Value of Israel

When I was growing up, my mother was often heard saying the same phrases over and over.  It’s kind of comical, now.  Because they tickle Brian.  For example, if you mention Dean Martin (like if you hear a song on a movie or the radio), she’s wrinkle her nose and say, “Lush.  He’s a lush.”  With that really disapproving tone.   Brian still does it to me all the time.  I’ll say, “Hey, guys, hear that?  It’s Dean Martin… he sings really legato, very slurred phrases.”  and Brian’ll wrinkle his nose and go, “Lush.  He’s just a lush.”  I laugh every time.  Cher?  “Pig.”  Which is funny, because I really like Cher.  Yes, she’s crazy.  But she doesn’t let anyone tell her what she has to be.  And she’s tried just about everything, so she’s really worldly-wise.  But to my mom?  “Pig.”

One of her phrases did NOT tickle me, growing up.  That’s when you mention Israel or the Jews.  She’d get that same nose wrinkle look and say, “They killed my Savior.”  Like they were completely dismissed from any importance because they chose wrong.  And like that’s the ONLY time they’ve ever chose wrong?!  They were in the wilderness 40 years because they chose wrong.  They were in Babylon in exile because they chose wrong.  They were dispersed throughout the world because they chose wrong.   But to my mom, it boiled down to one thing :  “They killed my Savior.”  I have NO idea where she stands on it these days, she’s a non-practicing Torah observant whatever the hell she feels like at the moment, so… have fun with that.   She pretended to come out of christianity for a while, until it took too much time/effort, then she told me that she “liked the way her dad did things” (<< christianity), and since then, there really hasn’t been any fruit or discussion about things.  And frankly, I don’t care.

00000000000solarBut a week ago, a friend of mine on FB (and WordPress) posted about the SAME thing – how everyone says we should support Israel, and *SHE* wasn’t going to, because they aren’t the Jews, anymore… believers are.  They gave up their special status when they rejected Messiah, according to her.  Screw them.  ‘They rejected my Savior’ came echoing back to me, and just as when I was a young girl in church, it STILL affronts me.  She wrote a whole blog about how Israel is absolutely nothing, and how she was NOT going to stand by Israel, they’re not worthy.  And honestly?  She’s right.  They’re not worthy.  NO ONE is worthy, but Israel is worse.

Because Israel rejected not just Yeshua, but ALL THRU HISTORY they rejected Yehovah, Himself!  And did Yehovah *EVER* reject them?  NEVER!  He NEVER rejected them.  EVER.  Yehovah chose them.  They are HIS people, past, present, and future.  Period.  Regardless of how far they stray from Him, Ha’Shem will always, always love His chosen people.  And no, they’re not worthy.  But Yehovah has promised all through scripture – from the earliest books to the very end! – that Israel is HIS land, that the Jews are HIS people.  This won’t ever change.  He illustrated the infidelity with the relationship between Hosea (the prophet) and Gomer (the unfaithful whore).  No matter how many times Gomer ran out on Hosea, he loved her.  He always drew her back to him.  If that’s an illustration of Yehovah and His chosen people, then there is NO doubt in my mind that God does NOT hate Israel.

Often I have wondered as a young girl how King David could be the ‘man after God’s own heart’.  King David had something like eight hundred wives, not including concubines.  He murdered and plotted and lusted and… a LOT of things that are not so admirable.  BUT… it’s King David who repented the most.  Who turned around and begged Ha’Shem to take him and make something better of him.  He knew he was a massive screw-up, but because of that, he was able to repent all the more… he had more to repent of!  It’s the same with Israel.  Yes, they KILLED Messiah.  But (and not to go all Morpheus on you, but) do you really think Messiah wouldn’t have been killed if the Jews had been ‘holier’?  Honestly.  They were chosen, set aside, for that low!  Because like David, they will repent all the more, because they have MORE to repent of!  That only brings them all the MORE closer to Adonai than you!!  These people have NO concept of that… they’re so busy looking down their noses and being outraged, they don’t see the big picture.

Fact is, we’re grafted in… but the vine is STILL Israel.  You didn’t replace them.  You’re fortunate – privileged! – to be included.  And to snidely look down at that vine that you’ve been accepted to?  I can’t think THAT’S a good idea in any way, shape, or form!!

My friend said that the verses used to support Israel don’t really apply.  I believe the verse is Genesis 12:1-3:

“And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

According to her, that promise is for believers, not for Israel.  But the verse was from Genesis… it was before the Cross.  It was a promise to a people who existed, not that would exist several thousand years in the future.  It’s preposterous to erase whole portions of the Bible.

I’m not saying the situation with Israel isn’t frustrating at the moment.  Until Messiah returns the second time, they’re screwed up.  They speak of the two-fold Messiah:  Mosiach ben Yosef and Mosiach ben David… one who will come in humility and lowliness, and one who will come in majesty and power.  But they don’t accept that Yeshua ben Yosef was the Mosiach.  They’re still waiting for the FIRST coming of Messiah.  Fact of the matter is, when Messiah comes the second time, it won’t matter if it’s the first or second time – they WILL believe in Him, and WILL be His people, once again.  And if you were against them, when Yehovah said “THIS IS MY PEOPLE”… what will that say about your ‘belief’ in Yehovah?  That you heard and chose to directly disobey?  If that’s the case what makes you any better than the Jews that you’re condemning, right now?!?

I don’t know.  Maybe I romanticize things too much or something.  But to my mind, if I want to be obedient, if I want a heart after the Father, then I will see Israel as what they really are.  And that’s a special, set apart nation that may be stumbling about in darkness at the moment, but that will be glorious and triumphant, back in the arms of her Creator, in the end.  And I will stand by them, encouraging them and uplifting them in prayer until that time.

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  1. The Apostle Paul would differ – this Jew of Jews, Levite of Levites, wrote Romans Chapters 9-11. We are grafted in, the vine is Israel. Kill the vine and the graft dies.

  2. He said do not judge lest you be judged. And people who look down their ignorant and… i’m sorry quite frankly racist noses at the Jews.. may have a special place waiting for them. Because of perpetual Jew-blame the world has given birth to some of the worst genocide on the face of the earth… be that the first holocaust (the inquisition which drove my ancestors to the new world in secret) or the second during wwii. The events leading up to and during Yeshua’s death, were set into motion by Yahweh Himself. He knew all and saw all. The Lord never rejected them, not during His death nor after. If anything the promise of salvation made no man be better than another — everyone got a fair shot. Who put the Lord on the cross? Who put the nails? Who drove in the spear? It was the Romans. The precursers of Catholicism today. Do we then sit and scream that Catholics killed Him? No, of course not. That would be almost too easy wouldn’t it? *sigh* It bothers me on so many levels. I do not understand the hatred of ”they killed my Savior”. Are they saying that they wished everything had happened differently and not according to Yahweh’s plan? Yeshua would not be the Savior, but for His death. I can’t entertain the thought of the logic of those people… I really can’t. They do more damage to this world than anyone else. Seriously, people need to get their heads out of their butts and wake up.


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