Day 19: Three Things

elulThree Interesting Things…

ANOTHER crop circle appeared yesterday.  This one is easier to explain:

Revelation has 21 chapters… but the coming of Messiah happens with the start of Chapter 14.  So this is a clock is a countdown to the return of Messiah to Mount Zion.  It’s telling us exactly where we are now, by way of an angel messenger, as seen in the middle.  Brian says he doesn’t see it, so here it is, so that you can see the Revelation Chapter Clock and the angel:

My artistic abilities SUCK, so forgive.
BUT…!  I learned to overlay images in doing this!!!

Where are we in *MY* countdown, now that the SMS (2007-2010) is over?  I’m at Revelation 7:9-end.  Two events happen in Revelation 7:  first, the Jews are sealed, and second, the saints are taken to Heaven.  I have shown that the Jews have been sealed (2007-2010).  We’ve been in the ‘space of a half an hour’ since that time (the events of the three judgments are chronological, the events BETWEEN judgments are not chronological, and happen AT THE SAME TIME as the judgment before it.  So we’ve had the sealing of the Jews, the span of a half an hour (2010-2013), and before we can move on to the trumpet judgments, I’m waiting for the second half of Revelation 7 to be fulfilled.  And where does the clock point?  About halfway thru chapter 7.   What do y’know...!  😀  I love a good confirmation!

#2 – Tomorrow is that second Grand Sextile with a Cross that I posted about.  I was pretty geeked about it, even before this crop circle.  But even moreso now that I know the time is ripe, and we’re there!  Keep looking up, because our redemption draweth VERY nigh!

Oh, and I cant forget to wish you…


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  1. I love the pictures of the crop circles and they are fascinating. I’m curious if you have any theories about how they are constructed. I can’t imagine them being space aliens, I’ve seen humans construct circles with boards and ropes. Some of these are more complex than that. So what do you think?


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