosed thunders?  We aren’t told what that is.  So I don’t know.  But 3.5 years of no rain?  That’d be an atmospheric, fresh water, salt water, and vegetation deal-breaker, wouldn’t it?

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  1. yowza. I had some funny dreams (?) the other day. Some I was sleeping for and some were just really strong impressions that came along.
    One was about the old pope – He was planning something big. I thought you aren’t the pope anymore – but he said he was. weird.
    The second was I was going though this very crowded museam/store and they had a wooden trumpet – the guy was going to show us how it is done. But he just put his mouth near it and “pretended” he was blowing -but like a kid playing the paper towel tube making the “doo dii do” noise
    I told Danny to go blow the trumpet and he did ~ but it was kind of weak I said well let me try and I could PLAY! ♫ ♪ a Song! ♪♫ Awesome – and then this lady said she hated Danny cuz he had long hair – he doesn’t but remember your long hair post – that was funny! Ok enough from me.


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