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Sunday night, I read the article about 2014’s increase in earthquakes.  I went back to my archives and did a search on 1992 to find out what happened that year that might’ve been prophetic… and the search pulled up a blog post from 2004 that didn’t have anything to do with what I was looking for… and yet the moment I opened the window, a green light went off in my head.  Something important about that post.  I was on a mission, though, and filed that information away ‘for a later date’, making note of where the post was.

The next morning (Monday), I was reading thru my daily online stops, and the post in 2004 that I wrote?  The one I just saw the night before and oddly green-lighted over?  The SAME INFORMATION was re-posted on THIS WEEK Monday at a Jewish blog!  I thought… wait, now that’s weird.  Why, after so long, would I see the same thing twice?  So I pulled up my old blog, and… that’s just crazy.  That something from 2004 – TEN years ago?! – would re-surface TWICE in the same 12-hour period?!  And my post linked back to another post, which I had to pull up and look at… that’s THREE instances of the same information!

Apparently there was something here I was meant to see.  And I got excited… because my old post in 2004?  It gave a chart and at the end of it I basically wrote, “I have no idea what this means.”  Now?  Ten years later?  It seems that Ha’Shem has the answer for me!!

Now something you need to know before I get into what this is all about:  The Jews, since times unremembered, have always read thru Torah every year, by following a prescribed schedule of readings.  These readings are called ‘parshat’, or portions.  Each ‘parshat’ contains both a passage from Torah (the first five books of the Bible) and a portion from the ‘haftara’, which is the books of the prophets in the Old Testament.  So each day, Jews read a parshat of both Torah and Haftara.  And it’s the exact same schedule, every year… BUT apparently, there’s an exception – a special change in the schedule that happens once in a blue moon – and that’s what all of this is about.  Here’s what it says, and it’s in regards to the traditional reading of Torah:

The rule is that whenever Pinehas falls out before Shiv’a Asar BeTamuz, it gets its own Haftara. Otherwise, we read the Haftara of Parshat Matot as it is then the first of the “Telat dePurantua” – 3 Haftarot of Punishment. When Pinehas is read after Shiv’a Asar BeTamuz, Matot and Mas’ei are read together.

I realize you don’t know what that means.  *I* didn’t fully understand it.  I know enough to explain that there was a portion that was read together as a three-some, and that the special deviation is to read one part of that – the ‘Pinehas’ separate from the other two sections in certain special years that have a deviation in their count of days – likely because there are more days in specific months.

Now… I don’t read the Haftara.  So I have NO idea what this signifies.  haftarahThat’s what my post in 2004 was about.  I’d been reading a Jewish blog (still do!) and he posted a chart of when this ‘Pinehas’ was read together (T) with the other two versus separate from the other two (S).   This happens only FOUR times between 1985 and 2034… only four times in 49 years… the amount of days in the Omer count, and 7×7, which is a very important number, scripturally-speaking.  So something is up with this.  And I knew it then, but I didn’t know what it meant, or signified.

The years that this happens include 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014.  Every third year.  Threes are also important, so this also set off another green light in my head.  I still didn’t understand, though, so… I had to dig deeper.  Something important is here.

First I looked at the years… what happened in these years?  I couldn’t find a common denominator between them.  Odd.

So I went back to the first posting about this… and here’s the original blog explanation, with me adding the meanings in brackets, to make it easier to understand:

The Pinehas Haftara [ this particular reading from the prophets] is about Eliyahu Hanavi [the Prophet Elijah] “finding” Hashem [The Lord] in the קול דממה דקה – thin, small voice.  …the קול דממה דקה  [thin, small voice] is one of the names of Mashiah [Messiah] and is equivalent to the following “Kol” mentioned in the Zohar Hadash Balak.

I made a note to find out about this ‘Kol’, but read on:

My take on it is that 5775 [2014/15, starting at the end of September 2014]  is a Shemitta [sabbatical] year…  Right before 5775 comes, we will have our 4th reading of the Haftara of Pinehas …That will come right before Shemitta [sabbatical year], which comes right before Yovel [70th year, year of Jubilee].  This is when the thin, small voice will be heard.

