Snapshot Sunday

One thousand, three hundred seventy five miles later?
We’re back from our week-long vacation to Wisconsin/Chicago!

It. Was. WONDERFUL!!  I had no idea it was so pretty, over there.  We took the S.S. Badger from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI, and then worked our way down the east coast of the state, down thru Milwaukee and Chicago (although we didn’t do anything in Chicago – that city is a trip, in itself!).  But Brian’s boss owns a hotel room just off the Magnificent Mile that he lets employees use free if they give him a little heads up, and… hey, if it could help us save on the trip…!  ((Anna at a four star hotel?  It was comical… I didn’t do well with porters taking our stuff (“Who are you, again?”) and other staff (“Just… back up.  I’ve got packing the car down to a fine art, honey.” as the poor guy stood stupified at the amount I could cram in the back of Rosie.)

We saw waterfalls, caves, dells, bluffs, cliffs, lighthouses, gardens and came away with NINE ticks (it was a minor crisis, upon discovery).  We toured a cheese factory, a brewery, Jelly Belly, LegoLand, went to the Milwaukee Zoo and saw a sea lion show .  We had picnics in crazy places (UofW campus?) and braved Chicago traffic at rush hour on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend (it was… indescribable).  We got to meet a lady I’ve been friends with on-line for years, and ended up talking over burgers and ice cream for TWO hours… in a giant tree house!  We swam in hotel pools, ran thru the sand on beaches, and rock-hoppped out on piers.  I still can’t believe we fit everything that we did in such a small amount of time… and MOST of what we did was absolutely free.

But it’s good to be home.  Our critters missed us.  Our lawn has grown into a jungle in our absence.  There’s clothing to wash and souvenirs to put away and supplies to unpack.  I have over 800 photos to edit (like I wasn’t behind, before!!).

But it was SO much fun!

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