Cosmic Clock: The Big Picture


In September of 2011, I posted something called ‘The Cosmic Clock’, by a man named Dov Bar-Lieb of of Kochav Yakov, Israel.  I’ve followed this man for a while, and… some of what he says makes total sense to me, and some of it is so steeped in his personal speculation and some weird rabbit trails that I can’t follow, that… I wait for green lights on what he says.  If I get a green light, it means I can actually pay attention to it.  Otherwise, I just skim and shrug.  I depend pretty heavily on that green light, at all times in my life.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because another blogger that I follow mentioned the Cosmic Clock yesterday.  And what SHE said green lighted with me, in a HUGE way.  She took what Dov Bar-Lieb wrote, and clarified and took it that little bit further towards Truth.  And now I find myself in the same position:  I want to take a moment and clarify what SHE’S saying, and take it a little bit further, again.

The whole thing begins with the idea that a clock is a symbol of time.  But it doesn’t have to be hourly time, it can be symbolic of a cycle of time… say, a 365-year period.  Then each day is a second on our ‘cosmic clock’.  Are you following?  We’re using a clock as the illustration for something bigger picture than just minutes and hours.  If you’re with me, so far, we’re doing good.

Now, Dov Bar-Lieb wrote an amazing blog post that explained that world history is a cosmic travel thru the Hebrew months, as shown on a ‘Cosmic Clock’… and that’s as far as I’m taking his theory for a moment.  When we take it from there, we see that the months each have their feasts, as set forth by Yehovah in scripture, as did certain physical things.  Rosh Ha’Shana, the first day of Tishri, is the birthday of the Earth, starting the whole cycle (or, one on the clock, if you will).  Cheshvan was the enlightened period, including the Great Flood, and up to Abraham.   Kislev was the period of the patriarchs, the spiritual creation of Israel. Tevet is the period of the building of Israel as a physical nation, via the Judges (beginning with Moses).  Shevat is the period of the kings, up to the exile.  Adar sees the return of Israel to her place, and the period of the prophets, thru the Maccabees.

Moving from the BC times to the AD ones, next we have Nisan – the Messianic/evangelistic period.  After that is Iyar: the Dark Ages and renaissance thereafter.  Sivan was the Reformation period, the time of discovery, awakening, and change.  Tamuz started the Industrial Revolution (and the start of the degradation of society, the planet, the spiritual, etc.)

Here we go back and pick up what Dov Bar-Lieb wrote.  He said that things kind of halted for a very long time, that the clock ‘stopped’ or stalled… until the first World War, which started up the events leading to the end.   He says that the 21 years between the end of WWI in 1918 and the beginning of WW2 in 1939 correspond to 21 days between the 17th of Tamuz and the 9th of Av.  Both of these are serious days of mourning on the Jewish calendar.  And hey – it gives us an idea of where we are, right now… if he’s right.  According to Dov Bar-Leib:

1918 (5678) ~ beginning of the time of trouble, first World War.
1939 (5699) – beginning of second World War.
1945 (5705) – Tu B’Av (15th of Av) – Hebrew commemoration celebrating the end of our destruction

((aNNa’S NoTe:  I looked up WWII on wikipediait says WWII was 1939-1945.  EXACTLY fits with the ‘cosmic clock’ Dov is presenting!!  Anyhooo, Dov continues the chart, but jumps ahead 45 years, to when things begin to really hop, again.))

1990 (5750) –  – Rosh Hashana, the sounding of the Trumpet announcing the start of things to come!   …The shofar blowers (lightbearers) would blow the shofar to announce to those in the fields that the Sabbath (the 7th millenium) is approaching.

Dove then says that the Ten Days of Awe between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur equate to Ten Years of Awe: 5750-5760 (1990-2000)

2000/Y2K (5760) – Yom Kippur, the time when atonement will begin

Now, from here, the woman who took Dov’s Cosmic Clock took it further.  She says:

There are 3 full days (and one half day) between Yom Kippur & Erev Sukkot. These are extremely rushed days during which people scurry to build a sukkah (temporary dwelling space) after the day of fasting/cleansing and before the full moon harvest festival of Tabernacles. On a deeper level, the judgment or new energy of the year is sealed on Yom Kippur…  those three days are nearly non-conscious in a state of flow, as one rushes around to acquire the four species of plant and seven species of fruit and builds the temporary dwelling and prepares for the festival.

I find this AMAZING, because it puts us at:

2003/4 (5763/4) – Erev Sukkot, the beginning of the drawing us to Him period.  According to my SMS chart:


So does it fit?  Absolutely, YES!!!  And of course Sukkot is a seven-day feast… which takes us to:

2010/11 (5770/11) – 7th of Sukkot – The wedding is over, marriage begins,
as well as being end of the Seal Judgments/Beginning of Sorrows.
2012 (5772) – Shmini Atzeret – a note with one’s destiny is submitted in Heaven;
2013 (5773) – Simchat Torah – all iniquities are in any case transmuted to merits and all judgments are nullified,
all decrees sweetened, all is drenched in essence and begins anew.

Now as I said, I looked at this clock in September of 2011… and commented on it, but didn’t take much away from it.  Mostly because I didn’t have the clarification of the latest post to help me grasp the whole thing.  But now that it’s clear… WoW.  Couple this with the line-up of signs in the heavens and on the Earth, add in where we are in the Revelation timeline…?

This year is looking pretty convincing.

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  1. That was very interesting! I was thinking about Rachel and Leah – and how the first wedding week was with Leah and immediatly followed by another wedding week with Rachel. And some years we get Adar I and Adar II


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