In other words… [5775/2014-15] is the Sabbatical year, and [5776/2015-16] therefore is the year of Jubilee.  Which means just before BOTH of them, the ‘still small voice’ is to be heard.  The ‘voice’ that is one of the names of the Messiah… with a reference to some ‘Kol’ in the Zohar(which I have never read).  The blogger gives the information in Hebrew, but I went and found the ‘Kol’ in English (it begins with the bold portion, if you choose the link over the English below)… and I was SHOCKED to read what it said:

At the time of the End of Days, according to the hour of the day, at the time that the sun shines, from the 6th Day, at the time that is ready according to the count of years, of Yovel and Shmitah together… At that time a single voice is prepared to awaken at the heights of the upper heavens, a sad and bitter voice, such that hasn’t been since the day that the world was created.  And that voice will be fine (דק), in secret, in bitterness, in sadness, going down and up, up and down, and thus it will say: “I had a beloved doe from the old days, but it forgot me. I had strong love with her. I remember that the form of her face was impressed on my heart and on my arm, and my love for her was strong within me, and the flames burned within me.”

At that hour, He will cry three cries, one after another, and all the heavens will shake, and all the worlds will shake, until 3 voices are heard, in to the Tanin fish (נונא תנינא), and will run away 400,000 parsaot to one fish in the sea. There it will put out its traps and nets, and pull it from the sea, and bring it to the Yeshiva in the heavens, and see from it all the problems and disagreements that will be presented there. And he will be [there] 150 days.

And at that time, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will gather all the hosts of heaven, and all the members of his Yeshivah, and He is above them all, and they are bringing before him that Tanin, and they will tie 3 knots on his neck, and take his 3 beloved ones, and return him to the place he is held. And his beloved ones will enter one sanctuary which is called Ahavah (Love) and they will be hidden there.

And HaKadosh Baruch Hu will impose an oath on all of these hosts, and to these 2 Yeshivot, that all of them go, and hear the voice of the beloved, that He desires to hear her voice with them. At that time there will be aroused on the Holy Nation troubles, one on top of the other, with great force, and they cry out cry after cry, tears after tears, and they awaken her. And he sounds her voice out for her children.

Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT!!!!  Do you see that?  That’s from the Jewish sages, who don’t believe in the book of Revelation, and yet it matches up PERFECTLY with what I’m waiting to see happen in Revelation 7b.  We have the three blasts of the trumpet (three cries), we have the ‘net’s lifting His beloved to Heaven, we have everyone before the throne, we have them hidden out of the tribulation…!  Then we have troubles upon troubles upon the Holy Nation.  Oh.WOW!!!

The ‘sixth day’ in the first paragraph?  That’s a reference to millennia.  There are six thousand-year periods before Messiah comes and reigns during the 7th millennium.  So in the time of the sixth day is NOW (and that’s why the Jewish year is 5774 right now, and not 2014 – because they count from Creation, not from Anno Domini or Common Era. And remember, the Jews intentionally are off about 200-ish years, because they DO NOT WANT the count to confirm Yeshua bar Yosef as Messiah.)  So we are THERE, at the end of the sixth day!!

Now this ‘Kol’ answers me several questions.  First, I didn’t know if I was looking for something to happen in Israel BEFORE the fulfillment of Revelation 7b or not.  The answer is NO… if this Haftara is correct, the rapture (Rev7b) happens BEFORE the Tribulations that will effect Israel.  That’s good to know.  I’ve been uninformed.  Even so, if you follow the Jewish blogs, Israel is being heavily bombed, right now, as I type.  Things are escalating towards September’s feasts.  The timing is impeccable.

Second thing this confirmed is that it will be a fall feast rapture.  If it follows the sounding of three cries, that’s a reference to the fall feasts.  If it is according to the timing of the Yovel/Schmita together, then it has to do with this schedule of readings that keeps track of such things.  Which means that – while I first read about it in 2004, it wasn’t pertinent until NOW… which is why I didn’t understand it then, and He had me put it aside for a decade until the time was right for Him to reveal the meaning of it!  Whoa.

messianic sealMore… did you get the ‘fish’ reference?  Messiah used the ‘fish’ as His illustration for bringing in His followers.  That’s why the fish symbol is part of the Messianic seal (which the christians ripped apart in order to throw out all Judaism from the Truth).  This ‘Kol’ references a bringing of the fish into the nets and unto Heaven at the sound of three cries.  *GEEKING!!*  I’m just sayin’… even their non-Biblical sage-written references all point to the SAME THING!

This chart, that I admitted in 2004 to not understanding but green-lighting over… it’s about what’s about to happen, now that we’re in 2014/5774!  I’m so excited!!  To reiterate what the other blogger said:

Right before 5775 comes, we will have our 4th reading of the Haftara of Pinehas in 9 years, …That will come right before Shemitta [sabbatical year], which comes right before Yovel [70th year, year of Jubilee]This is when the thin, small voice will be heard.

And here we are, on the cusp of Elul…!  About to prepare for the fall feasts.  Isn’t it exciting?!

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