The Pluto Pendulum


I don’t know how or why I end up the places I end up, looking at the things I look at.  But I was… doing something… ((who knows what)), and somehow I found myself suddenly completely captivated by Pluto.  That little planet that most people no longer consider a planet because they lack any shred of sentimentality?  I was suddenly investigating it.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how I segued to Pluto.  I don’t even think I was … hang on, lemme check my browser history.  Oh!  I was trying to figure out that crop circle with the ascending Christ on it.  This one >>.  And I said, “What’s up with the Christmas tree?” to Brian, and he said, “It’s the jewel in the center of the crown, duh.  Thought you’d see that right away.”  And when I unruffled my highly ruffle-able feathers, I said, “Oh.”  And realized that, yet AGAIN, it’s upside-down.  Those crop people are ridiculous, I’m tellin’ ya.

And then I wanted to know what the upside-down pendulum was all about – with those two brackets.  It reminded me of… okay, don’t laugh, but we’re watching ‘Star Wars’ with the kids, for their first time.  And we just watched ‘A New Hope’ ((which is, to blondes like me, the first episode – the one they made first back in 1978, since NOBODY knows which episode is which, anymore)).  Anyhow, they were going to try to destroy the Death Star with the little X-wing fighters, and they have these rudimentary computer readouts that tell them if they’re getting close to their target, and it looks a lot like that whole pendulum/bracket do-hickey thinger, there.  Anyhow, if you look in the black illustration, it says that it’s Pluto.  And the things is, I don’t KNOW anything about Pluto, Biblical Astronomically speaking.  So apparently that’s how I got to where I was.  Researching the not-so-planet.  Because maybe it’s lining up with something?  Maybe it MEANS something?

So I moseyed over to Biblical Astronomy.  Bob ((who I dislike, because mostly he’s about getting paid for his stuff, and he screws up too much for that, and… well, let’s not talk about him) said that Pluto was in Virgo’s heel when Messiah Yeshua was born.  Then Pluto slipped into Ophiuchus ((pronounced:  Offee-YOU-kus)), and this was a sign in the heavens of what was going on down here on earth with the Savior at that time.  And he says that it takes 248-ish years to make it’s orbit, leading it BACK to Ophiuchus.  He also says that Pluto spends 20 years in each constellation.  Ish.  He even graphed it… but the thing is, Yeshua’s ministry started at age 30, the eligible age for a person to become a priest or prophet.  Pluto was already out of Ophiuchus by then… so it doesn’t really match up as a sign of what happened, Bob.

Um… nope.  28AD puts us out the other side, already.
Yet another reason I won’t pay for Bob’s stuff.
Click to enlarge, if you want to see stoOopidity up close.

Bob Wadsworth wrote about this in 1996, because that’s the last time Pluto came over Virgo’s foot and headed toward Ophiuchus.  Here’s his ‘Chart Five’… so you can see.  It took from 1996 to 2008 for Pluto to make it across that constellation:

Which, btw, doesn’t match Stellarium, either.  I know,
because I went and looked at Pluto in the years 1996 thru 2008.

Still.  Okay, so Bob’s times and places are… way off, but if it takes 248 years for this to happen again, we shouldn’t have to worry.  We just need to know where Pluto is, now.   Because that tells us what’s so special about Pluto that it factors in in that circle so interestingly.  Okay… so where is Pluto, right now, two thousand (ish) years later, barring Bob’s issues?  Let’s see it on Stellarium:


Pluto is between the four red lines.  If the ISA still catagorized it as a planet, it’d have a little dot with the word ‘Pluto’ on it, like the moon, because I have planet/moon labels enabled.  Thank you, ISA, for being dummy-heads: now Pluto doesn’t actually show up on the star map.  The white circle you see is the moon, and beside it, in the red lines, is Pluto.  By doing a date search, I found out that Pluto is going into Saggitarius… which is the sign of the bowman on the white horse going forth conquering and to conquer.  I see it as a reference to Revelation 19:11… when Messiah comes back to put an end to the Trib.  He rides on a white horse, he’s wearing many crowns (there are four in the crop circle pic)… it fits.

So according to the crop circle, Messiah is preparing to come.  We’re in a countdown, as of now.  The circle shows that He who is coming to conquer with the bow is on His way (as Pluto is on its way to Saggitarius).   Very interesting!  I learn something new every day!

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