Day 12: That Strange Sextile


I kid you not, this stuff is OVERWHELMING me!!  Every single day, it’s something else.  So much so, that this is Shabbat – it’s supposed to be a quiet day on my blog – and I have to use the space.  Mostly because I’ve got posts scheduled thru Sept 5th, and I’m out of space, and STILL more things are happening, and I’m researching like CR-azy over here!!!  ((pant, pant, pant!!!))

Star_of_David_art_x_by_BlakeHenryRobsonOkay, so three weeks ago ((? ish ?)) I posted about an extremely rare astronomical event call the Grand Sextine that happened on July 29.  It looked like a Star of David in the Heavens, and involved two trines – the ‘earth’ trine and ‘water’ trine.  In brief overview, the EARTH trine was the Moon (and earth, but we’re looking at the moon, here), Venus, and Pluto, and the WATER trine was Jupiter/Mars (in the same point), Neptune, and Saturn.  I tried making a picture of it, so that you get the gist… it’s adapted from DeviantArt by Blake Henry Robinson (giving credit where it’s partially due).  I’m not a computer artist, so forgive my pathetic attempts… but at least it’s somewhat of a visual.

Okay, well, fourteen days later, on August 12th, there’s a funky crop circle that appears in a field, and… well, it’s very similar.  Wanna see it?

Wow, hey, a theme.

So then as if that wasn’t interesting, ironic, thematic (pick your adjective) enough, then the very next day – August 13th – FIFTEEN days/half a month after the Grand Sextine, we have a very different crop circle.

At first, I didn’t see any correlation at all, and the things those crop people come up with to explain… some of them are really crazy, FYI.  But then some guy said, “Don’t you see that it’s an aerial view, looking down at Messiah on the cross?”  And since he said that, I haven’t been able to NOT see Messiah, except I don’t see him on a cross, I see him ascending.    WoW.  Isn’t THAT interesting?  But that’s not as far as it went… wait for THIS.

I had dismissed this circle for other things.  But then yesterday, I was looking at the circle and the alignments, and I stumbled on this picture… and it threw me for a loop.  Because NOBODY in astronomical (or astrological) circles mentioned and double trine on August 14/15… (ironically, same day as the nova).  So… I had to go find out.  But Stellarium doesn’t have a view of the WHOLE solar system…

And I found THE KEWLEST SITE in trying to find out if this alignment was real or not.  It’s called Solar System Scope, and it picks up where Stellarium leaves off.  SO geeked about this site – it’s beautiful and interactive!

Here’s where I explain stuff.  See, the Grand Sextile alignment of July 29 was actually a period that apparently lasted until August 12th, and the Star of David crop circle on that day was the ‘grand finis‘, if you will.  Then the NEXT period is started with the funky crop circle of Christ ascending… and announcing the next alignment in the heavens: this double trine.  And yes, the photo I found above IS a real and verifiable line-up.  Here’s a screenshot of Solar System Scope on August 14th, the day the new start started forming, and I’ve added the lines for you to see the water/earth trines (again, sorry – I’m no artist):

So, RECAP!  First it was a Grand Sextine period.  The last time there was a Grand Sextine, was three (ish) years before Israel (the nation) was restored… hypothetially speaking this time it’s three (ish) years before Israel (the people) will be restored.  The Grand Trine was called by astrologers ‘The Saving Grace’.  LOVE that name – the connotation is thrilling!

And now we have a Trine within a Trine.  I have NO information on this, whatsoever.  I don’t know if it’s common, or anything.  I asked someone who has a Jewish Kabbalist approach if she knows anything, but haven’t heard back.  ((In her defense, it’s Shabbat, and she’s probably taking the break I would’ve been taking, had I not been called to write this.))  So… well.  Apparently whoever made the crop circle feels it’s important.  At any rate, this time it’s Moon-Venus-Mercury and Neptune-Jupiter/Mars-Saturn… the same line-up, except Mercury has replaced Pluto in the Earth Trine.  I just had to point it out, as yet again, circles and astronomical signs are matching up in uncanny ways!!


And FWIW, there’s also a Comet ISON trajectory on that Solar System Scope site that’s interactive,
there, and you have to see THIS screenshot I took from it:

ISONUm… Look out, Jupiter?!?!  Or is that trajectory inside, a ways…?

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  1. reminds me of the day I told my sister about some elipse of Jupiter and the moon and she asked me which one was in front. oh boy…

  2. comet is only 3 miles across – jupiter is 88,800 miles across – won’t likely hurt much even if it hits.


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