Hike #1: Rabbit River

It was a lovely evening after two days of rain.  The kids were feeling cooped up, and we needed to make a critter food run, now that we could bring it home without the sacks getting wet.  But with such a nice breeze and sunshine, I was really feeling the need to just get out and move and breathe.

Spring is bustin’ out all over!

Can you see the tiny flowers, everywhere?


Something red.  A squirrel’s nest.
Doing a float experiment.  All part of a good walk.

The Rabbit River.

I have one that dances everywhere she goes.
But then again… why walk when you can dance?

Nothing like a gnarly wood dagger.

Always something new to see and photograph.

It’s amazing how beautiful it is out there!

(Note to self… find out what these are.)

The Rabbit River trail is extremely short (about half a mile) and mostly paved, so it’s a great little stop-off, and the perfect ‘starter’ hike for our season.


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