The Grand Sextile – *updated*


WHY… is it that nobody ever tells me about these things until they’re about to fall on my head?  Why is that?  I don’t understand that.  It’s not like these things haven’t been headed towards alignment for… oh, MONTHS???  And I always read about it with (if I’m lucky) two days’ notice?!?

So.  Apparently tomorrow, there’s going to be this astounding, amazing, incredible alignment in the heavens (that I’m only just finding out about, and am slightly frustrated by that fact).  Because I need TIME to process this stuff.  Astronomically speaking, I’m not that knowledgable/erudite.  I just don’t have the experience with it, and THANK YOU, UNIVERSE, you give me little time to prepare for these things.  ((grumble, grumble.))  On the other hand, maybe Yehovah was holding me off until the last minute, so I wouldn’t read up and then forget about it, r’something.  Maybe I should be less miffy in my old age.

Having said, back to this ‘Grand Sextile’.  Here’s the Anna-cized version of it:  It’s an alignment.  It involves a lotta planets.  It makes the Star of David – in 3D – in the heavens.  It’s really cool.  It might mean something important to us.  The church isn’t watching this either, Amen.  ((/end Anna-cized version))

Now for the explanation, from people who obviously know more than I do.  And YES, I have to go astrology peeps for information.  NO, I don’t like to, but when the church is worthless (world without end) and has no information, you have to go where you can… even to Balaam to hear the voice of God.  Rejecting the ‘harmonious light’ talk, the zanies who go on and on about feminine elements and hostile/amiable energies (I actually want to talk about them in a day or two, here, should the Lord tarry), here’s what I found:

On July 29, the Grand Trine in Water we’ve had most of the month ((we have???))  is joined by a second Grand Trine in Earth. The two interlocking triangles will form a [six-pointed star] around the Earth… a Grand Sextile.  Think of it. The two triangles, one pointing upwards representing matter, one pointing downwards, representing spirit descending into matter.  The last time we had this exact configuration was February 27, 1945—near the end of World War II.  …The Grand Earth Trine, holding from 10:40 A.M. to 10 P.M. Eastern Time, helps …all good things growing with the Moon in Taurus. It is [the coming Messiah] with Venus in Virgo. And it is… holding to structures which no longer suit, thanks to Pluto in Capricorn.

Okay, so this ‘Grand Sextine’ that’s going to appear is actually two ‘Grand Trines’ merging together around Earth.  The last time it happened was three (ish) years before Israel (the nation) was restored… and hypothetically speaking, this time it’s three (ish) years before Israel (the people) are to be restored… possibly.  Well, isn’t THAT interesting!!  The Earth trine is the moon (His chosen) in Taurus (Messiah come to Judge) – a rapture reference! –  Venus (Coming Messiah) in Virgo (the Harvest) – another rapture reference – and since I know nothing about Pluto, structures that no longer suit would be physical bodies, IMHO.  Cuz you know I’m seeing yet aNOTHER rapture reference, here.  ((When don’t I?))  Three rapture references in the three Grand Water Trine planetary alignments?  That’s amazing beyond words!  More, Tank!!  Load me up with more:

grand sextile july 29, 2013

Monday, July 29 features an incredibly rare aspect known as a Grand Sextile. It’s essentially a six-pointed star comprised of seven planets that form harmonious angles (trines and sextiles) to each other. This synergistic seven are all in earth or water signs… Many astrologers view this as the moment our culture will take a step toward…  Perhaps that’s why astrologers have nicknamed this Grand Sextile “the saving grace.” 

It’s rare enough to have even one trine, or “lucky triangle,” so experiencing two at once  is a real anomaly. One will be an earth trine involving the moon, Venus and Pluto. The other is a water trine that includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Hello, sweet alignment!

So!  Now I have the information about the ‘water’ trine:  it’s Mars (war), Jupiter (Yeshua the High Priest), Saturn (Satan), and Neptune (which I have no information on… darnitall).  But this being a ‘saving grace’?  Rapture reference!  Six pointed star of David?  SEVEN planets in alignment around earth?  Very exciting!!

messianic sealAnd I was thinking about it.  You know the Messianic seal?  Here, lemme grab one for you:  Okay – so it’s seven lights, a Star of David and the fish of Yeshua’s ministry.  It fits with this alignment of seven planets, a star of David position, and all of these references to the harvest of the saints!  Gotta keep reading, so let’s continue:

star“…In keeping with its multidimensional nature, the Star of David is also known as a Grand Sextile and a Star Tetrahedron – intricate and lovely sacred geometry celestial configurations. The Star Tetrahedron has great esoteric meaning and is key to the evolution of Humanity. This Star-form exists as an etheric vehicle around the human body and is closely tied to the enlightenment process…”

