Someone Else’s Words


I have a HUGE peeve.  It grates me beyond WORDS, just grinds against everything within me.  Sets my teeth on edge and makes it so that I can barely reign in my temper.

That’s using other people’s words as your own opinion.

For example, this morning, TWO TIMES there were instances where I was all hackles-up over this.  The first was on Facebook.  I saw that Answers in Genesis is giving a free live stream of Ken Ham’s interpretation of the Noah story, to clarify what’s wrong with the ‘Noah‘ movie that’s coming out.  And the women that I saw posting this?  They were giddy with excitement over it – BOTH of them.

Now here’s my beef:  What makes Ken Ham’s interpretation of the Noahide events any more true than the Hollywood version?  You’re still talking about a fallible man taking scripture and re-dishing it out to you with his own spin on things, in his own words!  How do you know Ken Ham has it any more right than the movie?  Why on EARTH would you do that?  Instead of taking the movie back to scripture and looking at the Word and allowing the Spirit to move you?  You’re STILL promoting a go-between, and I’m sorry, but after thirty years of lies from go-betweens, I wouldn’t touch Ken Ham’s commentary with a ten-foot pole!

That man makes money hand-over-fist… OFF YOU!… and that’s NOT how true spiritual men behaved, ever.  They had jobs, and gave away anything they got from the Lord FREE.  That’s what I do, here.  FREE… while urgently stressing you should look things up for yourself.  THAT’S what should be done.  That’s the way the Lord works.  Not the way these profiteers do it.  Don’t trust a one of them!!

And it’s not just Ken Ham.  There’s Dave Ramsey, doling out ‘scriptural’ (haha) financial advice, by the grace o’ Gawd (and your gullible pocketbook).  There’s Kirk Cameron and the ‘Left Behind’ lies… and now half the world has a completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY) fricked up view of the end times, courtesy of distorted scripture and too many personal liberties taken.

There are churches all the way across this nation with Beth Moore ‘Bible’ studies… which is a joke, because there are more of Beth Moore’s words being discussed than scripture.  Who made Beth Moore the expert?  Are you so sure of what her agenda is?  And WHY does anyone need her opinion on scripture – shouldn’t you be reading it for yourself and forming your OWN opinion?  The likelihood of her giving untruths is sky high… but these people are “easier” and “relatable” and all this other crap, so people lean on Rick Warren’s understanding, on Beth Moore and Ken Ham and… who’s that Science Guy who made a fool of himself a few weeks ago…?   Wait, that was Ken Ham, too!  Gee, I’d certainly give anything to hear his mouth open, again.

Then I wandered over to a chrischun blog (I really, REALLY need to stay away), and saw some woman talking about how she felt like she wasn’t making a difference in the world with what she wrote… but half of what was in her blog post was ‘encouragement’ blurbs from another writer!  The only nuggets in the whole dang post were quotes from another person!!  She used this other person to ‘bolster’ herself and… I just… it doesn’t make sense to me.  What makes the lady she’s quoting the authority on what this blogger should do?  Shouldn’t you be so attuned to your gawd that you hear from HIM about what direction you should go?

There just seems to be this whole dependency-on-others movement within ‘spiritual’ (haha) circles, and there’s not a dang thing spiritual about it.  I believe the Bible refers to it as ‘the blind leading the blind’.  I couldn’t stand it – had to get OUT of that rat race years ago.  But it seems to have gotten to pandemic proportions, and if that isn’t a sign of the pitiful state of the ‘c’hurch, today, I don’t know what is.

But then, they’ve been blindly following pastors, allowing themselves to be spoon-fed from a pulpit for years, haven’t they?  And who knows what THAT man messes up.  ((I used to have warning flags all over my sermon notes – and that’s just ONE pastor… at a time, that is.  For a total of thirteen pastors, over the years.  The odds aren’t in the layman’s favor.))  And all of these sheeple, looking up at the glossy headshots and glam marketing and BUYING into it!  Gah, I just want to scream!!

So there’s my peeve.  If you want to know what’s wrong with the Noah movie?  GO READ YOUR BIBLE.  If you want to have a BIBLE study… open the WORD.  If you want to hear from the Lord?  LISTEN FOR HIS MESSAGE TO YOU.  You want encouragement?  FIND IT IN SCRIPTURE.  I’m pretty sure Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Paul didn’t get their Truth regurgitated from someone padding their pockets by peddling opinion.  It’s WRONG.

Read it yourself.  Listen to HIM.  Don’t bother with these others.

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