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Believe it or not, I reference myself almost daily.  I have to – nobody else writes about what I write about, and I write so much, I can’t remember it all, and it’s my encyclopedia of current prophecy, and… well, I need reminders.  Of what I wrote.  That may sound stupid, but if you consider that I’m just relaying stuff… it makes sense that I don’t have it all worked out in my head, completely.

Anyhooooo… I’ve been working on stuff.  Prophecy stuff, again.  It’s been really crazy, around my head, lately.  And I was staring at numbers (3.5… 3.5… 3.5… 3.5…) and wondering if they’re all the same 3.5, or if they’re two groups of seven, or one big group of seven, divided up who-the-heck-knows-how…  and then I remembered Daniel.  Daniel’s where the numbers are at!  So I skeedaddled back to my Daniel posts and… HOLY. WHA.  My gosh, that’s meaty!  And I saw things there that (I swear, I’ve never heard/read before, except that I wrote it, so… it) blew my mind.

Gotta share:

If it’s 70 one-week feasts… that’s seventy years.  If it begins with the ‘fig tree blossoming’ (Israel’s nationhood) in 1948, then that would take us to 2018… as a start date for Messiah’s reign on earth.  << Well that blows Mark Biltz’s allegations out of the water!  ((tee-hee!! A-gain, anyhow.))  But how does it fit with the ENPI, SMS and other prophetic line-ups?

Well… if 2007 is the ENPI start date, then a ten-year trib would put us at 2017 for His second arrival to Jerusalem, add in Armegeddon, the gathering of the nations against Him, the arrival in Israel for the final battle, the reaping of the earth, the imprisonment of Satan… it’s quite possible, isn’t it? (LINK)

Did you READ that???  I was debunking Biltz, even way back in my Daniel posts!  That’s crazy!!  And ironic, considering I just did a whole ‘nother thing about Biltz just last week, here.  Don’t you find that ironic, that I write about Biltz, and then am directed to a Daniel post with Biltz’ name in it?  I think that’s… divine.  But that’s me.

Anyhow, that’s not the point.  The point is that I wrote about the 70th week, and suggested that if it started with 1948, then the end would wind up in 2018 for start of the millennial reign.   AND…!  if the ENPI started the whole Revelation clock in 2007, and it’s a 10-year Trib like I suspect… You know how I’m always saying I believe the Trib will be more than seven years (because the treaty is broken halfway thru, so anything goes, and there are ten days from Rosh Ha’Shana to Yom Kippur)… that’s INTERESTING.

It puts us at 2017 for Armegeddon and the war against Messiah by the nations.  Which, I might add, is about three and a half years!  What does that mean?  I don’t hardly dare speculate, but it sure made me sit up!  We are So. Close!

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  1. I keep digging in your archives, too – because I miss stuff the first(or 10th!) time thru. I really appreciate your moving me – because I’ve been digging in them again lately,

  2. Wow. Good stuff… I enjoy how you present and write on this blog. Have you ever come across ?
    This gentleman, Gavin Finley, whom I believe is an Austrailian who now lives in Florida, has established a clearinghouse of end times information (Jewish holidays, 70 week prophecy, olivet, etc.), and I really enjoy his presentation of the about the Bozrah deliverence prophecy in Micah.
    If you have not done so already, check out his site.


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