“The ‘stellatedoctahedron’ (or stella octangula) was named by Johannes Kepler in 1609, though it was known to those geometric mathematicians. It was depicted in Pacioli’s ‘Divina Proportione’ in 1509. It can be seen as a 3D extension of the Star of David – it is two tetrahedra overlapping each other. In Hebrew the Merkaba translates to ‘vehicle’ or ‘chariot’. We need this vehicle to travel to other dimensions…”

“…July 29 the Earth Trine descends and anchors the water into the earth realm, as if an island begins to descend into the ocean. It is as if we are approaching a body of water or a lake or a fountain with an earthen vessel, and using the vessel to hold the water, making it useful. The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the one who holds a vessel of Life Giving Waters and pours them upon humanity.”

This fits EXACTLY with what I’ve written about before, about 2013 being the time of entering into Aquarius, or the age in which ‘He who pours out’ will do just that!  WooooT!  Isn’t this exciting?

“It’s not a long lasting influence/chart because one of the Earth signs is formed by the rapidly moving Moon, but while the Moon in Taurus moves from 4º-9º from early morning to early evening, it will be completing the final point of this Grand Sextile or six-pointed star. It seems the heavens are aligning in a rare portal.”

So this is also a very short-lived event.  I’m finding this so fascinating, aren’t you?


UPDATE:  But wait!  Because as I was finishing writing this, my friend Ali linked me to a stunning article about the sun:
Spacecraft Sees Giant ‘Hole’ In the Sun
A space telescope aimed at the sun has spotted a gigantic hole in the solar atmosphere — a dark spot that covers nearly a quarter of our closest star, spewing solar material and gas into space.  The so-called coronal hole over the sun’s north pole came into view between July 13 and 18 and was observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO. …The sun is currently reaching its 11-year peak in activity, known as the solar maximum. Around the time of this peak, the sun’s poles switch their magnetism. The number of coronal holes typically decreases leading up to the switch.

Which pricked my mind, right away, because I’d just read about a that time period… oh, where was it?  Which grand Sextile article was it????  So going BACK again… here’s what I’d read:

“…Starting now the Star of David begins to appear: The Water triangle (Grand Water Trine) appears first – on July 17 – like a glistening triangular liquid gem, a lake being fed by a waterfall and flowing to the ocean. Then on July 29 the Earth Trine descends and anchors the water into the earth realm, as if an island begins to descend into the ocean. It is as if we are approaching a body of water or a lake or a fountain with an earthen container – a clay vessel, a glass, bowl or cup – and using the vessel to hold the water, making it useful. The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the one who holds a vessel of Life Giving Waters and pours them upon humanity.”

Okay, so my question NOW is… is there a correlation between this solar hole the size of a QUARTER of the sun, and this Grand Sextile?  Because it was noticed between July 13 and 18… and July 17th is between the 13 and 18th, and is when the hole opened up.  So… is there some connection?  Curiouser and curiouser…!!

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  1. This is TOTALLY cool! And I like the “portal” reference…..taking us where? 😉 May He not tarry!

  2. Hmmmm….and I’m thinking that we just “lost” 1/4 of the Sun….a little more, and it’ll be 1/3. Interesting!

  3. See? that is what I said V – maybe the hole is growing as we speak (so to speak)
    We saw with lots of other events that things happened over the course of time – not all at once.

  4. course chapter 21 describes a city descending from heaven with three gates on each side. At first I thought well if you have two four sided dice – ya know that is only 8 sides total…but it is TWELVE edges or paths between the vertices – right?
    SO maybe that is something there – when you talked about the island and the water I thought of the city decending on the mountain… woo hoo!

    or I am an idiot – who knows?

  5. Okay so you know – I asked my friend about holidays coming up – I was informed that I remembered correctly about the leader of the faithful dying yesterday and the 31st of this month = which is the 23 of their lunar set up is tonight, that is when their faith tells them the angel Gabriel will appear calling out from sky about coming of God’s promise. Í wonder if something like this also happened whild certain sheperds were tending sheep on the hills sides?
    He tells me it might not be this year, but they are always hoping. That will be the year of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabias death – they think of this guy like we think of Haman (in hopes that his name will be completely blotted out in the world to come) but they will not know of his death until it is closer to Hajj when everyone that can should try to get back to Saudi arabia. Hajj is expected to fall between October 13-18, 2013. Many muslims believe when they hear that the king of saudi has died they will hear the good news of coming of Imam Mahdi and Jesus.


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