The Final Supermoon

I have written more than once, now, about how this summer is very unusual.  It has three full moon supermoons in a row.  Usually there are 4-5 supermoons in a year, but they’re partials mixed with fulls, and they are spaced out a bit.  Not so for summer 2013: The three supermoons are all full moons, they’re three months in a row, AND those three months are the ‘quiet’ months between the spring Jewish feasts and the fall Jewish feasts.

So… they’ve got some serious significance.

Last week, I read this on a Jewish blog – like the Jews wouldn’t note the phenomena, too? – and I’ve held it until we got closer to the supermoon (Which is tomorrow!), so that you wouldn’t ‘forget’ what it says in the interim.

The sun at 0 deg 5′ Leo opposite the moon at 0 deg 5′ Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Mashiach [Messiah], the coming Golden Age; Leo is the sign of the past Golden Age, the Garden of Eden from which we have fallen and fills our souls with longing.

The full moon on 15 Av in Aquarius thus heralds the messianic prophecy “the [super]moon will shine like the sun, and the sun [in Leo, its home sign] will shine sevenfold, like the light of creation” – a return of the light that shone originally, and the self-illumination of the moon–our physical reality…  Saturn in Scorpio, where the veil is being lifted in accordance with divine timing.

What does this mean?  I have no idea.  Well… I have a few guesses.  The exact positioning mirrored in the sun and moon’s locations is of note, because it is identical.  The fact that I wrote that I believe as of this spring we’re in the Age of Aquarius, and this being a ‘pouring out’ kind of sign in the heavens, that’s of note.  That it’s the last of the supermoon trio, and has this significance is amazing.  And it being a sign of the pending return of our physical state to that which we enjoyed at Creation, in Eden, is encouraging.  So I just had to share!

Not only that, but today is also Tu B’Av, a HUGE day of rejoicing for the Jews.  It’s also a ‘mysterious feast’ according to the sages.  But on this day, some amazing things have happened.  You can read about them, here.  There are six… but Yehovah never works in sixes.  Which means there will be a seventh joyful event that happens on this day.  Oh, that it would be this year!!

update:  Just found out that tonight is also a near-miss asteroid event.  They didn’t even discover this baby until July 15th.  So the timing is fun, and it just adds to the excitement.  ((We’re gonna have thunderstorms here, so I’ll miss it all…))  You can watch it with me, here, though:

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